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The Queen (BtVS - Chapter thirty-five)

Sword in between
Can't sleep (I slept too much this afternoon) Can't do anything productive. So I'm translating once more.

I wanted to start an old story with Spangel and Illyria, but the Italian side of the fandom is so quiet and no one seems to read anymore. It kinda turns off the enthusiasm. Anyway I want to finish at least the first part of this story (In English, of course)

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OITNB and Buffy, the first two episodes

Buffy and Willow
Hello guys! Nice evening (or morning, or night?) to everyone.

I'm so hungry these days. I want to eat everything and especially chocolate and cheese, which is not the smartest choice since this is supposed to be time to show off bodies and stuff. (But I never worry too much about that) And while I'm trying to resist at the sweet syren song of chocolate the mosquitoes are literally eating me alive. It's not fair.

Things I'm watching: I'm currently watching S2 of Orange is the New Black. I didn't watch some episodes of S1 and I'm jumping back and foward - as I usually do when I have a whole new series to watch, I just can't follow the right order - I'm still liking it. I especially like the characters' backstories and the new antagonist, Vee, is a very interesting character and so I don't miss too much Alex. Very interested in Vee's and Red's backstory and why they know each other so well. I'm also curious about the whole incident with Pornstache and the clandestine couple. (I like the new "owners" of the kitchen, especially Mendoza)

I also rewatched S1 of Buffy, the first two episodes. To me Buffy started with S2. (The episodes I watched for the first time came from S2) So it's always kinda curious to see that there was a season before. The fashion in the first season is so bad and the fightings are almost embarassing (They really didn't have a lot of money) but it's very nice to rewatch it, especially after reading good metas. I'm thinking about sunclouds33's reasons to like Buffy: here.

It's all true! Buffy's like a tiny blonde Jessica Fletcher. In the first episodes is very clear, especially since she doesn't really fight a lot (Or, to say it better, the fights aren't great. She did pick an epic fight against Luke and Darla). She investigates and she knows who's the vampire by looking at the details such as the wardrobe choices. It's really nice when a meta shifts the prospective and you realize some things you never actually catched before.

Rewatch thoughts:

- The first Buffy's outifit is not that bad. She's actually really cute with the boots, the mini-skirt and the white top. The make-up is maybe too much, but it gets better in S2. SMG's body type was really different from the other seasons, that's something I've always think rewatching.

- I don't think that Cordelia was all that mean. Yes, she was really mean to Willow and it was unfair and she established her dominance by being mean to other people and using them (she wants to be Buffy's friend because she thinks that Buffy is cool, at first), but Jesse and Xander were kinda annoying. She doesn't want to go out or dance with you, give the girl a break!

- Willow's cute and she does have the wild card even in the first episodes. She hacks with computers and she follows the vampire after Buffy's suggestion to "seize the moment". And she didn't even really know Buffy at that time. (Which brings me to: Willow was always so very eager to play the good friend part to Buffy. She was eager for her approval and friendship and maybe she firstly assumed the Buffy's cheerleader role instead of making things about herself. Also it seems that Buffy is Willow's first female friend)

- Buffy's awesome. She chose Willow and Xander over Cordelia. She chose to be on the "losing" side instead of being Queen Bee of Sunnydale (Which she could easily have been after a bit of practice with slayer stuff) Also she cares a lot. She goes to Giles to say that she doesn't care while she's caring XD

- Buffy's still the character I relate/care the most, while partially relating to old school Willow.

- Darla seems so eager to please the Master and so scared by him. She almost seems a different character from AtS Darla. But at the heart I still consider her "patriarchy girl", if that makes sense. I think that she has a lot of power but it gets frustrated by the fact that it's always all about a man for her (The Master, Angel, Connor: the father, the husband and the son) She's the opposite of Buffy.

- Angel makes me laugh a lot and so does Giles. I mean, a guy suddently appears to tell you weird stuff and that's supposed to be attractive and/or mysterious. BE CLEAR, DUDE. XD People are dying, fucking say it as it is. And Giles is so innocent and doesn't know how to handle Buffy. That's almost cute!

- Joyce's hair is terrible. But I remember when my mom used a similar haircut. It always gets personal when I watch BtVS.

The Queen (BtVS - Chapter thirty-four)

Sword in between
Here again with this story. I hope there is someone reading. You must want to re-read the previous chapters since it took me so long to translate this one.

Unbetaed translation. Let me know if I'm killing the English.

(Aster means star)

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BtVS 10 issue #5

First of all, happy birthday to zanthinegirl and thanks!

Oooh I liked the issue!

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New fanvid - Love-ology

Close to me.

My brain is hurting so much right now that I think it's going to implode at some point. (It's not about the vid. It's just a common headache that I have since this morning. Ugh)

So, I did the vid.

It isn't actually very pretty, I guess. I initially wanted to make it all stylish with a nice coloring and such. Turns out that both After Effects and Adobe Premiere are really REALLY difficult and that the episodes I use - the one saved on my laptop and not coming from the original DVD which I've lost - are damaged or something, so I can't use Adobe to work on them. So I should buy the DVDs (which is something I'm planning to do since always) and Premiere and learn how to use it and ...

Meanwhile I made this. It's not really pretty but I hope it expresses the idea behind it and that doesn't suck much. This vid is inspired by Conclusive etymology of a Summers by clockwork_hart1 and red_satin_doll's artwork for the story. I hope I'll do justice to their works.

The vid focuses especially on love - the word "love-ology" is constantly repeated by the song. I tried to include all the people Buffy loved because I believe that part of what we are comes from all the people we love. Plus Regina Spektor's song is so beautiful. I know it's a live version and there's no studio version - you actually can see the noises behind the song - but I thought that it was perfect for the concept.

And nothing. That's just it.

(My headache is actually getting better while I write this. Awesome!)

About the fanvid-thing

Buffy and Willow
Okay, so: Sony Vegas seems really professional. I tried to download it and I discovered that you must be registered or something. (I try to download the latest version but it told me that I need "privileges"? I imagine is referring to a registration)

I also read all the articles that you linked me carefully and I don't know what to choose between Ulead Studios which is a basic editor, much like Movie Maker, but I read that it has more functions. (The problem here is that when I tried to download the program I was surrounded by malware warnings) and Adobe Premiere 2.0 which also requires registration but I'm in doubt because it's written that it's obsolete (So okay: more easy to learn but is it sure that it will work once I downloaded it?)

Here again with the doubt. Maybe I should pick Adobe Premiere 2.0 and quit the searching, but I'm curious about Ulead Studios. I'm going to read what are the plus functions and try to find a link that actually works (And doesn't have malwares)

Where did you download your editors and did you buy them or find the free version? (I'm looking for the free version, yes)

What I'm currently watching

Buffy and Willow
Orange is the New Black and I'm enjoying it.

I watched only 4 or 5 episodes (I kinda jumped from episode 2 to episode 9. Very typical of me. I really can't keep things straight) and I'm getting interested about the characters.

The 90% of the characters are female which is very uncommon. I can recall only male shows but not only female shows. Plus there are all the kinds of female characters: badass, weak, strong, fragile, bisex, gay, het, het with bisex tendencies, transgender, religious, not-religious, cool, awful, funny, crazy, introverse ... I like it. It's very coral but the main characters are strongly characterized. So far very good.

(Plus Regina Spektor sings the theme song: I love Regina Spektor <3)

Question about fanvids

If the apocalypse comes beep me
Is here anybody who make fanvideos? What program do you use?

(I wish to do something slightly more different this time and Windows Movie Maker has basic functions. I wish to know if there is something more specific - and easy to learn, if it's possible - around. Thanks)

I still don't have time, but ideas are growing in my brain. Yeah, it's still about Buffy.

Eros (Buffy/Faith, NC17) Epilogue

Sucked in a dream

I'm currently very relaxed (Few days of delay from the exams) so I'm kinda starting to think about a new Buffyverse video. But that's all clockwork_hart1's and red_satin_doll's fault. (Go read Conclusive Etymology of a Summers with the new shiny - and very, very pretty - RSD's art) They casually filled my brain with ideas.

Also I just read beer_good_foamy's new ficlet about S6 Buffy and God knows how much I love the first half of S6 and Buffy in it. I'm planning to read the larger posts or ficlets when I have more time, but seriously go read and appreciate these fanworks.

Here's the last chapter of EROS. I hope it's decent. It's a fluffy happy ending. The last quote is from one of the most famous Sappho's fragments.

EROS ~ EpilogueCollapse )

Angel & Faith, issue #4

I just read it. Uhm.

Uhm again ...Collapse )


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