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Hi guys! How are you?

Here's the first entry for this prompt challenge-thingy. Let's start with Dru and Spike, because I'm recently enjoying writing about Dru too much XD So HERE you can find all the prompts and the stories I will write. You're welcome to send a prompt and I hope you'll enjoy the other stories. (I actually had to make it to 12 because I'm not that productive - or organized, tbh - but I'm enjoying myself)

Here's the prompt sent by double_dutchess, hope you'll like the result.

Many thanks to carlyinrome for her work as beta. <3

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Prompt challenge (Sort of)

Okay, I'm actually doing this. I'm collecting prompts for drabbles and flashfics.

Since it's the first time and I'm really not good at using prompts, I'll start with a list of, let's say, 12 prompts. So I could do more drabbles, if I can't write proper ficlets, and short stuff but about lots of different stuff. (Which should keep my mind busy, I think) I'm also not good with deadlines - yeah, basically I suck - so I'll put the numbers and do them in random mode, because I also have to find a beta to correct the translation in English. Yay! *w*

Ask me anything about BtVS/AtS, I'm really fond of this fandom and these characters. I think you already know my general likes/dislikes and the pairings I love the most, so if you want you can ask me those, but also other things like gen Cordelia or Faith's childhood or something. Basically I'm mostly here for the Buffyverse, but if you want you can also ask me about True Detective and The Avengers (Thor, Loki, Natasha)

Pick a number and ask me what you like the most.

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(I really hope I'm able to do this and not disappoint. I also want to enjoy this week and keep it cool. I can do this, right? Bring it on!)

Avengers Age of Ultron

Guys, I finally saw Avengers Age of Ultron! Yay!

Unpopular opinion, I guess: I liked the movie. Maybe I even liked it better than the first one, but I have to rewatch it to be sure about that. I know that there's a lot of controversy going on, especially on Tumblr, but honestly I enjoyed it. There are things I didn't like, but ultimately it's a good entertaining movie.

Under the cut you can find my first not really articulated reactions.

Of course beware the SPOILERSCollapse )
I just watched episode 5x06 of Game of Thrones and the series finale of Mad Men. Plus I read the latest issue of BtVS, which made me happy, but eventually I'll do a proper post for it.

I JUST HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS RN (And the 80% of them are rage)

Spoilers!Collapse )
Hi guys! Quick post because I have so many feelings.

1) Still searching for a beta.

2) I just changed my default icon and it's so amazing and badass looking.

3) Still thinking about writing a Spangel - Angel & Spike - Spuffel fic?

4) The cover art for Buffy season 10 issue 18 is THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER. I'm in awe.

Look! Buffy"s a goddess!Collapse )

This cover fills me with hope, actually.

Maybe it's nothing and, I'm sure of it, it won't be Angel and Buffy's last encounter and maybe it's just a phase or something and soon things will be back again. Same old same old. But anyway, I really think it's an amazing piece of art and the symbolism makes me so happy.

Look at Buffy's face. Just look at her. She seems so happy, carefree and ... free, really. I haven't seen a look like that since Chosen and I'm the biggest fan of her final smile. No apologies.

She's looking at the sky, she's looking foward and she seems strong and calm and incredibly alive. (Also bonus points to Steve Morris because he nailed Buffy's physicality and sense of fashion. She doesn't have impressive boobs and she does have glorious hair and she's beautiful)

And, Jesus take the wheel, she's WALKING AWAY. She is! Look at Angel's face as he stands behind! Look at the cross he gave to her! *symbology boner* Is she finally moving on? Is she finally leaving her past behind and looking for something better?

You know, it's all speculation and we still know nothing about Angel/Buffy interaction and probably it won't happen anything (Considering this points I'm not putting this under spoiler) but it's just SO ICONIC.

Angel was the one walking away. Always. The one deciding, the one coming back and going to LA and having full agency on his choices. And I'm always angry because it's an issue that was never fully addressed. While we all agree that S6 Spuffy was unhealthy and Riley was a moron, Angel hurt her in a most subtle and everlasting ways. She imprinted on him and it was a neverending abandonament and trauma issue. He was Hank all over again.

And she always dealt and she always waited for him to come back. Well, I just love to see Buffy taking back her agency and deciding on her own and Angel being the one who has to deal, finally. I just love to see her leaving him behind, because she deserves so much more.

And, mind you, I'm telling this shipping preferences aside. I would actually love to see Buffy and Angel becoming really friends and maybe working on their relationship in the future. I actually ship Spuffel and I lovelovelovelovelove Angel and Spike so much, these two vampire dorks with issues are in my heart and I will always love (and ship) them.

It's just that Buffy is my homegirl and if she overcomes trauma and old demons it's such a glorious day.

Beta searching for Dreams&Mirrors. Again.

Apparently I just have a really bad luck with this story, because now the current beta can't help me anymore. So I was wondering ... anybody interested in beta-ing (?) Dreams and Mirrors?

I'm kinda sad because it's the story I care more about at this moment and it seems like the universe doesn't want me to post it. (Which maybe is better?)

Anyway, let me know if you're willing to do the job. Thanks! 


Award nomination!

I've been waiting for this post because I wanted to keep going with the next chapter, but my lovely beta is really busy at the moment and I really want to thank the person who nominate my story, Dreams and Mirrors, for the Sunnydale Memorial Awards.

Here's the button with Dru!

Thank you so much! I'm really, really glad that the story's appreciated and thanks to all the commenters and readers. You guys mean so much to me! It's just an honor to be among the stories selected. Good luck to the other authors! I hope I'll have time to read more stories.


Birthdays and polls!

Hi guys! How are you?

First of all birthdays! (I just realized that a bunch of people have their birthdays during Springtime) Happy belated birthday to comlodge (and it's really nice to spot you from time to time!) and happy birthday to frelling_tralk and ash_carpenter! Hope you're all having a great day. Also happy mothers day to everybody who is a mom or who loves his/her mom!

I think I'm going to write a little bit of Dreams and Mirrors now (I already wrote two chapters, but I'm waiting for my beta to be free to correct them and to make a proper post about the story) and I was actually wondering about writing with prompts.

Generally I'm not good at that. I just have to come up with the idea myself, for some reasons, but during the writing of long stories I find it relaxing to write one-shots about other characters and different situations. Also I think I'm very inspired and willing to write these days, while for the whole past two years or so I didn't have any decent idea.

So I'm going to use this occasion to create a poll (Polls, yay!) and I'm going to put there some of the things I would like to write about and see what the majority wants (I know, who cares? But I want to do a poll!) and if you want to leave a prompt or a suggestion or anything in the comments feel free to do so. I'm really slow at writing and generally at thinking about stories, but now I have so many ideas in my head and maybe brainstorming would help me in choosing what I want to do next.

Also poll are fun. *w*

Wasting time for funCollapse )

Icons update!

Pointless post but I have to share my fangirl excitement: I changed all the icons, yay!

Basically the gift with three packages of icons expired today, so I had to delete 15 icons and decide the ones to keep. It was a hard choice because I just adore these tiny pieces of colorful art, but in the end I decided to replace even the ones I could have kept because change is good. So I just went like "this is Sparta!" and changed almost everything (I only kept like 4 of the old icons) and I'm actually happy with it. I think that, maybe, from now on I could change the icons like once in a year or something. Keeping things fresh.

(Thanks again to the person who sent me the gift. You made me enjoy so much prettyness this year)

Other news: I fell again in the old men hell. I'm reading Stannis Baratheon/Jon Snow slash fics and I'm not even sorry. (Or I'm a bit sorry because Jon is supposed to be just a kid!) It's just that Kit Harington is really hot and Stephen Dillane is also a very attractive man. (There's something about him) and so the ship sails itself.

Plus now the Jon/Stannis bitchfest at the Wall is officially upon us. I hope we're going to have all the hilarious grumpy interactions between them.

And I'm also kinda watching Pompeii just to admire Kit's abs. Those are really good abs to have. But the movie itself is bullshit XD Literally it's so historically inaccurate it makes me laugh!


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