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The 3 characters meme: alternative version

I saw this one and why don't try it too? I'm sooooo curious!


Movie rec: "Arrival"

It's happening.

I'm starting to work on the hp_goldenage fanfic. I managed to pull off something like six pages, but they need SO MUCH refining and work done on that (Plus translation). But you know. Doing that and managing to finish in time, hopefully.

I also watched "Arrival" with Amy Adams and it's amazing. Highly recommend this movie.

It's what Interstellar wanted - and failed miserably - to be. The science part IS SO GREAT! Guyyyys, the heroes in this movie are LINGUISTS!!!! Because every aliens movie ever is "they want to kill us", but also they understand our language and we understand theirs at first meeting. When, in fact, what are the chances? A completely different form of life and civilization comes to Earth and we suddenly understand each other with google translate? Please!

So the movie works a lot on linguistics and communication issues (Such as the structure of a language or the problems to translate) and that was so interesting! This is a movie where people try to understand and communicate with aliens, rather than just kill kill kill, because wouldn't be our first priority ever? To just ask them questions and gain some knowledge, if we are in our right minds.


(Also the emotional/character-centric parts killed me too. I cried a lot by the end. So many emotions!)

I still can't believe Yuri On Ice happened

It's 1 AM and I have:

- Rewatched the first episode of Yuri On Ice

- Sang "Stammi Vicino" even if it's very late, because I have too many feelings

- Posted a meta about YOI and Hogwarts Sorting: http://kikibluemay.tumblr.com/post/155872547566/yuri-on-ice-sorting-hat

- Changed my profile photo on the phone with an image of Victor Nikiforov, truest and ultimate "husband material".


Kinkshaming ... the new US President?

Guys, I woke up this morning and this thing was on Tumblr. Apparently the Russians have Trump in their pocket 'cause ... golden showers? Is this really happening or I woke up in Bizzarro World? (To quote Buffy XD)


Sherlock's enjoyable mindfuckery

Episode 2, "The Lying Detective", was narrative greatness. Say what you want about Moffat, but he knows how to entertain and captivate his audience. And I loved Cumberbatch's performance here!

And you know who else I loved?


Sooooo curious now!


... Oh guys, I rewatched the couple skating scene and I'm still SO OVERWHELMED WITH EMOTIONS.

It's literally the most beautiful love scene I've ever seen and I just need to promote the shit out of this Anime, because it's truly an act of self-care to watch it. Watch Yuri On Ice!

I was thinking. So basically, the aria explains the whole plot, right? "Sento una voce che piange lontano. Anche tu sei stato forse abbandonato". So I'm thinking that Victor, when he saw Yuuri's performance recorded by the triplets (The performance that prompted his decision to go to Japan) HEARD Yuuri's cry for help from far away and he responded. He came to save him. And Yuuri did the same, saving Victor from loneliness, from his silent suffering that no one spotted before (Except for Minako, incidentally)

So YOI must be the story of two souls who listen to each other and save each other and, in the end, create beauty and art. Isn't this the most wonderful, life-affirming thing that love could do?

I'm sorry, I'm over-emotional. I wish I could just watch S2 right now!

Hi guys, how are you?

Here we are dealing with the Siberian cold winds or something, it's snowing since this morning and it's very, very cold, wow! The snow is pretty though, but I think I have to clean the sidewalks near my house because I feel like I could fall there.

Anyway, I should also really start the writing process of the hp_goldenage fic and the fic I promised for carlyinrome (Sorry for being so slow! I still don't have my laptop and I'm using my mom's!) ... I wouldn't want for her to discover a word doc where I plot gay porn. XD

But I really hope I would be start writing soon. I have ideas!

Speaking of which, here's the second part of the Hogwarts Sorting Buffyverse Edition, done because everybody does it.

In which I sort Willow, Xander, Tara and Cordelia maybeCollapse )

Jan. 5th, 2017

Hi guys! Too sleepy to post anything, at the moment.

But I found this quiz: Which Hybrid House would you be? https://www.doquizzes.com/results9208109-E639B097-DSA03

Apparently, I'm a Slytherclaw XD

You belong to house Slytherclaw. Your associated traits are Ambitiousness, Cunning, Creativity, Resourcefulness, Intelligence, Wit, Wisdom, Originality, Individuality, and Acceptance.
Your heraldic animal is the Coatl, your house color is Teal, and your house metal is Argentum. Slytherclaw's elements are Water and Air.

Wow, I don't think I'm that cool honestly! I thought I was going to end up with Ravenpuff (Or Huffleclaw?) because I like to take care of people, especially kids. I really like the teal color, though!

So, in case you want to pass the time. Also, on Crunchyroll there are the preferences for best Anime and stuff and Yuri On Ice is nominated in 7 categories. Go vote for YOI! (carpemermaid and kitty_fic, this might interest you)


Buffyverse: the Sorting Hat Edition

Okay, since I'm pretty bored and I can't catch any sleep, this is officially happening: the Sorting Hat for the BtVS characters (Because on Tumblr everybody does it and I'm not good with graphics and also I like to rant aimlessly)

If you're not familiar with the Sorting: in the Harry Potter universe, at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, there are four houses, each one *picks* its own students who possess the qualities favored by the house itself. This categorization embodies abilities/qualities of the single student, but most of all his goals in life, in the pursuit of happiness and personal growth, and in his ideal view of the world.

And since, basically, these four houses kinda work for everyone, people like to put other characters from other fandoms in these tiny shiny boxes. Boxes are fun.


1) Gryffindor, the house of Harry Potter himself and the protagonists of the saga. The qualities favored by Godric Gryffindor, who founded the house, are: chivalry, bravery, daring, nerve, recklessness. Most of all: the majority of Gryffindors seems to be guided by a moral code encompassing all their actions. Meaning: these guys want to be *heroes*, they want to do good in the world, to change it rightly. (Of course, not all Gryffindors are like this - Peter Pettigrew is a traitor and a coward - and some Gryffs are just show offs and vain) But generally, these guys aim for the Greater Good.

2) Hufflepuff. Qualities: kindness, patience, hardwork, honesty, dedication. The nurturing/hard working type. "The good guys", due to the qualities listed above - although exceptions are always need to be considered - but Rowling herself has a pretty great opinion of Hufflepuff and, honestly, people who are tolerant and loyal and pretty much just trying to do good for other's sake are just great, so.

3) Ravenclaw. Qualites: creativity, originality, wisdom, curiosity. I wouldn't say necessarily logic though, because Luna is often seen as quintessential Ravenclaw and, while she's certainly not lacking in the curiosity/originality field, "her logic does not resemble our Earth logic". And that's the whole point of Logic, guys. But, you know, other ways of thinking and all that stuff. (Still, Hermione Granger, who is sorted in Gryffindor, is much more coldly logical) Ravenclaws are motivated by their desire to gain knowledge and their creativity.

4) Slytherin, my little cousin's favorite house because of snakes. Qualities: cunning, ambitious, self-preserving, determined (Although I recently saw this quality in the Gryffindor description on Pottermore, ouch!), resorcefulness. Slytherins are motived by their ambition and their quest for greatness, which could potentially lead to very narcissistic, self-serving individuals who only care about their personal gains. And the whole saga went on and on about that. But Slytherin doesn't equal evil and some of them are the most interesting, complex and even heroic characters. To understand their fuckery think about the Odyssey, when Ulysses pwns Polyphemus by letting him get drunk and then blinding him. That's the kind of clever and cunning we're talking about. (And that he reveals his true name! Aww <3) Again, not authomatically evil.

And that's it. I honestly wouldn't assume anything else about the characters and how they behave and revolve around the others. These are general boxes and, as proved in the books, pretty different people are classified in the same way (Think about Cho Chang being in Ravenclaw: she's very emotional, not at all just cold logic and wisdom)

So, I would just put the Buffyverse character in a box, instead of another, because of what I think they are trying to accomplish with their livesCollapse )
I just posted about how disappointed I'm in all the characters on the goddamn show called "The Affair" (Except for Ruth Wilson's character because she's a gem) and I found the Hogwarts Houses logo with dinosaurs as house animals, which is hilarious and ingenious. I can't believe this is the first time someone actually did it.

I would like to torture you all even more with my opinion on stuff and just rambling because I took a pill for my headache and I feel mellow and chatty.

First of all, on this very day MY OWLS HAVE ARRIVED! *w* The owls I was waiting from hd_owlpost. The fest in which you leave some prompts and they send you gifts. I'm soooo pleased. Fandom fests are SO COOL!

Also, I would like to apoligise in advance to those who are following me on Tumblr: I'm spamming you with ALL THE THINGS Yuri On Ice. I'm so sorry, please don't block me. It's just ... they are so perfect and the artworks are amazing and, so very often, incredibly hilarious.

Speaking of which: I saw the Sherlock episode that aired yesterday, "The Six Tatchers". Without spoiling anything, but that super-dramatic moment at the end when I was supposed to feel teary and emotional? I kinda laughed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Badly done, worst acting. Not impressed by the author choices here, but the whole episode has a nice rhythm as always. I'll keep watching!

I found this meme: OTP ASK ME!, I wanna do it.

which one sexts like a straight white boy?

which one cried during a fucking disney movie?

who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?

who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “guess who” thing?

who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?

who had that embarrassing reality TV marathon?

who laughs more during sex?

who is the little spoon?


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