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Vengeance is what I am

I'm just back from uni. I didn't even eat, but I watched briefly Tumblr and I discover something that made me happy (And it was already a good day)

Spoiler for the latest issue of BtVS season 10. I just love it because it's a slap in the face of those people who eternally made double standards between Angelus/Angel and Spike.

The thing is, guys, if souled!Spike is guilty of attempted rape, Angel is guilty of murdering Jenny and all the sick stuff he did. Stop with the crap that Angel and Angelus are different people but when it comes to Spike he's the same.

So glad that the comics finally addressed this issue (Even if Buffy is still making the difference when I think she should simply accept that Angelus IS Angel, that soulless Spike is Spike. They are the fucking same person)

(And yes, I still have to read the issue, so I'll tell you what I think about it later)

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I have a Tumblr now

Close to me.
At last. I couldn't keep away.

I actually feel better here, because I can write a lot and express my verbosity but I also like pretty gifs. Plus I'm kinda worried about stuff, so maybe it helps thinking about the fandom.

Here you can find me:

I'm already ranting about slayers and Buffyverse. Ops.

I did it!

Spike's pretty

Hi everybody! I did it. I cut my hair very short.

I'm actually not really sure about the cut, not because it's short (I was going for even shorter) but because it requires straight hair to be cute and it's kinda a mix between a bob cut and a pixie one, very bold behind. I maybe needed a more leveled cut behind, because my hair gets fuzzy and wavy and honestly I won't fix it a lot. I'm the girl that puts some gel and goes on.

But I'm taking my time to appreciate and play with it. Maybe it won't look bad with wavy hair. Let's see what happens

(Also I tried to take pictures but my face is the ugliest face on Earth and I hated them)

(I should really start to buy and use foundation. Ugh. Bad face day today)

Yesterday I posted two things: one concerning SMG's hair (I should use an hair tag, at this point!) and an old Spuffy ficlet. So I'm now pimping these things.

I'm also thinking about a Buffy/Dru, but I'm kinda put off by the fact that nobody anymore reads Buffy fics in the Italian fandom. Less and less if it's a rare pairing. But my fanfic!brain (And my fangirl heart) still beats for Buffy! Somebody help.

Also I finally have an amazing True Detective/Buffy crossover, thanks to kwritten Please, imagine the greatness of these two shows combining.

And talking about the crossover fic, me and red_satin_doll started a discussion about IC fics and characters sexuality that involves Tara. Have you ever wrote/read an het!Tara fanfic? Or you ship her just with the ladies?

It's really interesting to see that, because I generally read/write all kinds of ships. I like het, slash and femmeslash. I like to slash characters who are canonically het and I enjoy playing with fluid sexuality. So I'm really fine with the concept of Tara/male character. Except that there is also this thing for me: Tara is canonically lesbian. Like 100% lesbian - as far as we know - and maybe it's because I come from the Italian fandom which is very het!centric and male!centric, but I like the concept of a lady who isn't interested/in need of a man. For once, can we just appreciate ladylove without sticking the mandatory male in between?

But, that said, I really appreciate variety of ships. I really believe that shipping different couples makes the fandom richer and the fanfics interesting. So, ultimately, if you want to ship Tara and Angel/Spike/Oz/Whomever I could probably read - and enjoy - that.

Spuffy kiss
Oh hi! I know I have already posted today, but I also translated an old fic and I thought to just post it and stop saving it on my computer.

It's an old Spuffy story with dub-con at the beginning - BIG WARNING - I generally dislike dub-con and I almost never read it, but for some reasons my brain produced it. I was trying to portray an almost-like-season6 Spuffy interaction with a huge fight at the beginning, because this pairing is so violent at times and I unapologetically love it. So, mh, violent sex and swearing.

The ficlet is a PWP except that the sex is not really explicit. Or yes. Or almost, I guess. (I always suck in categorizing sex scenes) and it features established relationship but not tamed Spuffy.

I want to write something new and different, but first I thought to just post some old stuff. Hope you like it.

Oh, it's a future!fic and all the mistakes are mine.

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SMG's glorious hair is back!

Buffy's smile
Hi guys, how are you?

I'm doing nothing and resting for a bit. It's wonderful. And I'm also playing with the idea of a Drusilla/Buffy fic because I'm so inspired by one of the latest kwritten's fanfics. I also want to do Dru/Buffy and parallels. Parallels are fantastic.

Also, I have to proudly annunce that SMG's hair is back to its greatness.

She looks exceptionally cute with glasses and the hair is amazing, so wavy and full of body. Aspirational hair. 


Buffy and Willow
I'm currently eating prickly pears. So very Sicilian of me.

Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY sunclouds33! And hundred of these (good memes) days.

Just watched Maleficent

There once was a girl

Kinda disappointed.

I mean, the story was potentially great. I love what they were trying to tell, but I feel that the narrative was too didascalic at times and maybe they could tell less and show more. I loved Maleficent and Aurora's relationship and I love the idea of giving Maleficent a full characterization and making her the protagonist and the hero. It could have been done better.

IDK, I probably will rewatch the movie. Maybe I'm a little disappointed because it had so much potential.

Anyway I'll search for fanfics. :D

Technical EDIT: I don't know why but LJ doesn't make me use other icons than the default one. WTF? Is it happening to others too?


Watching Downton Abbey

Vengeance is what I am
Oh, I forgot that I didn't watch the Christmas special, so I watched it and then the first two episodes of S5.

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Not an impressive season so far, but always very enjoyable. They are spicying things a bit and I always love History mixing with Downton Abbey daily events.


There once was a girl
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