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Happy birthdayyyyy!

Quickly jumping in here because today we celebrate red_satin_doll's birthday!


I hope you're having an amazing day because you deserve it and thanks for always being so supportive, creative, friendly and generally awesome. I'm so happy to know you!

Also, since I'm the worst person ever I've spent the morning creating my mixed table for the Bathilda Bagshot's Bingo on hp_goldenage

Yep, I'm gonna do it hopefully. Fifty years old Draco and Harry here I come!!

Ravenclaw Wizarding
Moon Bench Chill
Amortentia Breath Lazy Sweat Remembrall
Moral Limit CREATOR'S
Rumor End
Danger Tears Hostage Thief Gryffindor
Limit Feast Dance Retire Garden

(I think it's clear where I want to go with this but anyway)

For those who ship Draco/Harry (POLL!!!)

Okay, I kinda decided to partecipate to the hp_goldenage bingo challenge. In order to get the right ideas and to know better the fandom I'm gonna do a poll about Drarry.

Also because I woke up really late and I'm still sleepy but I shouldn't sleep more.(BEDBEDBED)

Also because POLLS. So interesting!!

Bear with me

Poll #2036484 Give me ideas for Drarry poll

Would you like to read more Drarry fics?

No, the fandom is already full of stuff
Only if it's something original and interesting

Favorite genre:

Angst with happy ending
Angst without happy ending, COME BREAK ME DOOWN
A mix of sad and happy
Dark stuff


Having my prompt written
Being surprised by the author

Something I would love to read in a Drarry story:

You mostly ship Drarry because

OF THE FEELS! The belong together!
Because they amuse me

LOLOLOL the vexata questio "top or bottom" because I'm a troll

"Both" "Both is good"

EWE or Epilogue compliant?

Epilogue? What epilogue?
I don't mind the epilogue but Drarry needs to be the endgame

Favorite Epilogue new kid

James Sirius
Albus Severus
Lily Luna
None of them
Epilogue? What are you talking about again?

Add anything related

Okay guys, I need to be really quick 'cause you know. I'm sleep deprived as fuck and maybe I should use my pause to rest BUT


IT'S FREAKING HERE. Or it will be, at least.

There will be a book for "The Cursed Child" story. Let's hope it doesn't suck because I have feelings and I'm also super-happy because of BLACK!HERMIONE (It will be canon!! Did I mentioned it? Love me some black!Hermione)

Things I want in my life:

-  A satisfying book that its true to the HP saga spirit, where Harry, Hermione and Ron aren't just old ass fucks with no rage at all.

- Hermione planning to run for the Ministry of Magic.

- Albus Severus in Slytherin and "being cursed" doesn't have to be "him not wanting to be in Slytherin 'cause it's the Evil House". (although I think it will be that?)


- Draco and Harry having awkward 40-years-old-men-with-a-past sexual tension, pls Lord (I'm gonna write this old men romance damn my soul)

- SCORPIUS MALFOY BEING IN RAVENCLAW. IDK, I just love this idea and I love young Malfoy breaking the tradition and going in a House that's all about imagination and curiosity rather than ambition. I think that Draco would have been a great Ravenclaw if he wasn't raised by Lucius and Narcissa, because he's such an artistic little shit and he's totally TRANSPARENT.

- I know that the fandom has a boner for Slytherin team mates Albus and Scorpius but can these freaking houses collaborate for once?? Like, it was this pointless division that raised so many problems in the first place, if these wizards are smart as they think they are they would have found ways to not create such isolated groups anymore.

Gonna go, see you laterZ!


I was left out of my LJ again this afternoon and quickly fixed it with antivirus + cleaning. WTF??

There are some freaking evil cookies going around and I think I know which site is making those things. I'm super-pissed at them. (Don't worry, I think it's an Italian site. If it's not Solarmovie and the shitstorm of pages that it opens when you're trying to watch something)

Because yesterday I was super-awake at midnight so I ended up watching "Steve Jobs" with Fassbender and Winslet. Great movie! I really enjoyed it and I thought that the performances/cinematography/dialogues were excellent. I don't know much about Steve Jobs, but that dude was a jerk. XD So annoying! Fassbender, though, was great the whole time and I lovelovelove the fact that the heroine in the story was his daughter. Parent/child bonds are my weakness.

(I even cried a bit at the end)

On other news, apparently Rupert Grint thinks that Ron and Hermione would be divorced by now? XD

I don't know why people make a fuss over that. It's something an actor can do: have a personal opinion, I mean. And maybe Grint was even joking (I'm new and I don't know if he have any precedent in dismissing Romione. I saw that Emma Watson was a shipper though)

But, even if he was deadly sirious, I don't see the big deal because, again, he's an *actor* and he has his own opinions on things. But he's not Ron. (Same with SMG loving Bangel and everything)

Personally I think that JKR made some huge mistakes in her books like Gryffindor!Dumbledore and Slytherin!Bellatrix and Harry/Ginny as endgame ship (I really don't like this couple and I won't be sorry about that. Ever. Try to take me alive, suckers!) but Romione isn't one of them. Actually it's the ship I want to work even if I'm not a shipper personally.

Of course, my only objection would be like: how can something that started when they were 17 could resist to the major changes of adulthood but that it's the problem with ALL the Potterverse pairings. Literally ALL OF THEM.

Goddamnit technology!

Still having troubles with LJ, still unable to see my recent entries page. So if I'm not interacting much, you know why.

The assistance actually replied to my request, but so far it seems that I only have this trouble (Like, the assistance person wrote that he could see the recent entries page and that my link was working for him.)

It could be my Satan-possessed laptop at this point? I dunno. Fact is that now even the internal battery is failing and I think I should seriously start collecting money for laptop number two, 'cause this one is just a mass of troubles. Uuugh. >O<

I hate this goddamn technology and it seems to hate me back, but with more power and efficiency.

Hope you're all better. Interesting stuff I should check?

EDIT: I THINK I DID IT. OMG. I'm still trying to see if everything works properly but it seems that it does. It was a cookie or something. Fuck them! è_é

Apparently I'm out of my journal *sighs*

Hi guys! How are you

A strange thing happened to this journal. Basically the other day my wi-fi connection just quit for ten minutes and since then I can't access to my "recent entries" page. I can post stuff (Or I'm trying) I can see my friends list using other links, I can reply to messages, but if I even try to go in the main page LJ stops working. Dafuq?? I'm puzzled.

It's annoying! Because I have to search for the specific pages instead of using my own link. I sent a request, I hope they provide soon. If I don't answer or stuff, you'll know why.

Other things:

A huge THANK YOU!!! to the guys (I use this term as gender neutral, as you can see) who nominated me three times for the rwsawards THANKSSSSSSSS. I feel so honored.

Also: I'm on Pottermore!

As you'll probably know - or don't? Idk - Pottermore is all new. The other day I saw some friends doing the Sorting Hat test and I was curious! I did the internet "all the possible questions" and I ended up Ravenclaw. But I saw some people complaining about being put in the wrong House (And once you get there you can't change, that's the rule!) and I figured that maybe the test was different and maybe I was gonna end in another House. (Not that I really identify with the others but anyway)

Bonus point, now you can choose your wand. Yay!

So, despite my residual common sense that "you don't need another account on the internet", I did the registration and I was sorted in ... Ravenclaw! Big surprise!

Apparently that's my House and I can't take it back. I'm fine with it, since I can't identify with the other houses' values, especially with Slytherin and Gryffindor (I have zero ambition and zero bravery) and I do think that imagination is my best assets, as far as my virtues go. Also I look very cute in blue.

That's my wand:

I think it's very pretty! It's dogwood (I didn't know what dogwood was) and Unicorn core. I think that the Sorting whatever thinks I'm feisty, 'cause my wand's nature is "quirky and mischievous".

But it's the wand the chooses the wizard, so! XD

Snowflake challenge: last call!

Aaaaaand ... I did it. I finished the meme. Yay me!

So, okay, this is the final snowflake meme post. And also a post in general. I'm pleased to say that today I did 8 km of fast walking with mom. It was really nice, although at some point I fixed the road thinking "Okay, if I drop dead right here who is gonna catch my lifeless body?" It was hard, but I survived it.

(But I need to ask something. When I exercise I tend to feel pain only in my right leg. Like, I'm pulling all the weight there and the muscles hurt. Is it normal? Should I take some precautions?)

Anyway, I'm trying to be productive and stuff, even if I need to sleep more than the average human being. I've catch up on the Passion of Nerd Buffy videos and he does some great, great commentary of BtVS episodes, I recommend his channel.

I also started to write the beginning of my new Drarry story. LOLOLOLOL. I can't tell you anymore since it's a prompt for the mpregchallenge but I'm so excited to partecipate. Yaaas!

Day 15

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

How the challenge affected me.

Not in a big-life changing way, I must say, but it was really, really nice to keep up with the challenge. I thought that the assignments for each day were very interesting and creative and I had fun doing them.

I really appreciated the people who commented on my posts and it was nice to exchange opinions.

It kept me company and it gave me good fun. Thanks, creators!

I get fannish because I'm a nerd

Yooooo, I'm finishing this meme!

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Here we are on day 14th and it actually took me a month to get here? Anyway.

On this day I have to "share my fannish love". Actually I think that I've being doing this since day one, because I talked about the tropes that make me fannish and the couples I'm shipping at the moment, so I guess that you could all go to: THIS DAY, in which I talk about my favorite tropes, THIS DAY, in which I cry about my favorite characters and THIS ONE, in which I ask for stuff *w* (Because I'm still greedy)

I get really fannish when it comes to classic and Greek/Roman mythology, mostly because I grew up with those tales and I fangirled so much when I was a kid. (I'm planning to read "The Song of Achilles", btw. I think it's gonna hurt a lot)

I also have an insane icon obsession that gets me very fannish and generally I love graphic fanarts so much! I wish I would be able to create gifs or something (How do they even work???)

So, that's it.

In which I rec stuff


Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

So, on this day I have to rec at least three fanworks. So little time, so many faaavess!

Okay, let's categorize stuff to simply the task.

I recently read way too many Draco/Harry fanfics and I found some beautiful stories I would like to recommend (In case you're into this kind of stuff. Which, I know, not so many people in my f-list, but still)

Written in The Stars written by novembersnow (I hope this is the right account) This story is such a tender, thoughtful exploration of Draco and the bond between him and his son Scorpius. I love it so much Draco grows into the narrative and how mature and insightful is Scorpius. One of the best post-epilogue Drarry stories. Must read!

The Betting Men written by dracogotgame Talking about mpreg and hilarity. This story is SO SO FUN! I laughed out loud while reading it and bonus point pregnant!Hermione being pissed as hell. If you feel sad read this one!

Strange Love written by theweightofmywords is a wonderful exploration of the hidden tenderness between Draco and Harry and, honestly, I SHIP THEM SO HARD so bear with me.

Bonus point for the Buffyverse crowd: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by chaletian HA! 'Cause I put there all HP stuff and I thought it was nice to rec at least something you, Buffyfans, could appreciate. This story features Willow & Buffy and it's such a precious ficlet, IMO. It gets to explore a little bit more the reasons behind Willow's decision to resurrect Buffy and I think it's wonderful in its semplicity. Because, yes, Willow was guilty of hybris but it's not all black or white and people have complex reactions to complex situations, especially when there's love involved.


Okay, you can all go to whedon_elite right now and watch and marvel at the beautiful icons for the "redheads" round. I believe you can see where my votes went but it was honestly incredibly hard to pick just 6 icons when there were so many beautiful ones. Most amazing things these days? Willow icons.

Okay, I believe I did my job.

Hi! I finally get to post this chapter of Dreams and Mirrors. Sorry for the delay.

I'm just dealing with my sleeping/study schedule and it's a mess. Plus my friend keeps sending me like 354646 messages per minute about her stuff and I'm thinking that this whole socializing thing is really brutal, to quote Angel. I need silence, guys.

Anyway, this is it. It counts as belated birthday gift for Buffy Summers, hero extraordinaire.

I'm also finishing the snowflake challenge and, if you're interested, you can drop by and see what stuff make me all mushy-fangirly and we can squee together.

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