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@Kiki: "FUCK U" the Universe

I went to four libraries this morning, FOUR guys, and I couldn't find my copy of the "Cursed Child". ლಠ益ಠ)ლ

Friday night I went to Mondadori and they told me I could find the book on Monday morning, but WTF, I DID NOT!!!! And now, apparently, I have to wait another week because they need to refill the order or whatever. This is life in small southern towns. Woe is me.

On a completely different matter: I went to see my therapist and it was good. I feel more confident about myself now. I'm in a rough patch, but I can come back there in ten days and see how it goes. I'm relieved, honestly. I just want to know that I can find help.

I'm ready to fight, Universe.


"Hurry, before you starve and die!"

Hi guys, how are you?

At the moment I'm super-anxious, so why not talk about stuff? If everything goes well and I don't die and Italy doesn't get crashed by an asteroid and my local book shop doesn't suck, tomorrow I'm going to finally buy my copy of "HP and the Cursed Child". I'M CRY. I'm just so curious and I want to see myself what this is all about.

Also, I finally had the chance to watch "Swiss Army Man" and, let me tell you, it's adorable! It's not a movie for everyone, there are farts, erections and masturbation involved. At times, it's puerile and silly, but it has such an heart. I confess, the masturbation monologue made me cry. And DanRad was on top of his game: best role ever. His character was a dead body who gradually came back to life (So, there's also that) and he had limited facial and body mobility and yet his Manny was able to convey joy, surprise, love, disappointment. Paul Dano portrayed Hank with grace and he was also amazing in conveying the more "feminine" traits of his character (Or, rather, "playing the girl" to allow himself the experience of being courted by Manny) The technical department of this movie deserves an Oscar: the objects made by Hank were SO COOL!

Aaand I'm going to stop right here, so I won't spoil too much. Anyway, lovely movie and gorgeous soundtrack. If you get the chance and you think you can handle a bit of grossness, give it a try.

Also, meme: Give me a character and ask me about his Hogwarts House.


The Buffalo

On totally unrelated news, the Patronus Charm is officially on Pottermore!

GUYSSSSSSSSS GOOOO: https://my.pottermore.com/patronus

And, I shit you not, my Patronus is an unusual animal. And it's a Buffalo.




The 3 characters meme

Apparently I'm meme-addicted and maybe it's annoying, but this is cool! This meme was created by carlyinrome

Describe yourself in three fictional characters.

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Hair, why? Plus meme

My writer's block let me breathe and I wrote 1000 words today. Yaaas. It was supposed to be a romantic story and it's becoming a lady-centric introspective story. Mh. I have kinks, I guess.

My haircut is longer, messier and unmanageable in its current state. I actually didn't like the shape this hairdresser gave to it. It makes it so hard to give it any kind of body and, really, shape. I want to go back to my usual hairdresser!! (She's got married in June and took a vacation, I hope she's back to business now.) A growing pixie = THE WORST. So, I must find a solution before I'll become crazy, do you have any suggestions about cute pixie haircuts? My genre is that Michelle Williams' do. Also Emma Watson looked sooo much better with short hair (Am I the only one who thinks that?) but I don't want to get that short. No undercuts, pls.

Also, let me post a meme, just because. Stolen from lokifan


I started a joke?

Hi guys, how are you? I hope you're all fine and not tormented by mosquitos like me (Seriously, why they always bite me? Even if I'm with other people, they pick me!)

Stuff that are happening/I have watched/read these days:

- My 5 years old cousin is in Primary School!! He had his first day on September 12 and he was SO ADORABLE (His mother dressed him with a bowtie and a blue shirt. He was THE CUTEST) I'm so proud of him! I remember the day after he was born and then when he used to run in the house with the walker and later when he started to walk on his own. I can't believe he's already in Primary school, what the hell?? It makes me think that be a parent must be truly an adventure: you see this tiny human being and all his milestones and you just want him to be happy, protected and healthy. And they grow up so fast!! Incredible.

- I have seen the Suicide Squad movie. Without spoilering too much: fun movie. Much, much better than Marvel's CIVIL WAR (Which was, IMO, a boring mess) Best things about the movie: Viola Davis, Margot Robbie and Will Smith. Jared Leto is so annoying. I don't know if you read the articles about him "going method" and sending unpleasant stuff to his female co-stars. Ewww. And all for what, 7 minutes of screentime? Dude, get a grip.

I'm not saying that he's not good, because he's actually intimidating and his mouth with the fake teeth freaks people out. But, again, put things in prospective. Don't be annoying. Also a friend who currently lives in UK found the romance between the Joker/Harley "romantic" and I didn't. I honestly thought that Harley deserved much better.

- Watching random episodes of "Veep" the Julia Louis-Dreyfus show. It's fun. Frankly, I've preferred the kind of comedy done in "Parks and Rec", it was never vulgar but always so fun and the jokes made me laugh (I don't get most of the American comedy tbh) This one uses insults as jokes, but still it's a good political satire and the actors deliver. Selina Meyer is a terrible human driven only by ambition and I like Amy, another terrible human being. <3

Here a great scene featuring Amy having an emotional breakdown:

- And finally, you know when I said that I was very, very vanilla when it came to HP fanfics. Well ... I might have being naughty. I just discovered the hottest thing in the world which apparently, for me, is sub!Draco. SWEET BABY JESUS, THAT'S SO HOT. I read some stories with Draco being a bratty bottom and it was fun. Plus I can really picture him down on his knees. LOL. Still I wouldn't like non/con fics and Draco being in pain or seriously mistreated, but good bdsm featuring sub!Draco could be a bulletproof kink of mine.

Meme + promo

Hey fellow LJ user,

Do you happen to like children, parenting and family stories plus Drarry? You're in luck, because HD_Familyfest is officially begun! Yayyyyyyyyy! *___*

Join hd_familyfest
Posting from Sep 10 - 25
Reveals: October 1

I may or may have not wrote something for the fest (I DID) and I also left prompts for other authors to fill, so I'm gonna sit here, relax and enjoy the fest. I'm so excited! Maternal feelings are my weakness.

While my writer's block still kicks me in the ass and makes me very grumpy, I'm stealing a meme from ever_neutral. Hope she'll soon become a meme overlord to rule us all.

--> comment with an on-screen character/idol/whatever and i'll reply with visuals of my favorite hair/outfit(s)/~LOOK~ for them


Make me choose (Harry Potter edition)

I stole this meme because I'm having the writer's block and it sucks. (; ̄д ̄)

hermione granger or ronald weasley (Sorry Ronald. But if I have to choose ...)

avada kedavra or expelliarmus

elder wand, resurrection stone, or invisibility cloak (I kinda love all of them though? Even the Resurrection stone. Maybe the Resurrection stone most of all?)

ravenclaw, slytherin, hufflepuff, or griffindor (Obligatory house pride, I guess)

dumbledore’s army or the order of the phoenix

➵ the first or the last harry potter film (Deathly Hallows PART ONE)

➵ diagon alley or hogsmeade

➵ yule ball or bill and fleur’s wedding

house cup or the triwizard tournament

➵ potions or defence against the dark arts

➵ dragons or house-elves

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Hi guys, how are you?

Still edgy myself. I've discovered "American Crime Story" which seems catchy and I'm gonna watch it now.

Also very ranty lately about Hogwarts Houses, Hermione Granger and Harry. I would like to share my observations with you, so maybe we can start a discussion? Or whatever you prefer.

These meta-ish observations took place at ever_neutral's LJ, because she recommended a Tumblr about House Sorting:
The Sorting Hat Chats which is a interesting reading and an in depth analysis of the Houses. In the page I've linked, you can read the basis of this analysis and if you like metas, this is just meat for your teeth! :3

Since I was sorted in Ravenclaw at Pottermore, I was curious to see if the Tumblr definition was also fitting to my case and I've read something and my brain started working on his own.

So, in the category "Ravenclaw Primary", we can read this definition:

Ravenclaw Primaries have a constructed system that they test their decisions against before they feel comfortable calling something right. This system might be constructed by them, or it might have been taught to them as children, or it might have been discovered by them some point later in life. But it gives them a way to frame the world and a confidence in their ability to interact with it morally.

Interesting. Except that I have critical thoughts about it.

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Harry Potter, Likes & Dislikes in fanfics

Oi guys! How are you?

Still enraged at selfish people, but anyway. I'm gonna do this like/dislike HP list, so if you have to do a gift *wink* you know where to look at *wink wink* Also because it's fun and it could be nice to look at it in three years and discover that all my kinks have changed. LOL.

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