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I honestly don't understand people

... Or maybe I'm antisocial and stupid?

But really. This girl called me at 11 pm kinda drunk, I suppose, and I had to listen to her being silly while her friends were laughing in the background and she gets pissed if I want to stop the conversation? WTF? Do friends behave this way normally? I think I'm maybe rusty or older than my age or whatever.

In other fangirl news:

- I'm watching Broadchurch S2 and so far is very good. I love the new characters and I love how the show focuses on the consequences of the previous season finale. Continuity and character development are THE STUFF I'M HERE FOR.

- I read a lot of twitter messages from JKR, while at the phone with drunk girl, and she basically talked a lot about Snape and why he can't be totally hated or santified. I'm honestly so very tired of this constant preachy kick in the ass, "ur fave is problematic", that the fandom does when a character is slightly morally grey. WTF guys. It feels like talking to 12 years old catholic youth!

Characters can be complex, problematic, shitty. And you can love them without condoning their behaviour or even remotely believing that they are justificable. Narrative can examine the darkest parts of our lives - the addictions, the compulsions, the depressions and the violence - and things aren't always non-problematic and don't have to be morally checked to be appreciated. I adore a good analysis and critique is the salt of the Earth, but stop with the SJW routine. It gets boring at one point and an open mind has to be ready to deal with problematic issues.

I don't even like Snape. I do feel a little bit of compassion for him, because he grew up in a terrible situation and - unlike Lucius, James Potter or Bellatrix - he was poor and trying to find a place in his society. (People don't understand how much poor people can be subject to bullshit ideals ... Although, I believe that the current political situation is an example) I do believe he was very, very brave. Lying in the face of magic!Hitler and plotting against him was so fucking dangerous. He had balls of steel.

That said, his attachment for Lily was just ... too much? And he was so pointlessly cruel to innocent children. To Harry especially, just because he had the misfortune of looking like his father who he didn't even know, but also to Hermione, Neville and the others. I don't have a tiny bit of compassion or pity for someone who bullies children. I'm sorry, I don't. A professor who becomes the most terrible nightmare to a student (Especially to a student who struggles with more important life problems) isn't a good person.

So I'm sorry if you were "friendzoned" and think that life is shit, but there are literally tiny 11 years olds who lost their parents in a war. So well, get yourself together and be decent, pls.

That said, Snape is complex and morally grey. I get why he's "faved" by people even though I don't like him personally. Can we appreciate good narrative?

I'm also hungry, so I'll just drop the ball here.

Did I just write "twitter messages"? I'm old inside.

Also ... did anyone ever thought of Gryffindor Bellatrix? Because, IMO, it could fit. (She's the knight and Voldie is the Madonna. Dante Alighieri would put her with Paolo and Francesca XD)

It's 3 am and I'm still awake

Things I've learned watching award winning show "The Affair":

- All men are disappointing. Never trust them.

- The husband you married in hope to never meet and deal with a man like your father will eventually become just like your asshole dad. Enjoy.

- Heterosexuality is a sin.

- Ruth Wilson can do anything.

- Truth doesn't exist, we are just fragments in other people's imagination.

This show is SO GREAT and you people need to start watching it. Also my keyboard is again partially unfunctional. WTF.

Also ... who's gonna watch Victor Frankestein when it comes out in cinemas? I know that I'm behaving like an emotionally compromised 12 years old (Because that's what I really am) and I honestly wanted to watch the movie just to see DanRad's tiny little perfect body moving on screen while he rocks a soft long bob kinda like mine, but it seems that the relationship between Igor and Victor (Dan's and James McAvoy's characters) is actually complex and I'm curious.

FYI (the trailer is just too messy and Richie's Sherlock like)

HP fanarts, Hogwarts Ladies (Ginny & Luna)

Is it possible that I'm digesting now the meat I ate at 2 pm? I don't feel really good stomach-wise right now and I believe that it's all my fault since I went to bed after eating lunch. I'll never learn!

Anyway, I previously made a post about HP physical appareance headcanons so I kinda decided to try to draw a little bit? I started with Luna and Ginny. (Now, to be completely honest with you, I was thinking about something sexy with the girls and maybe graphic femmeslash stuff? But the kids stayed with me all afternoon and I couldn't draw porny artworks in front of them!)

Warning: I"m a shitty fanartist, but I think Luna looks goodCollapse )

Next time with the porny porn, maybe?

Friending Meme!

Here's a friending meme for the HP community hosted by secretlypadfoot. Since I'm new in the fandom I thought it was nice to meet new HP fans. You're welcome to join us!

Banner by kjmom1

Let's try!

HP physical appearance random stuff

Hi guys! How are you?

I just spent all my money in a dinner with my friends and I think I'm gonna fail in life so spectacularly and never have money on my own. I'm gonna be homeless at some point in my life, mark my words.

But anyway, I thought about some stuff this afternoon while I was standing in bed trying not to fall asleep.

1) POC Hermione Granger is a cool idea. I don't see why not. The canon never specify her race, we only know that she has messy brown hair and brown eyes which could fit with black!Hermione. I saw some artsy fanarts on Tumblr, which are very cute.

The only thing I don't *accept* is casting super-models for the Hogwarts kids. I mean, they are supposed to be "regular kids", the kind of people you could meet in your school. Hermione, Harry and Ron surely aren't supermodel types, as we can deduce from the canon from time to time. Stop using extremely beautiful goddess for Hermione Granger! XD

2) Although I don't think that Hermione is ever ugly. First of all, we start seeing her at 12. You can't judge a woman's beauty when she's just 12, for God's sake! The adolescence hormones have to kick in and people change from 12 to 17 (to whatever) Plus I think Hermione doesn't fix her hair and maybe she doesn't fix her eyebrows and things like that. Once she dresses up at the Yule Ball everyone thinks she's very pretty.

I headcanon Hermione like a normal girl - not ugly, not Beyoncé - with wild messy hair (I think she has fuzzy hair, not even curly. Like if you use a model with perfect curls for Hermione you're still missing the point. Perfect curls are beautiful for so many people) the big teeth she later fixes and full dark eyebrows. If she had choose to spend her mornings combing hair and fixing eyebrows and using light make-up she would have been quite attractive for the common folks. But Hermione doesn't waste her precious time on Earth with boring stuff.

I also imagine her as a bit curvy? I don't know why, really. But I think she could be, especially since there's no evidence she spends her time doing some kind of physical activity. Plus, I don't know, I like curvy!Hermione (And, at that point, Ron/Hermione could mirror Molly and Arthur) and she does have this materal side about her that I like and understand so much. Idk.

3) Rupert Grint and DanRad are quite acceptable as Ron and Harry because they aren't too pretty. I think that Cedric is canonically attractive (Noted by Harry himself. No homo, guys *CCC*) Tom Riddle (So the actor in CoS is perfect) Blaise Zabini and Ginny. And of course Bill and Fleur, the hottest couple, and Sirius HOT DADDY Black.

James Potter must have been quite good-looking, since he was popular and stuff, and I think that chances are that Lily was very cute too. So Harry must be cute. Except that, maybe, his terrible childhood made him look perpetually too thin.

Ginny isn't like Charlize Theron, but I think she has an adorable oval face all freckled and a perfect smile, a perpetually loose updo and that skinny tomboyish style that make her look so cute and attractive. She's also confident and friendly and people are at ease with her and that makes her even more attractive.

Draco knows how to dress and make himself look good, but he isn't a super-model type either. His features aren't those of a delicate marble Antinous, I'm sorry. Blaise, on the other hand, is really hot. (Blaise and Ginny could be a goddamn power-couple, if you think about it)

4) Also, I was thinking, people ship Ginny/Luna, right? Because it would make a lot of sense, I believe. They always liked each other (And Luna was pretty weird in the eyes of everybody's else) and they stayed together at Hogwarts for the whole seventh year while Harry was hauting Horcruxes. They could have bonded even more and Ginny even named her child after Luna! Do you think it could make sense to ship them? It would be hot tho.

5) Romione is the only post-epilogue canon ship I can buy, tbh. Why JK felt like she did something wrong with them? JK, we have totally different tastes on romance!

Laptop problems again

Guys, just FYI my keyboard is officially dead. I have to go to assistance again, I can't use 50% of the letters so I can't write.

If I don't answer or things like that you know why. 

El sueño de la razón produce monstruos

I don't have words for what happened yesterday in Paris. I think it's better to let the French people speak, especially those who can still make us feel compassion, hope and love.


Also, let's not forget all the innocent people who lost their lives in Beirut. These are really scary days.


Hi guys, how are you? I hope you're all enjoying this weekend.

Today I went back walking with mom. It was beautiful, even though I was anxious the whole time because of dogs. (Btw, do you know that I'm literally a magnet for dogs? We saw another one today! Mom swears she never saw dogs in that road before, but apparently they come up when I'm there XD) Anyway it was a lovely sunny afternoon and trees are pretty.

Since we walked a lot and I had just one meal today, now I'm starving and why, while I'm waiting for my stuff to be ready, not rant about Harry Potter? I know I'm ranting a lot about it, it's just that I have too many feelings and I'm new. I also have new HP icons, you see! I'm fangirling really hard.

So, stuff I can"t wrap my mind aroundCollapse )



Are those really legit curiosities about Italians? I can answer! XD

WTF is Olive Garden?

And no, you could never EVER get tired of pasta, when the cook knows what to do.

BtVS S10, teh fashion topic

Hi guys, how are you doing?

I'm making the most useless post ever just because it won't stop raining and I already slept too much and red_satin_doll shares my interest in Buffyverse fashion.

I also like to inform you that yesterday I ate one of the most delicious things ever. Ravioli with capesante (How do you call those in English? It's a species of scallop) and shrimp with orange and lemon flawored butter. OH GOD, heaven. (Although apparently I have weird taste or, at least, I really like strong stuff in kitchen and my friends don't) If anyone has the recipe for that or knows something like that just tell me because it was delicious!

Anyway I would like to rant about JKR choosing the wrong profession for Harry, but let's start with the fashion post and under the cut you can find the prettyness!

(NO SPOILERS. Also I will consider only the outfits inside the issues, not the cover)

FAVORITE FASHION ITEMS IN S10 OF BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (Of course, the season is WIP so it"s an incomplete list)Collapse )

So, that's it. My pointless post about BtVS fashion.



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