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Fangirl squee

Tomorrow hd_owlpost and hd_erised are starting to post. I'M SO EXCITEEEE!

I'm so eager to read new D/H stories and to see all the art people created for the occasion. So eager to be part of this awesome fandom experience, awwwww!

(And it's technically midnight in one and half hour here, so can we start now? *childish screams*)

So curious, guys. SO CURIOUS.

Also, "The Affair" S3 IS THE WORST EVER. I'm currently watching the second episode and I don't understand what was the thinking process behind this shit and how come there was somebody who had allowed it. What the fuck, Sarah Treem? What the actual fuck??


Laptop issue

Guys, I have a problem with my laptop.

I can't enter in the main folders (Documents, images, videos ...) I click there and nothing happens! But if I search a single file, for example, a song or a video, I'm able to see it. I just can't go to the main "Videos" folder and the same happens when it comes to documents, music and images.

What does it mean and how can I solve this problem?

Thank you!

(Btw, I have an ASUS and, when I click to "documents", for example, for a moment the laptop freezes and I see the cd-rom little icon. What the hell?!)

The Affair 3x01

Anybody following "The Affair" by any chance? Can we bitch about Noah Solloway and his endless, exhausting, BORING manpain?

Because I just catched up with the premiere of S3 and I'm already 3000% done with him. Give me a break, Sarah Treem.

Mini-Hermione sends me messages

Mini-Hermione, 10 years old, has FIVE suitors. Five.

Who are, according to her: "Stupid, stupid, annoying, arrogant and not worthy of my time". All of them, apparently. She's planning to become a vet and live with her BFF Michelle. I told her that I approve.

Also, did I tell you that she was sorted in Gryffindor? LOL. She forced me to translate the test for her and we stole my dad's email to let her login. She wanted to be either a Slytherin - for aesthetic purposes - or a Gryff. In the end, she's quite pleased with the sorting.

I freaking love this kid. 

Stupid flu

Oh guys, I'm so tired but I can't sleep. Stupid flu! (I also believe I infected my father because I can hear him coughing. Sorry dad!)

Could you keep me company? Let's talk about anything: hair, fandom, the fact that Vine should not be closed ... You know, I feel like it's time: I'm really committed to let my hair grow! I want a bob cut! 


Guys, guys, guys!

I saw FANTASTIC BEASTS and I believe I've also catched the flu *sighs* But mostly, I SAW FANTASTIC BEASTS!!!!!! *throws confetti at self*

It's late and I really should go to bed at this point, also because I took medication to prevent the flu (I can't catch it right now, c'mon! I need to study!) But I need to write a quick comment on the movie because you know, MUCH EXCITE and stuff.

Liked it, although not really into the story of the beasts themselves. The whole pokemon-like chase of them was a little bit boring for me. I did appreciate the worldbuilding of the Wizarding community in America and the characters. Eddie Redmayne has such a cute face, I want to pinch his cheeks! I liked Queenie and Tina, awww, and Jacob, OMG! So, so adorable.

And, of course, the whole graphics/costumes/scenery porn. Really cool. But I'm eager to see more about the story will all know of Dumbledore and Grindelwald and about that


Anyway, hope you also enjoyed the movie. I'm gonna read AAAALLL the spoilers/reviews tomorrow.
Hi guys! How are you? I hope you're enjoying the weekend.

Have you seen "Fantastic Beasts" already? Is it any good? I didn't really care about the movie (Except, maybe, for Eddie Redmayne's cute face) but the thing about exploring Dumbledore's youth was promising. And now they casted Johnny Depp as Grindelwald. Uuuuggh, nope. Anyway, let me know if I need to see this movie. Just tell me: go and see it. I trust your judgement.

I found the streaming of "Loving" with Ruth Negga and it seems a wonderful movie and I started watching but I had to stop after 10 minutes. I don't think I can deal with that kind of sadness and rage right now. (The movie narrates an interracial love story and the struggles against racism and, right at the beginning basically, the characters are arrested in the middle of the night and I was like "NOPE") Too much, at the moment. I want to see it, but I would like to be certain that there's an happy ending. I'm a coward.

In these days I'm struggling with a weird kind of anxiety, the kind that makes you feel unreal and as if you are surrounded by unreality. I don't understand why or what triggered it, but it's annoying AF. Why, brain??

And, anyway, talking about funny/silly stuff: did you see Tom Felton in "The Flash"? He looks so cute dressed as a proper gentleman and the interactions with the protagonist - who I don't even know - scream DRACO/HARRY AURORS AU. Do you think tv authors even read AO3? XD And, apparently, Tom needs to captain all the ships. Bless his soul.

The HP shipping spree! XD

If you want to amuse yourself and endorse your OTP (I can't believe Drarry is only 9%, GUYS!!)

Buzzfeed poll about HP ships: https://www.buzzfeed.com/benhenry/harry-and-draco-4-life?utm_term=.xjBeQZGLg#.pdzN12neG



#HAPPY resources post

Okay, guys, since I noticed that many of us are having hard time, these days, to process everything that is happening and sadness seems to be the dominant emotion in my f-list, here a post of things that would make you smile.

Use it as often as you need and be safe and happy. I love you all.


Also: ICONS and iconmakers do exist. Tiny squares of joy.

Also: Tom Felton is wearing suits and stuff in "The Flash", for all the Draco/Tom fans here: you can see him there and get your eyes a little bit of eyecandy.

Oh guys! There's a movie in which Katherine Heigl and Alexis Bledel are lovers and nobody ever told me anything about it? Fandom disappointment, fandom disappointment! ù__ù But I'm watching it right now and it seems interesting but ... kinda odd? Or, at least, odd in terms of me thinking about America and his multiculturalism at the moment.

Okay, the plot: Jenny (Katherine Heigl) loves her girlfriend Kitty (Alexis Bledel) and decides to marry her. The only problem is that she never told her parents and siblings that she's gay. And they never suspected a thing, apparently (Or, at least, so far in the movie, I'm at the beginning basically) This summary sucks.

It seems a nice movie and, I hope, not too sad, but the family seems so ... Italian? XD Idk, the kind of family I would see around here, where we still don't talk much about homosexuality and issues about gender and identity, while I've always thought that in US it was a much more open issue or, really, different. In this movie the mom seems so much like my mom! Wow XDD

Anyway, I'm going to keep watching. Alexis Bledel with bangs is SO CUTE.

(Okay, now that I'm thinking about the recent electoral upcoming maybe not so odd? Anyway, I'm watching)


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