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"Not a Queen, a Khaleesi"


Draco's hairstyle from the Cursed Child play AKA: the only thing I will consider CANON AF until the end of my days.

Long haired!Draco is thing. Draco who likes to braid his hair in the most elegant and sophisticated ways. Draco who combs his hair carefully before going to bed with Harry. Draco who uses expensive hair products, even if after the war he became more and more considerate about spending money, because on post-trail restrictions but also because of what he saw during the war and how it changed him. Still, Draco who will keep his hair sane and strong with every the possible mean.

Also, occasional bob haircuts in the Summer, when he likes to rock it a bit. (I do believe Lucius will always have the better, stronger hair, but this boy WILL TRY forever) Braids, masculine yet cool accessiories. Softest hair ever.

This has been a post.
I just watched "The Man from the U.N.C.L.E." 3 centuries later and it was fun!

I LOVE ILLYA AND GABYYYY OMGGG!!! Tomorrow I hope I'll find shippy fics about them. So cute <333


Owl_post: the Big Reveal!

Home safe, even if my head is a bit spinning-y.

I'd like to share the fanfic I wrote for hd_owlpost, since all the authors and artists are revealed (And I would really like to recommend this fest, I had so much fun and I've read so many wonderful stories!)

Here's my work: Cradlesong

To be honest, I feel strangely proud of this. I don't want to be arrogant, but I really, really liked writing and thinking about this story and I think it's one of the best stuff I've wrote this far. For some reasons, the subject shifted from Draco/Harry to Andromeda Tonks and her relationship with her sister, with the people she lost in the war, with her grandchild. In the end, the story failed to be a "shippy" one, but it felt good to give space to Andromeda (And to depression and all those strange states of mind I'm so fond analyzing in my writing XD I'm obnoxious)

I love, love, love female characters who feel so much and hurt so deep.

(And yes, I put there also the Drarry 'cause you know me)

What the hell, Tom Ford?

Hi guys, how are you?

I'm feeling terribly tired, so I've stopped reading very early this afternoon and made myself a cup of hot chocolate. (And now I'm feeling kinda guilty for the chocolate too, because I've promised myself to lose a bit of weight this year) Anyway, so, so tired. I feel like I need to sleep for three days. I'm not getting much shit done.

In the meantime, I've got my hd_remix assignement, yay! I don't have the energy or time to write at the moment, but coming up with new ideas for stories? I love that! I wish there was a machine that transformed toughts in sentences without having to write them. XD (Also because, yes, carlyinrome I've come up with the idea for your story AGES AGO, but I still don't have the strenght to write it. *slumps*)

I think I'm going to put on my orange pyjamas and just rest a bit now.

Also, I would like to share a Tom Felton video with felixfvlicis, because of reasons


I just needed to share it. I hope she will appreciate it.

Also, I've watched "Nocturnal Animals" by Tom Ford and ... WTF was that anyway? To be clear, the movie itself is good, very Lynchian in a way - which is terrifying for me btw - but I've seen a comment Tom Ford made about the parallels between the writer in the story and how it felt being dumped by his ex-wife and I'm like ??????????? What even???

(Basically: the movie is about Susan, super-cool art manager, played by Amy Adams. She left her first husband because of reasons we understand as we watch the movie and, after years, she was gifted with a copy of his novel, "Nocturnal Animals", dedicated to her. The book talks about kidnapping, rape and murder and ... somehow it was an expression of the pain the author felt because of being dumped? Like, ACTUAL RAPE AND MURDER = DIVORCE PAIN)

Uuuuugh, manpain is the worst.

Where are the good movies without too much angst and violence? (I'm not feeling in the mood for hard stuff these days)
My doctor still isn't calling me back, so anyway. I'm super-awake, because I rested in the afternoon, and I need to pass time.

I'm posting something I've made yesterday:

Another segment of the Draco/Harry parenting headcanon I have! *C*Collapse )

I'M A SAP. Sorry! Feel free to comment with parenting Drarry headcanons, 'cause I love them.

Also, feel free to talk me about headcanons in general.

Also, also: the Persephone/Yuuri and Victor/Hades is the most perfect comparison to the Greek Myth I've ever seen in my life, but Persephone/Yuri Plisetsky? GUYYYYS, Yuri Plisetsky is CLEARLY Artemis. I can fight a man over this. I can fight ten men!

(And Otabek could be an hunter, you see where I'm going *w*)

... Except, maybe, without the slaughter and the hunter being eaten by his own dogs. Yes.

Amaze: emperor Hadrian's home

OMG, GUYS! Have I already shared this video or not? In any case, never not share.

Look, this is the reconstruction of Villa Adriana, emperor Hadrian's house built in Tivoli, and WOW, it looked SO awesome! Imagine walking through those corridors or sitting near the gigantic pool. Imagine how it felt to being admitted to an house like that, to talk to philosophes and statists. Why haven't we already invented the Time Travel Machine? *sobs*

I love the rationality of space division in Roman architecture. Surely, there are much more "artistic" and eclectic ancient architectures, but the Roman one looks so refreshing and fuctional, very modern in a way. Great, great work!



Hi guys, how are you?

Currently spending another Saturday at home and feeling a little bummed out because of it, but also still incredibly tired for no reason? I don't even know. Apparently I've lost my will to exist somewhere. I hope you're doing better.

I'm proud to announce that I've finally finished my hp_goldenage story! I had to rewrite the whole second part, because it wasn't really working for me, and now I believe it does and I sent it to my beta for Grammar check, but it's basically done. Yay! I need to thank felixfvlicis for helping me out with the rewriting process. Your suggestions were everything!

And, because I'm a mess like that, I have decided to partecipate to hd_remix and I completed the form. I'm officially in the game now! And here's the beautiful banner for the fest:

(Art by upthehillart​ banner by snowgall)

The sign-ups are open until February 10th, so if you want to partecipate fill the form and join me in this cool new thing!

I've never been in a fest like this one (Well, it was literally my first time in all the fests I've been! XD) But the idea of taking inspiration from a already existing story and writing it from another angle or POV or whatever is SO EXCITING! I can't wait to read my assignments and try to figure out how to do this thing. I'm loving all these writing challenges. ♥

And I'm still sleepy despite having slept to much? DAMN. Meme-time!

Stolen from frelling_tralk

Name an episode (or episodes, as many as you like) from one of my shows and I will tell you the following about it. (+Movie/books, in my case)

What I like about it.

What I don't like about it.

Favorite line.

Best performance.

A scene/idea from it that's particularly interesting to me.

Something I would have changed to make the episode better.

Another FUN POST

Currently studying. As per usual, I'm laaaaate with the program and I'm pushing myself. Why do I always put myself in these kind of situations? I suck at organizing.


Here some things that could make your day brighter, because I feel sad looking at social media and politics and I know this feeling is largely reciprocated by many people in my f-list and I saw some nice things on the internet and why not? (Longest question ever)


Look how orange you fucking look, gurl!Collapse )


Still in a crappy mood over politics.

I can't stomach the pictures of Trump on social networks anymore and it's been JUST A WEEK. How are you going to endure more? American friends, you have all my compassion. Truly.

Meanwhile, stories of domestic violence and rape where I live. I'm feeling so goddamn pessimistic about everything. Humankind sucks. And I just picked a movie that deals with gun control and lobbies, whhhyyyy.

At least, Jessica Chastain is serving looks.

The 3 characters meme: alternative version

I saw this one and why don't try it too? I'm sooooo curious!



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