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Hi guys, how are you?

Still edgy myself. I've discovered "American Crime Story" which seems catchy and I'm gonna watch it now.

Also very ranty lately about Hogwarts Houses, Hermione Granger and Harry. I would like to share my observations with you, so maybe we can start a discussion? Or whatever you prefer.

These meta-ish observations took place at ever_neutral's LJ, because she recommended a Tumblr about House Sorting:
The Sorting Hat Chats which is a interesting reading and an in depth analysis of the Houses. In the page I've linked, you can read the basis of this analysis and if you like metas, this is just meat for your teeth! :3

Since I was sorted in Ravenclaw at Pottermore, I was curious to see if the Tumblr definition was also fitting to my case and I've read something and my brain started working on his own.

So, in the category "Ravenclaw Primary", we can read this definition:

Ravenclaw Primaries have a constructed system that they test their decisions against before they feel comfortable calling something right. This system might be constructed by them, or it might have been taught to them as children, or it might have been discovered by them some point later in life. But it gives them a way to frame the world and a confidence in their ability to interact with it morally.

Interesting. Except that I have critical thoughts about it.

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Harry Potter, Likes & Dislikes in fanfics

Oi guys! How are you?

Still enraged at selfish people, but anyway. I'm gonna do this like/dislike HP list, so if you have to do a gift *wink* you know where to look at *wink wink* Also because it's fun and it could be nice to look at it in three years and discover that all my kinks have changed. LOL.

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Get to know your author meme

Stealiiinnng a memeee.

Stealing a meme. This one was originally posted by endeni, but I think it could be nice to spread it around. I want to ask literally ALL these questions to the many ficwriters we have here on LJ, so.

In other ficwriting news: I submitted as pinch hitters of hd_erised. I hope I get to write something for that fest! I took the liberty to link ever_neutral and ladykikuri in case of questions about me? Mostly because ladykikuri knows everything about my loser self and ever_neutral could suggest terrible plot ideas for an eventual fic. (I hope you get to do it. Make us suffer, yaaaay!)

Buffyweek on Tumblr is making me happy.


1) is there a story you’re holding off on writing for some reason?

2) what work of yours, if any, are you the most embarrassed about existing?

3) what order do you write in? front of book to back? chronological? favorite scenes first? something else?

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Sicily is beauty

Obligatory sharing because the video is gorgeous and made me feel things.

I bitch about the place I live 24/7 because there are so many things that don't work here, so much corruption and selfishness. It makes me endlessly mad the idea that we have a thing of beauty in our hands and we are destroying or mistreating it. It's shameful.

Sicily is so incredible. Yes, the island belongs to Italy, but for centuries it was a place were different cultures met and so we are a mix of Greeks and Romans, and then Arabs, Normans, French, Spanish: the people who conquered the island in different decades or sometimes at the same time. If you come visit, you can see their traces in the art and habits of the citizens. I really love this thing, being the result of a mix. It's so cool.

Also, look how pretty. I just have to share.


Guys, guys, guys.

I'm going to read HPCC after all because of Scorpius Malfoy. Since I absolutely have no chill, I spoiled myself with various details of the play and, apart from the fact that I want to ship middle-aged stressed hot daddies Harry/Draco come what may, I'm really thinking that Scorpius could become an instant fave of mine. I do like my trash Malfoy boys.

I wanna know what are the differences between fanon!Scorpius and canon!Scorpius (Also because I created my personal fanon!Scorpius and I made him so loyal to his father. I'm a sucker for these things, I need to understand the bond between Draco and Scorpius and die over it, if it's possible) Since the translation of the book will arrive here only on September 24 and I could read the original version, I was wondering if there are any places where I can already buy the non-translated version. Otherwise I'll buy online, but I want an excuse to go to the library.

I'm currently trying to read as much stuff as I can before the lessons start again, but HPCC kinda ruins the mood because now I see everybody talking about it and I can't concentrate on my current book! I need more time to handle all these feelings over things I'm reading/want to read. SO MANY LOVELY BOOKS!! I FINALLY READ "THE SECRET HISTORY" BY DONNA TARTT AND CRIED LIKE A BABY OVER THE FATE OF HENRY WINTER, WTF SELF??? I need to finish my current book about greek heroes which also brings me suffering. I have to stop mixing fanfics with it, if I want to finish quickly so I can read another. I'm just so !!!!! I need more time to handle the feelings. BOOKS ARE OVERWHELMING.

Also, on Tumblr the "Buffy Summers Appreciation Week" is happening. People with graphic skills or just fans of the Buffster, you can spread the love for our tiny majestic favorite blonde Slayer. She deserves it.

Happy birthday, Harry James Potter!

Goodnight, guys. Actually going to bed because I've spent an interesting hour, so to speak. (Do you remember that scene with Ron throwing up slugs after the failed curse against Draco? Well, that was me a little bit earlier. Interesting times.) Also still having a hard time with family related stuff because, surprise, I've discovered that basically all my American relatives are going to vote for Donald Dick. EWWWWW. Do I have to fight with them too now? Uuugh. Humanity is being so disappointing in the past two weeks. Please, fellow American f-listers, try to turn the vote.

Anyway, I wanted to say happy birthday to Harry James Potter, that actual ray of sunshine! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Aww, I love this character so much, guys. And the new book is available! I don't know how to feel about that, actually. I didn't resist and I've read the super-secret-but-not-so-much spoilers about the play and I basically know everything and I'm ... huh?

I'm the in party of those who are mostly confused by JKR's choices (And also can we please keep ignoring the epilogue? I'm enjoying so many EWE fics these days. I don't want to be stopped XD)

But I've read that there's the possibility that they would change something for the definitive version of the play tonight? (Which, I don't even know if it can be done and anyway isn't the book already printed? Does that change too?)

How are you feeling, f-list? Excited for the new book or indifferent?
Hi guys, how are you?

Yesterday I saw X-Men Apocalypse and I enjoyed, despite some flaws in the plot but you know what they say about perfection. I thought I could write a post about the movie because it was nice and, predictably, I loved all the kids in it.

I didn't really liked "Days of Future Past", I thought it was dumb and I don't care about about time-traveling Wolverine. Plus whenever Marvel does *THE THING* (Escalating, putting 35983953 characters in a movie without developing a single one, using stupid apocalyptic tropes) I get extremely disappointed. So I was kinda surprised when I enjoyed this one. Also because there's, once again, the Big Bad Who Will End the World, but I think that Oscar Isaacs did a good job and somehow his character wasn't too dull to watch, despite being totally insignificant himself.

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In the end, watch it for:

- The kids
- Sansa Stark AU in which she has amazing super-powers and kicks everyone's ass.
- Quicksilver and Nightcrawler being my actual sons and me loving them.
- Erik/Charles
- Erik/Charles/Raven
- Erik/Charles/Raven/Hank
- Apocalypse fun being not too lame (Although the Egyptian part is kinda lame)


Just saw the latest news and ... I have no words.

Apparently the army has taken control of the country and the president Erdogan is trying to take shelter in Germany? I'm confused and very concerned.

I don't know if in my f-list there are Turkish citizens or people currently traveling in Turkey. Stay safe, guys! This seems to be a really bad year.

Meme time

The LJ posting format on my journal is still freaking out. I don't know why.

Also super-tired and super-anxious, so MEME!

Send me a fandom

and i will name a character…

who i will protect at all costs:
who deserves better:
who was killed off too early:
who i used to hate but now i love:
who i used to love but now i hate:
who needs to be killed off asap:
who is unfairly hated:
who is unfairly loved:
who needs to sort out their priorities:
who needs a hug:
who needs to get out of their current relationship:
who the writers love:
who needs a better storyline:
who has an amazing redemption arc:
who is hot af:
who belongs in jail:
who needs to be revived from the dead:


... random post of random

Hi guys! How are you?

Tomorrow I'll have one last day to memorize stuff, but now I'm tired and in need of shenanigans and such things. (I've just discovered the word "shenanigans", it's funny) And me and ladykikuri were talking about this "Hiddleswift" phenomenon, because they are obnoxious as hell and the internet is full of hilarious memes.

I don't care much about it, but I do find the memes very amusing. And I'm honestly waiting for them to split up because it would be hilarious to listen to a whole "throwing shit at Tom Hiddleston" concept album by Taylor Swift. (I like "Blank Space")

And ladykikuri came up with these lyrics that, I believe, are pretty legit.

Monster Crotch, Monster Crotch
You said you could but you can not
I wanted to know what the hype was about
but you are worse than a boy-scout

(I have the sense of humor of a twelve years old apparently, but LOL)

This could be an actual new song in a Taylor Swift album and now I'm waiting for it.

Also the formatting on LJ is going crazy. Is this happening only to me?



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