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Harry/Draco - Love Interruption

I ship all the wrong things, guys.

But they are so beautiful together and you could cut the tension with a knife. And twist it all around.

Hi guys! How are you?

I hope you're all fine and I hope the American friends on my f-list are celebrating their huge step foward in terms of equality. Congrats, guys! I really hope Italy could be more open about gay rights, but so far we're still in the Dark Ages. Let's hope that my generation and the youngest generations will change that.

Anyway I'm pleased to report that I'm still deep into Drarry fanfics and I found some amazing, hilarious and touching stories thanks to lokifan's recs. Guys, they so belong together! Now I strongly believe that Draco was a little shit during the school years because he wanted to be noticed by Harry. He wanted senpai to notice him! So there's that. I'm rewatching the movies and I'm even hoping I'll be able to write some shippy ficlet at some point because they are so cute. *squees*

And, talking about ficlet, here's another one for my prompt challenge thingy. This one is finally using a prompt chosen by carlyinrome who is also doing an amazing beta work for me. Thank you so much! And I'm really glad you liked the story and I hope to do justice to Natasha, because she's such an awesome, interesting woman.

Here we go with the MCU! You can find the list of all the prompts RIGHT HERE

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Hi guys! How are you?

I feel a little bit better and a little bit worse. Today I decided that I'm really ready to commit on study again and it was hard, to be honest. I have problems focusing on the subject and I get tired easily or my mind just wonder off. To ease the first days - or week maybe, because I'm that dumb - I decided that I can take it easy and listen to music and not think about deadlines. Just do my job and see what happens and if I get better. I hope I'm doing the right thing. I'm actually starting to care again (strangest thing this caring process) and it's painful somehow.

I'm reading Drarry fics because I have to read something that gives me the fuzzy feelings. They are actually the cutest in fluffy post-canon married fics. I also took another time the pottermore sorting hat test and I changed some answers to see what was going to happen (But honestly, could you give the same answers twice? Also I don't remember stuff) and apparently I'm still a Ravenclaw girl, which is cool, I guess. I can see why I have affinity with this house, although I'm not that smart or witty and I never have sassy comebacks. But, okay, I'm not brave and I'm not ambitious. Still, apparently, the second house in the list is Gryffindor. Huh? There must be something wrong. But I also find a cool post on Tumblr explaining the differences between the houses and I actually thought "Ravenclaw 100%". LOL.

I watched Game of Thrones! GUYS!!1!

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Drarry recs required XD

Guys, guys, guys! I just want to inform you that I'm reading Harry/Draco fics. Like a lot during this weekend. I don't even know why.

I know that it's maybe wrong, but I love this enemies to lovers thingy and, honestly, doesn't Draco sound suspicious to you? Always obsessed with Harry and always trying to be mean to him but miserably failing and being so hopeless. I don't know. Tumblr prompted some stuff and now I'm reading a lot because there are so many lovely fics on AO3 and I'm curious! (I imagine it's a very popular pairing, so that's not just me) Also Daniel Radcliffe is totally hot now that he's all grown up. Yeah, I said it and I believe it.

Do you, by any chance, have some interesting recs? I like post-Hogwards stuff (I don't like underage) and angst, fluff, hurt/comfort, romance, smut and I found out that I just adore established relationship drarry. I think it's cute when two mortal enemies become husbands.

Yeah, I'm trash. 
Hi guys, I just wrote another prompt.

This time I picked the one sent me on Tumblr which is originally "post NFA Buffy wonders about Spike and Angel's relationship" and I ended up trying to explore Buffy's relationship with both vampires and her feelings after she finds them alive. So expect some Buffy/Angel and Buffy/Spike interaction. I really hope you like it.

Many thanks to carlyinrome for her precious help as beta. (I'll work on your requests soon!)

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Hi guys! Here's another ficlet for the prompt challenge. You can find the complete list HERE There are three spaces left and I'm writing according to my inspiration and how easy are the prompts for me (Like how much I'm able to write about the characters and to empathize with them)

This one is strange because I don't write or read much about Willow. On paper I should relate with her a lot, being an introvert nerdy person, but I'm always the Buffy-girl. I also find it hard to be interested in the Kennedy/Willow romance, not because I hate Kennedy but because it doesn't make me feel fangirly. So there's that. But actually, after the first moments in which I really thought "WTF I write now?" the author of the prompt kinda gave me the inspiration in a very indirect way. I hope you like the result, velvetwhip :D I had to use Angel to start the fic.

And I really enjoyed trying to imagine how Willow feels and thinks. She's very complex and interesting and I tried to make her "mine".

Many thanks to carlyinrome for helping me with these stories.

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Hi guys!

Today I went to see the kids' concert before the school is over, because my godchild was playing. It was exhausting XD We were in a very small auditorium filled with parents, but the kids were so cute and she was very precise. Adorable. While I was waiting for the concert to start I wrote this thing.

Another prompt featuring Dru, because it just seems to be easier to write about her, but I'm working on the other prompts too, don't worry. (Actually this is mostly Angel than Dru, but anyway) I really hope you like the result.

Many thanks to my beta carlyinrome who corrected the first draft and the second in something like 5 minutes.

Drusilla and shanshued!Angel for rbfvid

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Thanks again!

Hi guys! Hope you're all fine.

I didn't have time to work on the fic requests but hopefully I'll do it tomorrow. Thanks because it really helps to think about something else and thanks for all the birthday wishes!

Once again I'm very lucky because an anonymous user just buought me a paid account for 6 months. I just don't know what to say THANK YOU! You're really kind and you didn't have to! I don't know what to do to repay you! I'm so happy that you sent me this amazing gift!


Hi guys! How are you?

Here's the first entry for this prompt challenge-thingy. Let's start with Dru and Spike, because I'm recently enjoying writing about Dru too much XD So HERE you can find all the prompts and the stories I will write. You're welcome to send a prompt and I hope you'll enjoy the other stories. (I actually had to make it to 12 because I'm not that productive - or organized, tbh - but I'm enjoying myself)

Here's the prompt sent by double_dutchess, hope you'll like the result.

Many thanks to carlyinrome for her work as beta. <3

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Prompt challenge (Sort of)

Okay, I'm actually doing this. I'm collecting prompts for drabbles and flashfics.

Since it's the first time and I'm really not good at using prompts, I'll start with a list of, let's say, 12 prompts. So I could do more drabbles, if I can't write proper ficlets, and short stuff but about lots of different stuff. (Which should keep my mind busy, I think) I'm also not good with deadlines - yeah, basically I suck - so I'll put the numbers and do them in random mode, because I also have to find a beta to correct the translation in English. Yay! *w*

Ask me anything about BtVS/AtS, I'm really fond of this fandom and these characters. I think you already know my general likes/dislikes and the pairings I love the most, so if you want you can ask me those, but also other things like gen Cordelia or Faith's childhood or something. Basically I'm mostly here for the Buffyverse, but if you want you can also ask me about True Detective and The Avengers (Thor, Loki, Natasha)

Pick a number and ask me what you like the most.

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(I really hope I'm able to do this and not disappoint. I also want to enjoy this week and keep it cool. I can do this, right? Bring it on!)


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