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The Queen (BtVS- Chapter two)

I just rewatched episodes 1x05 and 1x12 of BtVS. 
So. Fucking. Cute. 
I mean, the Master was everything but cute, but the characters, the settings, SMG and Alyson Hannigan's looks and the vamps terrified of a tiny crucifix. S1 is so cute! I don't rewatch it very often, because it seems like the prologue for the real Buffy action, at least to me, but it's definetly a nice season. And Prophecy Girl is amazing.

Now I post another chapter of The Queen
Hope you like it.

2. The Long Way Home

Buffy woke up at dawn.

Her hair was somehow still wet and she had dampened the pillow she shared with Annie. Concerned, she moved just enough to feel her daughter’s neck. Reassured, she gave a kiss to the little sleepy head and got up to go to the bathroom.

The glow of the bathroom’s harsh light mercilessly revealed the lines on her face.

The regenerating power of the slayer could not fix signs of the concern she had felt for so many years and, without makeup, Buffy looked almost older than her age and paler than some vamps. She had been avoiding the beach since the day Annie was almost killed by a bloodthirsty shark demon under her watch.

Annie had learned to recognize the slayers and didn’t worry about their presence in the house. On the other hand, she had begun to suffer from the absences of her mother, who was always committed to her sacred duty.

"What a mess," Buffy murmured, pulling back her hair, which seemed too dark and unfit for her delicate face. "What a disaster!" she added with trembling lips, stoically fighting the urge to cry. The image in the mirror showed her weakness - her tears - and she felt guilty and embarrassed.

Determined, the slayer pulled out a box of hair dye and put the water to heat up. She had to hurry.

"You're awake!" Buffy exclaimed. Annie grinned beneath the colorful blankets. "Little troublemaker!" she joked, running to the bed. She trashed the covers and kissed her girl playfully.

Annie held out her hands. Her mother’s hair was different, lighter.

"But ..."

"Do you like it? I'm blonde now."

"Blone ..."

Amused, Buffy hugged Annie. "I knew you would have like it. You know, this was my color before you were born."

Annie smiled. Then frowned at the sound of footsteps in the living room; her slayer nannies.

"I have to go now,” Buffy said sorrowfully. “But I’ll come back tonight. Wait for me, love?"

Back in the Centre for Research and Training, Buffy walked through the corridors at a steady pace, munching a diet chocolate snack. A welcome guest was waiting for her, a freelancer with a taste for danger and the bravery ...

"Andrew!" Buffy yelled.

The guy in question was busy telling his legendary adventures to the unsuspecting young slayers.

"Buffy Summers, slayer extraordinaire!” he said, happily. “The woman with the heart of a lion and the ..."

"Yes, I know. Sit down and go on with the meeting, please!"

Willow held back a laugh. "How did you become so unfriendly and … blonde! You're blonde again, Buffy!"

"Now I recognize you!" Xander approved. Buffy took a seat beside him.

Andrew had begun to show pictures from his report presentation.

"I missed my color."

"Us too. Your hair looks great."

"Should I cut it, what do you think?"

"Um ..."

"... And as you can see," Andrew interrupted, coughing out loud. "We found the same symbols in Germany, Norway and Sweden. It seems that there is an incredible convergence of forces and alliances. The vampires who belong to the New Order are working together to achieve their ultimate goal."

Buffy rolled her eyes. "Let me guess, the ultimate goal would be the end of the world?"

He shrugged. "The world as we know it! These vampires and demons … they are trying to restore ancient conditions of the Earth. They want to become the new masters of the planet and subdue their enemy, both slayers and humanity."

"Slavery of the human race, that’s an original plan!"

Andrew bit his lips nervously. "Apparently they’re studying a way to make vampires immune to sunlight. They will be able to blend into society and gain access to the major Hellmouths that are still active. From there, they’ll resurrect their supreme leader."

Willow and Xander peered at him, both looking worried.

Buffy took a breath before speaking.

"We need to find out if these rumors are true, inform the slayers around the world, organize a center for the study of the prophecies ... Great job, Andrew. Now pizza?"

The northern wind cooled the evening air.

The fairly crowded airport was welcoming arriving passengers. Buffy and Andrew were waiting, stationed on the hill, overlooking the runway.

In silence.

"It's so nice to get back to work! I miss our adventures," Andrew said eagerly. "After the defeat of the First we’ve had no opportunity to fight together again!"

With her eyes fixed on the plane, Buffy focused the binoculars for a better view of the field.

"... I talked about you behind European slayers. I think you should do more propaganda; you should spread your image in special portraits and murals ..."

"I'm not a politician."

"... And you should write a memoir!"

"I'm not a writer."

"... I had to tell the world of your bravery! I declaimed your courage, your moral fiber like a British sergeant at the time of the Nazi advance! The girls were impressed, you could ..."

"Andrew ..." Buffy whispered, annoyed. "They’ll come and we wi’ll miss them, if we get lost in conversation!"

"Oh yeah, right!" he replied. "In any case, you really should ..."


The plane had stopped. The passengers began to step down from the ladder mobile; Buffy studied them patiently, one by one. Finally, from the main door, emerged the distinct shape of a dark man, tall and imposing.

"Here they are! That's Angel," Andrew said, fascinated. "He looks thinner, but it will be the black that does that, especially at distance."

A few steps away from him, a blonde head and an unmistakable profile.

Buffy gasped. "He’s really back," she muttered, swallowing the her tension.
Unaware of them, Angel and Spike smiled at each other.
"I really don’t know how ..." Andrew sighed. "I mean, he's always been so attractive and strong. Even in this greenish light of the airport, he’s still the best with bleached hair and those strong cheekbones."

Buffy put down the binoculars and looked at him doubtfully.


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Nov. 17th, 2012 10:33 pm (UTC)
I didn't wait to re-read the entry of the two ensouled vampires, specially for one of the two, and you know who I'm talking about. Your work is good as always, and I love it so much. Bye from Batheart83.
Nov. 18th, 2012 12:49 am (UTC)
Thank you very much!
Dec. 31st, 2012 06:29 am (UTC)
Officially intrigued by the plot- not quite sure where you're taking this!
Dec. 31st, 2012 12:54 pm (UTC)
I'm glad!
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