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You know, Buffy Summers and Dean Winchester have a lot in common, not only their big and beautiful green eyes. (And I think that Dean's got the biggest)
They're the big sis/bro and they're protective, brave, kind, funny ... there's a connection, but I think that they are too similar to actually complete each other in a romantic way. They can work as partners in the professional sense. Or Buffy mother and Dean son. *C*
Supernatural fans, think about the possibily of Buffy and Dean as mother and child!
(And, yes, I'm going with Buffy + maternal stuff. Again. Clearly S5 ruined me.)
I posted Prologue + two chapters of The Queen and I hope to get feedback soon, especially about the ICness (?) of characters, since I'm starting to translate the dialogues and I hope they will sound like the show dialogues. God help me.

Also, about Supernatural.
I'm the only one who's hating - really - Season Eight?
I hate this Benny guy, I couldn't care less about Kevin and the prophecy, I don't like Sam and Dean's characterizations, especially Dean's one. He's my favourite SPN character and now he resemble too much his stupid father. Ugh.
For the first time I'm seriously starting to think that maybe I should quit the show. I love the characters too much, but this season is so damn inconsistent.


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Nov. 19th, 2012 11:01 pm (UTC)
It's fun because, some nights ago, I red Nonciclopedia page about Supernatural, and they defined Dean and Sam's mother a sort of Buffy ante litteram, and it makes me giggling a lot.

About the eighth season of Supernatural I can't say anything because I started to re-watching it seriously right now thanks Rai 4, because I watched it before but randomly.

Bye Batheart83
Nov. 19th, 2012 11:04 pm (UTC)
Buffy ante litteram, LOLOLOL! See, my point is valid! XD
Watch the show, it's great. I personally have a lot of issues with this Season Eight, but eventually you'll get there.
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