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The Queen (BtVS - Chapter ten)

As always, thanks to slaymesoftly

Here the new chapter!

10. Safe

Buffy woke up feeling nauseated. The sun had set and the street outside was lightened by the stars. She rubbed her eyes and yawned.

The pink robe she was wearing was wet with saliva and blood. She felt the strong urge for a shower. Annie was about to return home and Spike was still sleeping in her bed.

She pushed him away gently, then got up and walked towards the kitchen.

Angel was standing there, wearing only his trousers. The entrance hole of the arrow was smallish and bloodless.

“Thank you,” he said with a grateful smile. “How do you feel?”

Buffy touched the scar in her arm and shook her head vaguely.

“A bit dazed but I’m gonna be fine.”

“You should eat something, you look very pale.”

“It’s alright,” she said. Then she picked up the phone. Within ten minutes the doorbell rang and a young woman came to deliver a box.

Buffy handed Angel a bag full of blood.

“You shouldn’t have. Thank you again.”

Buffy nodded in silence.

“Are you hungry?” he asked carefully.

“A little.”

“I’ll make you something.”

“Can you cook?”

“Well, yes.”

“Then go ahead.”

The vampire opened the fridge and examined the food. “You should go to the market.”

Buffy shut her eyes mortified.

“I had to go earlier but …”

“I can make omelets with cheese and tomato. Is it alright for you?”

“Of course!”

Angel began to cook. “Spike is still asleep. When he wakes up we’ll go away.”

“You shouldn’t … it’s just that I’m …”

“You don’t want us to stay. You don’t want us to meet Anne.”

Buffy didn’t answer.

“Don’t worry. I’m not judging or anything. She’s your kid. But you had sex with him, right?”

“With Annie?!”

“No! With Spike!”


“I’m sorry,” he muttered embarrassed. “I’m a vampire and I kinda feel it.”

“I don’t know how to explain.”

“You don’t have to. It’s been a long time and we aren’t together anymore. I understand that you need a man and that man isn’t me.”


“I do.”

Buffy sighed relieved. A part of her was still afraid of Angel’s answer.

“I missed you.” She blurted, confused. “It’s a terrible moment to tell you, but I missed you.”

Angel smiled. “I missed you too. Wanna slice the tomatoes?”

“Show me how.”

The vampire fumbled the knife.

She laughed. “You’re good! You’re like one of those television’s cooks!”

“Thank you,” he replied. “He loves you, you know?”

“He loves you too,”

“As a friend. He still wants you. He wanted to come and talk the other night and the night before.”

“I don’t  …”

“He told me about your outburst. What are you afraid of, Buffy? I don’t understand.”

“But you should! Every time I start a relationship I do it with the best intentions and then everything goes wrong. I don’t have time for this now. I can’t let myself fall for a man who will leave me …”

“Spike leave you? You talk as if you don’t know him.”

“Well … it’s complicated.”

“You have suffered a lot and you don’t want to risk anymore. I get it. Besides you have a daughter now and you need to be careful. But you can’t turn your back on life, especially now that you’re so full of it.”

“You’ve became quite the analyst,”

“I feel guilty,” he murmured. “You have no idea how much. If you’ve become so suspicious it is also because of me and that disastrous time when we were lovers.”

“Don’t say that!”

“It’s the truth,”

“Maybe, yes,” she admitted. “But I loved you so much. I didn’t care about the rest.”

Angel nodded and gently wiped her cheeks.

She tensed surprised. Then she realized she was crying quietly.

“I’m pathetic,”

“No, you’re not,” he replied, kissing her forehead.

The doorbell rand and Buffy went at the door and opened it.

“Annie!” she smiled, hugging and kissing her daughter.

Xander and Renee left in their car.

Awake and startled, Spike went in the hall and saw Buffy with her little child. She was lovely and tiny as a newborn kitten. Her skin was incredibly soft, her long brown hair seemed silky. She had the biggest blue eyes.

Spike took an unnecessary breath and whispered. “Nibblet.”


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Dec. 11th, 2012 09:44 am (UTC)
I loved so much Spike's reaction when he sees the little girl, wow. Even when I red your story in Italian I found a little weird to see Angel as cook, because in my head Spike is the cook between the two ensouled vampires, since the scene of "Empty Spaces" when he and Andrew talked about onion flowers.
Bye from Batheart83

PS: Sorry for my English.
Dec. 11th, 2012 11:47 am (UTC)
Thank you! (And, again, don't be sorry for your English. Mine is a little rusty too!)
For Angel I thought about that episode, at the end of Season One, when he cooks for Cordelia and Wesley and he seemed to be good.
Dec. 31st, 2012 06:52 am (UTC)
I like Angel cooking. He did that on his own show; it really fits. And I'm sure if he took up cooking he'd be one to watch the cooking channel!
Dec. 31st, 2012 01:01 pm (UTC)
And also he's kinda sexy with food! Thank you so much!!
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