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The Queen (BtVS - Chapter fourteen)

Hi! Here's the new chapter. 
slaymesoftly aid that I'm getting better with the punctuation. Yay for me! :D And always thanks for her patience and good work as beta. 

14. A Beautiful Sunset (Goodnight Lovers)

The hallway was dirty and covered in mildew. Buffy walked in, clutching herself inside the heavy coat. The upcoming winter was tougher than she’d expected – extraordinarily cold for a warm city like Los Angeles. Ignoring the chills and the terrible smell, the Slayer reached the room where Willow was waiting her. She coughed to announce her presence. The witch smiled.

The room was incredibly dark; it was difficult to see the furnitur placed against the wall. On the ground there were a half dozen smashed pool cues covered in vampire dust, poker cards and money reddened by fresh blood.

“There was a fight and the vamps got killed,” Buffy said looking at the scene very carefully.

Four chairs were arranged in a circle at the center of the room holding four bodies tied with a single heavy rope; their foreheads were bleeding and it was almost impossible to identify them.

“Can we see better?” Buffy asked pointing at the face of a victim.

Willow nodded. Waving her hand, she wiped the blood instantly.

The man was horribly scarred.

“Damn,” the witch muttered. “They tortured them.”

Buffy got on her knees and studied the corpse.

He was an ordinary man, in his forties probably, nicely dressed. He didn’t show any other physical signs of torture, apart from the cuts on his face performed when he was still alive – Willow could tell from the loss of blood. He did have a recent vampire bite on his neck.

“It’s strange. These cuts on his face … were made with a knife, right?”

Willow nodded. “It seems so,”

“We can assume that these guys were playing cards when they got surprised. Probably they were in the company of vamps – hence the singular amount of dust in the room and the smashed pool cues.”

“It could be, I don’t know, a struggle between rival gangs,”

“Yes … the winners had to be very strong. How many piles of dust do you see in this room?”

“With a spell I would be able to tell exactly how many vamps were killed,” Willow murmured.

“We could use a mystic Grissom …”


The witch waved her hand further and a magical light illuminated the room.

Buffy gasped.

The walls were completely covered in drawings, doodles and alphabet letters painted with blood. A central image depicted a female figure holding a bow and an arrow; her body was barely sketched and her arms looked like straight lines with curious endings. Next to her there were three understandable letters – QEE – and a single word: light. Near the human figure there was also a huge and indefinable monster, that seemed to have overcome the warrior. It was almost a childlike

“Angelus would have sketched the Mona Lisa. This guy is more on my level,” Buffy whispered suppressing with sarcasm the unpleasant feeling evoked by the images.

Willow’s eyes widened and shone with power.

“The blood of the warrior is human,” she said. “While the monster is painted with vampire’s blood.”

“Does that mean something?”

“I don’t know yet. But it could be a hint,”

“Or it could be a vamp trying to impress me with his artistic talent.”

“I’ll check on the books.”

“Okay.” Buffy nodded. “Ice cream now?”

“It’s freezing!”

They ended up eating ice cream leaning on a parked car. The young slayers took care of the crime scene; Xander was watching over them, giving Willow and Buffy a little time to talk in peace.

“So what’s up?” the witch asked, curious.

Buffy frowned. Her chocolate milk flakes were about to fall and the unbearably cold vanilla hurt her teeth. “Huh?”

“Don’t be mysterious! I’m talking about Spike and you know it!”

The Slayer bit the chocolate flakes and sighed.

“Good. Well, I think. No more depressive tendencies, fights to the death, attempted rapes or sexual intercourses that cause a building to fall down.”

“It seems very nice. Especially for Angel’s new furniture. He does love the new sofa and the chairs,”

“Have you seen him?”

“Last night. We met at the Centre and talked a bit. He looks very fit.”

Buffy smiled tenderly.

“It’s a good time for him. I’m happy.”

“It’s a good time for you too! C’mon, tell me about Spike.”

The Slayer bit her ice cream cone and looked at the stars in the sky.

“It’s strange. This time everything feels so smooth … I wonder how long it’s gonna be this easy. Maybe I should be more cautious with him. I have responsibilities now.”

Willow shook her head and glared.

“You always have responsibilities, Buffy! You can’t use it as an excuse to turn your back on life,”

“But Annie …”

“Annie would love to have a father figure of some kind. Do you want to be with Spike?”

Buffy didn’t answered immediately. She turned to look at Willow’s profile illuminated by a street lamp. Her vibrant red hair was shaken by the wind and she seemed to be glowing with energy and fiery power.

“I’m in love with him,” the Slayer confessed. “And I think that Spike would be very loving with Annie … even with Dawn he was solid and reliable. But now he has a soul and he really would be able to take care of Annie in the best possible way.”

Willow listened in silence. She took the remains of the ice cream from the hands of her best friend and threw them in a basket along with her cone. She went back to Buffy and hugged her. The Slayer laid her head in the crook of her neck.

“You know what is frustrating?” Buffy asked in a soft sleepy voice. “Being able to save the world and not be able to protect the few people you truly love. It’s the most unbearable thing of all and it will probably make me crazy one of these days.”

“Lucky for you, I’m powerful and divine.”

“Yeah. Lucky me.”

Buffy closed her eyes.

A touch of wet snow began to fall from the sky.

The Slayer walked slowly, her senses alerted. The road to Spike’s house was rather desolate but she still was the number one enemy for vampires and she’d learned to be very careful. She didn’t want to waste her free Saturday night in futile combat.

Having reached her destination, Buffy clicked at the intercom.

Spike received her.

He was alone – Angel was at an appointment or something. He had lit the fire and warmed the house.

“Chilly, huh?” the vampire asked, helping Buffy with her coat.

The Slayer shivered in response.

“I could had take got you a ride from with one of the girls,” Spike said.

“Nah. I like to walk,” she replied laughing.

Spike was staring at her crucifix with a comical expression of disgust. “I’ll take it off, I’ll take it off! I forgot how much you don’t like anti-vamp stuff.”

“Oh, for God’s sake! I embraced a whole giant crucifix, woman!”

“I like to tease you.”

The exchange ended in a kiss, interrupted by a phone call.

Buffy broke the contact. “I’m sorry,” she sighed against Spike’s lips.

She took the phone out of her purse and went into the kitchen. Th girls were keeping her informed about the situation. The Chosen One leaned against the stove and listened to their report.

“… are the mystics working? Willow didn’t seemed very impressed by their early theory …”

She could feel Spike approaching.

Slowly the vampire caressed her back and tickled her neck with delicate kisses. He touched the bare skin under the shirt, moving Buffy’s hips and massaging her stomach to relieve the tension. The Slayer had to carry on the conversation with her throat tight.

“Just call me when you know something about the symbols … see you in the morning.”

Buffy ended the call. The phone in her hands was slightly trembling. Smiling, she turned to face Spike who was watching her with frightening intensity.

She felt her cheeks burning.

“Sorry. I had to deal with a last minute report.”

“What happened?”

“We found four bodies and it seems that someone had fun doing graphic experiments with their faces.”

“Uh, I can search for information. I can also speak to Angel when h comes back. Maybe one of his children popped out of wherever he was hiding and now he wants to attract daddy’s attention,”

“He still has childes?”

“No, but it’s fun to watch him worry.”

Buffy giggled.

“You two are really twelve years old, aren’t you?”

Spike smiled back with such tenderness that it made her serious again.

“Are we alone?”

“Yeah. Angel wouldn’t won’t be back before five.”

“Annie is at Giles’s. Tonight she’s sleeping with him,” the Slayer said. Her hands were cold with sweat and her heart was racing.

The last time she’d shared a moment of intimacy with Spike Angel was sick and everything was fast and desperate. Since then the relationship between her and Spike had become deeper. She’d chosen to give them a chance and he was happy to just spend time with her. Their relationship had become stronger, powered by friendship, but a platonic one. The idea of sex had become almost terrifying.

“It’s stupid!” Buffy snapped, determined to suppress the embarrassment she was feeling. “We were together so many times! I shouldn’t feel this nervous,”

“But you do. And I don’t want to ignore it, not this time.”

“I don’t wanna wait,” she confessed.

So he tilted his head, curious.

She caressed his chest.

“I don’t want to hurt Annie. I don’t want to go out with stupid men who are gonna make me lose stupid time and confuse my ideas about romance and love. All I want is … all I want is to be with you. Nothing else. I don’t know how to say it better than that.”

“It’s perfect,” he murmured touched.

Buffy smiled.

“I remember your speech, the one you made before the battle against th First … I happened to mention it to some young potentials and you’re famous now. My girls think that it’s the most beautiful love declaration of all time.”

“I’m flattered,” he said before kissing her lips.

Without hesitation, he picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. The Slayer giggled once she was nestled between the comfy pillows.

“What’s up?”

“A bed. Finally!”

Spike grinned and laid down beside her. He removed her dark sweater and undid her jeans. The Chosen One was wearing a sporty white bra. The thinness of her chest and her defined abdominal muscles revealed the continuous training she was doing. Her stomach was flat and her breasts smaller. Every feminine and soft curve was suppressed in the hardness of heavy bones and strong muscles of a warrior.

The curve of her smile was still the same. And so was the smell of vanilla and peach, the hint of hidden fragility and welcoming warmth of her human body. The essence of Buffy – the woman he loved more than anything in the world.

“I love you,” she sighed, looking him in the eyes. “I love you,” she repeated sincerely.

“I love you too,” Spike said, kissing her belly, her hands and her lips.

Locked in a tight embrace, the lovers were falling asleep together.

Spike was pushing aside Buffy’s hair and caressing her skin with languor.

“Can you wake me up around four? I have to take Annie …” asked Buffy softly.

“I’ll do it. Rest now.”



“I really love you,”

“I know, pet.”

Buffy closed her eyes, exhausted. She caressed Spike’s arms and drew them around her as a fleshy blanket. She imagined the profile of an arc created by their joined bodies. Then she fell asleep.


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So lovely, the way they fell asleep reminds me the drawing of the figure with the bow, and I love that so much. Bye Batheart83.
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Thank you! <3
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