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The Queen (BtVS - Chapter seventeen)

Here's a new chapter. As always, my beta reader helps me with the grammar and other stuff.
I talk more about Dawn in this chapter and ironically I just re-watched Real Me!

17. Blood Ties

Buffy walked down the corridor of the Centre for Research and Training at a steady pace. Nearby a crowd of slayers and Xander and Willow engaged in a lively discussion. The Chosen One wasn’t listening to them.

“… And, please, try to be careful!” she insisted, talking at the phone.

She was feeling very anxious; it was Annie’s first day of school and the most difficult challenge she’d ever faced.

“And check the perimeter!” she exclaimed to the slayer on the other end.

Xander patted her shoulders.

“I know you’re worried, I know you have your reasons … but please, Buff, you’re not sending your daughter on a mission!”

Willow giggled.

“Shut up you two! I can’t hear a thing … pass me Annie, please. Good morning, love!”

At the other end of the phone Annie greeted her mother. Buffy smiled.

“Are you ready? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, mommy. Thanks.”

“Great. Spike will pick you up in the afternoon and—” The slayer tried to catch back her phone.

“… And uncle and auntie are wishing you the best day ever!” exclaimed Xander and Willow.

“Good luck, honey,” Buffy added, ending the conversation. “And let’s take care of this thing now,” she said, entering the conference room.

Kennedy was waiting for them.

“We found her,” she announced proudly.

Buffy forced a smile. She sat down in her chair and ordered to connect the computers to London, where Giles was living.

“Good mornin – night? Giles ?”

“I’m here, Buffy,” he said from the shining screen. “Good morning to you all,” he added politely. “Today is the first day of primary school for Annie, right?”

“Yes,” she smiled, almost embarrassed. “I’ll call you back later. In private. I’ll tell you everything about her first day of school. She’s so enthusiastic!”

Kennedy coughed.

“… But let’s talk about the current situation,” Buffy said professionally.

The old Watcher cleaned his glasses.

“On Friday afternoon, a young slayer escaped from the center after having stolen a considerable quantity of mystical powder and few lethal weapons …” he started.

“The girl robbed a bank and killed two security guards,” Kennedy continued. “Then she slaughtered a bunch of vamps in the East of the town. Around midnight she disappeared from our radars.”

“So far I’m perfectly informed,” replied Giles, wearing again his glasses.

“What we discovered later is that Andy Brendon – that’s her name – tried to contact Simone Doffler.”

“Oh, big surprise!” Buffy snapped. “Of course we have to deal with that pseudo-anarchist!”

“Andy is currently using a gun sent by Simone herself. Thanks to that we were able to discover her hiding place … it is an abandoned warehouse in the middle of the industrial area. We have the coordinates.”

“We need to go now,” Buffy ordered. “Mr Giles,” she said, turning to the display. “You can follow the operation live. We’re about to start,”


“Willow, I want you to focus on a defense or opposition spell. The girl has stolen too much magic powder for my tastes.”

“I kinda have an idea of what she could create with that powder,” the witch replied.

“Fine. Xander, Kennedy … you come with me and the team. Let’s hurry up and get our stuff back.”

Stationed in front of the warehouse with a bunch of slayers, Buffy was waiting for Willow’s signal. As expected, the fugitive had created a protective barrier with her mystical powder. Suddenly a powerful vibration shook the air and Buffy knew that the way was clear. The Chosen One searched inside the building with her team. The warehouse was dark and dirty. A They quickly moved a pile of boxes and found the body of a man was laying on the floorbeing devoured by flies.

“Oh God …” Buffy murmured, holding her stomach. “Andy, give up!” she screamed.

Xander found the rebellious slayer in a corner. Her abdomen torn open by bullets. Buffy rushed to the rescue and tried to stop the bleeding.

Andy turned to look at her.

“You filthy whore …” she whispered.


“You’re just a whore … you don’t realize how … you don’t realize …” she sighed dying.

Buffy gasped.

“Behind you, Buffy.”

The Slayer saw a mystical circle painted on the floor and a jar filled with human blood.

“It could belong to the dead guy right there,” Xander said, still holding Andy’s dead body. “Look, there are also drawings!”

Buffy stood up and turned to look at the wall.

She could recognize the profile of a woman, an archer, with long hair and a little stylized skirt. Above her a cup and a series of letters and incomprehensible curves.

“I think I’ve already seen similar paintings …”

“You’re right, Buffy,” Willow said, behind her.

“What do they mean, Will? Did you find out?”

“Not really,” she admitted, sorry. “I’ve consulted every textbook and every old manual but there is nothing about these symbols. I mean, the archer figure is widely used in mystical books but without these specific features …”

“This girl killed and committed suicide and we don’t know why.”

“I’m sorry.”

Buffy sighed and touched the damp wall were the archer was portrayed.

The Centre was finally quiet and almost empty. Buffy was sorting out documents on her desk and trying to rub her tense shoulders.

“I can help you with that,” Spike muttered, knocking at the open door.

The Slayer rolled her eyes in amusement.

“You like to make great entrances, don’t you?”

Spike grinned and came into the room. He slowly circled the Slayer and started to touch her neck in the prelude of to a massage. Smiling, Buffy fell back against his chest. She closed her eyes enjoying his lips on the back of her neck.

“Annie?” she asked.

“She’s with the carpenter.”

“Xander is no longer working as a carpenter!”

“Well, details …” Spike looked down at Buffy. “Are you ready to show me?”

“Yes,” she murmured. “Just promise me something …”

“I will not say anything to Annie – I swear.”

Buffy nodded gratefully and took her lover by the hand. She led him to the abandoned top floor of the Centre. She bit her lips in anxiety.

“It’s been too long. I don’t think I’ll  …”

“Just tell me what happened here, please.”

Spike held her hand and Buffy nodded, eyes wide with fear. They walked down the corridor and reached for a empty room. The Slayer touched a wall blackened by some burn marks.

“She died here,” she whispered. “Dawn died here. It was during a terrible battle. They were attacking us from above and Willow was in the sky fighting for us. I also was needed but … I couldn’t leave her alone. She was crying so much and suffering. She was already in labor and … so sweaty. I remember how it felt.”

Spike stroked her back and Buffy realized that she was crying.

“She collapsed here,” she added in a broken voice. “The pangs were unbearable and she took my hand so firmly and … I bent down next to her – to be encouraging and to protect her body. It was all in vain. I’ve been so stupid!”

“Don’t say that.”

“I should have protected her! It’s my fault that she’s dead! I wasn’t there for her … for not checking on her friends and making sure that she was safe. I should have known about the fucking Trismegistus!”

Buffy turned away from Spike.

“Don’t comfort me like I’m a fragile little girl,” she said angrily. “I’m not! And I saw my sister die!”

“I know.”

“She’s dead!” Buffy cried. “She disappeared right in front of me! I loved her so much …”

The vampire held her, overcoming her resistance.

“I saw you jump. I know.”

“I wasn’t ready to lose her. It’s so unfair! So unfair! My little sister … I loved her to the death. To the death …”

The Slayer curled up against the wall and closed her eyes, sobbing. She looked like a scared little girl.


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Feb. 21st, 2013 12:35 am (UTC)
The beginning was very funny, to see Buffy so worry for Annie's first school day is so LOL. Au contraire the end was so heartfelt that I've gotta fight with myself not to cry.
Bye Batheart83.
Feb. 21st, 2013 11:56 am (UTC)
I tried to do a mix between funny and sad, like in the show. Thank you so much!
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