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The Queen (BtVS - Chapter twenty-two)

And I'm posting another chapter, just because I want to present the Big Bads that I've created.
As always, many thanks to   slaymesoftly

22. Bring on the Night

Buffy opened her eyes sighing lazily. Spike was sleeping at her side as always. The Slayer brushed against his chest and his arms. She smiled, looking at her lover with tenderness. Asleep, William the Bloody seemed just a young and beautiful boy; so innocent.

She lay back on the pillow, staring at the shady wall. A little girl was standing right in front of her. She waited. Buffy sat down and held out her arms, but Annie remained still in the darkness. Buffy tensed trying to call her and ...

“Annie!” she cried opening her eyes.

Her daughter looked at her. She was sitting at the table, busy with her homework. Buffy sighed in relief and sat up on the couch where she had been napping.

“Mom, are you ill?”

“No, honey. I just had a nightmare.”

“What kind of nightmare?” she asked as she approached.

The Slayer took her in her arms and kissed her warm cheeks.

“It’s not important. I don’t remember it.”

“How can you forget a dream you just had?”

“It’s a secret,” Buffy joked, fixing her little girl’s hair.

She just had a bob cut. Her expression was conscientious and mature like she was already a young lady but her bright blue eyes revealed all her childish innocence. Annie was like the little Dawn invented by the monks – more real than anything else in the world for Joyce and Buffy.

Annie was the most pure and joyful thing that the Slayer had ever protected.

“… And she told me about the stylistic differenced between Coleridge and Wordsworth,” Buffy explained as she walked alongside her lover. “I wonder who taught her all these things …”

“Who knows!” he replied trying to hide his embarrassment. “The modern school isn’t working like it used to! And the teachers are …”

Buffy laughed heartily and patted his shoulders.

“Don’t be ashamed of your inner poet. I’m glad that Annie is as passionate about reading as you. And I’m sure you read her some of your poems …”

“Poems! I don’t write anymore.”

“For heaven’s sake, I know you!”

A slayer came to report.

“The East side is free, ma’am.”

Buffy nodded and tried to assume a professional look. She was chatting with her boyfriend during an inspection of the street near the warehouse used by the rogue slayer.

“No sign of mystical energy, right?” she asked.

“Nothing at all.”

“Then continue the inspection in the southern area.”

Spike bit his lip, looking at the dark horizon.

“Are you sure that this place is important to our enemies?”

“No, but it’s the only starting point we have. We don’t even know what the symbols are supposed to mean and the organization behind all of this mess —”

“Why an organization?”

“It seems strange. A single vampire behind all of this. And I don’t mean just Los Angeles, I’m talking about the rest of the world too. It seems that this archer thingy is becoming the new twitter trend or something.”

Spike nodded and Buffy closed her eyes briefly.

“You can go if you want. You’re bored here.”

“I’ll stay with you.”

“As always. Right, William?”

The Slayer and her partner turned around at the sound of the voice. They couldn’t see the speaker but Buffy recognized his accent.

“It’s him,” she said. “The mysterious vampire who kidnapped me. And I know where we can find him.”


“In the spot we found Andy’s body.”

“Should we call the others?”

“Spike, let’s go!”

They reached the warehouse and used their superhuman strength to break the chains that sealed the main door. Inside the symbols of the archer and the monster were shining. The mysterious vampire was standing in a metallic balcony.

“You bastard!” Buffy yelled. “You kidnapped and poisoned me!”

The vampire smiled. His face was scarred and he had a black beard. His features seemed Mediterranean and even if he wasn’t beautiful in the conventional sense, something about him was peculiar and fascinating. His nose was big, irregular and he had a high forehead and clear azure eyes.

“Good evening to you, William.”

Buffy turned. “William? Do you know this guy?”

The mysterious vampire smiled.

“The world is a small place and I see that you recovered fully, ma’am. You look good.”

“And you’re a jerk. Can you please come down here so we can have a polite exchange?”

“You love jokes,”

“And violence.” Buffy added. “I like to kick bloodsuckers’ asses.”

“You’re hurting your boyfriend now!”

Spike rolled his eyes annoyed. “Get off the bloody pedestal, Kostas.”

Buffy bit her lower lip and kept her concentration.

“It’s not the right time for this, William. My love for your lady needs to grow along with her power. And when she’s become the strongest slayer, I’ll fight against her and snap her neck. Isn’t that the destiny of a real Chosen One?”

Buffy shook her head angrily.

“You vampires and your cryptic shit. I forgot all the crap about the dark love and things like that! Now come here and I’ll fight you.”

The vampire clapped his hands against the wall the symbols lit up. An unbearable thud filled her air. The archer came to life and trampled on the ground under her feet, imposing a new rhythm – her dart was thrown against the dark monster who was swirling and pulsating energy.

The Slayer bent on herself, stunned. She felt Kostas’s hand on her stomach like a deadly and dominating grip. She opened her eyes – Spike was holding her.

“He’s gone.”

“We need to … you know him! You called him Kostas!”

“Love …”

“Tell me everything. From the beginning.”


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