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The Queen (BtVS - Chapter twenty-three)

And here we go. Again. It's just that it's already written and   slaymesoftly  is like super-fast.

23. Black Dog

Spike and Buffy went home after a brief stop at the Center. Spike provided all the details - from the physical description to the personal story of Kostas - to Willow and the searching them. He said that he didn’t see Kostas
face during the kidnapping.

Buffy waited in the conference room. When Spike reached her she was ready for a shower, a cup of hot tea and an exhaustive explanation.

“Annie is asleep and the girls are gone.”

“Good,” Buffy muttered, watching the sky from her bedroom window.

She wore pajamas and had gathered her hair in the classic chignon she loved so much. Her arms were crossed in a defensive pose. From her body language Spike realized that the conversation wouldn’t be very easy. He sat on a chair and stood up almost immediately. He felt that she was smiling at him and then realized it was just an impression. She was angry.

“The vampire we met is Konstantinos Argiris,” he began. “He’s Greek and he comes from a noble family. He kept his true name because he’s proud of his origins. I have no idea of his true age but I guess that Red will find it out. I know that he fought in the war for Greek independence in the nineteenth century, but the legend says that he was already a vampire.”

“A vampire interested in fighting with patriots?”

“Does that feel so impossible?” Spike asked. “Kostas’ nationalistic pride is something stronger than his undead nature.”

“So he could be the leader of this secret organization around the world. A leader capable of overcoming the selfishness of vampires.”

Spike smiled bitterly.

“Explain,” she said.

“Kostas is a romantic guy, but all his love is for Greece and power,”

“My power,”

“Yes, your power.”

Buffy’s expression was filled with resentment and sadness.

“He said that I needed to be … stronger? For what? Generally my enemies search for the weaknesses, but this guy is waiting for me to be more powerful. He’s preparing something – I can feel it. Tell me more about the archer and the monster.”

Spike took a deep unnecessary breath.

“If I knew what that means I would tell you, but I’ve never seen the archer before. I can tell you about me and Kostas. We met in the late nineteenth century and again after the Second World War.”

The Slayer nodded and sat in the bed near her lover. For a moment her hands touched his knees. Then she clenched her fists under the pajamas.

“You already know about the Slayer during the Boxer Rebellion. Before we arrived in China my … family stayed in Greece for a while and it was there that I met Kostas, the Black Dog. I was so eager to learn how to become a true warrior. I wanted to know all the secrets about the fight and Angelus was always so careful. I had the power and all the violence and the anger to change myself and the world around me, stalking and killing innocent girls leaving an adorable sketch next to their corpses … it wasn’t my idea of fun. I wanted a dangerous opponent, someone who could kill me with his bare hands. It felt so nice to dream about dying in a fight … at least, I thought that at the time.

“Kostas lived near the Athens market, very close to the Acropolis. He quoted Homer’s Iliad and spoke of Achilles’ fury with tears in his eyes. He was truly a romantic. When I was a boy I read the Iliad and the Odyssey. I remember whispering Hector’s last word or Priam’s lament in the darkness of my mother’s bedroom. As a young vampire I felt all the power of eternal life, of a force inside me much older and stronger than anything else. I didn’t want to just feed like Darla. I wanted to live in a dream. So I decided to test myself – I felt Achilles’ heart pounding inside of my chest, and it was then that Kostas told me about the legend of the Slayer of Slayers.

“When you decided to kill us all …”

“I always had this great curiosity about the slayers. They were the only thing capable of troubling Angelus. From the very beginning – when he told me about them – I decided to fight and die, if necessary, by the hand of these women. The slayers are beautiful like an hymn of war – you were always the most beautiful of all.”

Spike resisted the urge to touch her. He continued his explanation.

“What did Kostas say to you?”

“He told me that the Slayer of Slayers would become a great leader for vampires. The bastard translated his delusional patriotic dreams into goals for the undead. I didn’t give a bloody fuck about the legend – all that mattered to me was the blood and the passion. I decided to try however and I managed to kill my first slayer. He gave me a mark for my first victory,”

“A mark?”

“Yeah,” Spike said raising up his black shirt. He had a circular scar on the back of his right shoulder. “He bloody threw holy water on me to make it. I’ve never understood how the vampire healing powers work …”

Buffy stood up.

“You told me it was a butcher … he caught you trying to bite his daughter and he gave you that scar. It was kinda a funny story …”

“It was true. Except that the butcher thing happened when I was younger, and it was more awkward and embarrassing than I told you.”

“Tell me about the second meeting, the one in World War Two.”

“Berlin was occupied by the Allies and, you know, the Nazi were running everywhere to escape the trial and their deaths. So there were these clandestine journeys from Genoa to Latin America. I met Kostas in a boat full of Nazis. He’d already killed two slayers and he didn’t care a damn about Nazis except for those eugenics studies … He told me that they were connected to the prophecy and that the end was always near.”

“What does that mean?”

“You know, the destiny of slayers. Their death wish.”


Buffy started to walk around the room looking back at Spike.

“You never told me about Kostas and the slayers.”

“I told you – I’ve seen too much and I’ve done …. I prefer you didn’t imagine about all the things I’ve done.”

“I’m the Slayer, Spike. I need to protect the world and I need to know everything about my enemies.”

“That’s why I didn’t tell you about Kostas …”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t want to look still like … still like an enemy. We are natural opposites, Buffy. We’re destined to fight and kill each other. I’m your nemesis.”

“Spike …”

“I didn’t want to be dusted by you. All I want from you is … to teach me how to be a better man.”

Buffy held her arms on her chest.

“You already are.”

“Thank you for saying it.”

“You should know it,” she replied. “Now let’s go to bed, shall we? It was a tough day.”

Spike lay next to Buffy. He held her and kissed her and made her rest against his chest. She felt asleep immediately.


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