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The Queen (BtVS - Chapter thirty-two)

Here's another chapter. The translation of the fight scene was incredibly difficult. I had to rewrite some pieces and cut some others. I hope it still makes sense after everything and after slaymesoftly 's suggestions and corrections.

32. What's my Line? (Part II)

Faith stood up. She could feel the heat of blood on her forehead.

“You’re good,” she hissed gaining the necessary distance for a defensive move. “But I’ve seen better,” she added, amused.

Roxane brought the sword to her lips and stepped back for the counterattack. Faith studied her position; Roxane was keeping her guard up but preparing for a lethal move.

“You’re a good fighter,” the slayer said. “Who taught you?”

This time she managed to confuse the vampire and punched her in the face. Faith tried to pull out the stake but she was immediately disarmed. She reached the dagger in her jeans. “It’s not the size that counts – it’s how you use it,” she said trying to parry Roxane’s sword.

The vampire curled her lips into an annoyed frown. “You talk too much!” she exclaimed, kicking the slayer’s stomach. “How can you be a slayer?”

Faith finally stabbed the vampire’s arm. Roxane’s mask of indifference fell as she looked at her wounded arm. The vampire broke down her defense attacking with full power. Faith collapsed to the ground and Roxane grabbed her hair and pushed her against the wall.

“I hate girls,” she muttered angrily as she plunged her sword into Faith’s shoulder.

The slayer’s mouth fell open in a grimace of pain. The smell of blood was too intense and inviting; the vampire let down her fangs but a noise made her step back. Spike, Buffy and Angel rushed to rescue their wounded friend and Roxane had to escape.

“I’ll go after her,” Spike said as he took off running.

Angel bent over Faith and covered her with his leather jacket.

“You should have waited for us,” he whispered worried.

Faith grinned lazily. “I know,” she muttered with a hoarse voice.

Angel held her hand.

“I called an ambulance,” Buffy assured them.

She studied Roxane’s not-so-secret-anymore hiding place. There was snake’s dead skin all over the red carpets. She thought about Kostas. In the corner of the room she noticed something moving.

“Can you hear this noise?” she asked.

Angel nodded. It felt like the room was almost trembling.

“Angel, take the knife and use it to protect Faith.”

The floor at the end of the room was covered with snakes and crawling reptiles. Buffy took a step forward as she saw Spike coming back from his chase followed by an enormous demon snake.


“I know, pet. It was a fucking trap!” he shouted, retreating.

He and Buffy tried to crush some dangerous snakes without losing sight of the demon.

“Is he tough?” she asked, studying his anthropomorphic shape.

“Kinda. Like we used to?”

“I’m right behind you.”

The vampire kicked the demon and immobilized him while Buffy took the front and started to punch his stomach. The slayer’s fists became more violent and fast and the demon collapsed to the ground in a matter of seconds. Spike beheaded him with his axe.

“Oh … ewww! Too many snakes!” Buffy exclaimed hopping towards Angel and Faith.

The ambulance was outside.

Faith woke up in the pleasant warmth of an hospital bed. Angel was beside her, sitting on an uncomfortable chair.

“Hey,” he whispered. “Are you feeling better?”

“Yeah. I’ve been worse.”

Angel nodded. “You shouldn’t have attacked alone. It was too dangerous.”

“You know me; first bleed and then think …”

“I was afraid,” Angel insisted. His tone was a mix of insecurity and paternal reprimand.

Faith closed her eyes. “I won’t do it again. I promise.”

Their moment was interrupted by Spike and Buffy.

“How are you, Faith? The shoulder feels better, doesn’t it?”

“The drugs are working, yes.”

“Good,” Buffy replied. “The nest we found surely belongs to Klaus and his fang family. Willow and the guys searched between carpets, clothes and everything was hidden there and we’re sure. And about the carpets … Willow says they are pretty valuable.”

“We’ll put them in our living room at the end of this fucking apocalypse,” Faith said.

“And smell all those snakes that used to nest there? No, thanks. I don’t understand why the Greek vampire has this thing for snakes. He’s called the Black Dog! Shouldn’t he go around with … dogs?”

Spike raised his scarred eyebrow.

“Anyway,” Buffy continued. “Now they need to find another place in town and it could be difficult. We just have to wait for their next move.”

“What about the Mercurial?” Angel asked. “We didn’t find him.”

“I’m confident,” Buffy replied. “Mercurius is always near his brother.”

The hallway seemed endless. With a sweaty hand resting on the wall Annie tried to move her legs. She could see an occasional nurse and some bottles of pills – should she take one? – the tables and the chairs. Faith’s room wasn’t really that far. With some difficulty, the little girl stopped for a second and took a seat. She was hearing the same unintelligible words repeated over and over. She could see the same red haired man she saw before reflected in the mirrors and on the white walls.

She stood up and bravely entered the intensive care unit. Auntie Faith was lying on a bed next to Uncle Angel and Spike holding her mother’s hand. She seemed so very pale.


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