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So here my TV report.

I'll start with The Crazy Ones. I'm watching it because of SMG, everybody knows it. And everybody knows that I'm not amused.
Or, let's say it better: I'm liking the show much more in these latest episodes. The authors created a certain equilibrium between the characters. Simon Roberts (Robin Williams) is not doing the "one man show". There's much more balance between him and the other actors and ultimately the show gets better because of that.

I especially like the relationships between the characters: Sydney's relationship with Lauren, Zach and Andrew broship, the kinda father/son relationship between Zach and Simon. (I had to search for the names of the characters. Not a good sign XD) The thing is that the relationship between Sydney and her father should be the emotional core on the series and ... I can't feel it.
The actors are good, but their scenes are too damn cheesy and SMG's is always the adoring daughter which is not very believable. I think they should create tension before making the "all loving" scene. Otherwise it doesn't have the same power. We're supposed to feel tenderness for this couple of daughter and father and I can't really *feel* it. So.
On a side note, SMG's hair is better. You know that I'm too involved with her hair. XD She cut it a little and it looks better.

I watched the latest HIMYM episode and I liked it. I'm not watching S9 and I think that the show really went on and on for too long and it's boring. But the latest episode was cute and kinda funny. (And HIMYM is a comedy that really made me laugh sometimes, while The Crazy Ones is all cute but doesn't do anything for me)

Another thing that I'm watching - and I'm LOVING it - is True Detective.
Beautiful show. It seems like a long movie sometimes. The director does a great job and there are stunning scenes in it. Plus I love the whole southern vibe and the empty open spaces that are a mirror of the characters' souls.
McConaughey and Harrelson are really good in this and they are both portraying self deluded white dudes - which, hello noir archetypes and stereotypes! I know that there is some debate going on on the portrayal of female characters in the show. Let me tell you what I think: I think that the show doesn't disrespect female characters. I think that the men in the show disrespect female characters. There's a huge difference.

The Walking Dead, for example, treats the women like shit but basically because the writing is like shit. The characters don't have a proper characterization. "We need someone to make stupid decisions. Let's use a lady". WTF? I'm really impressed everytime I read about the audience data because, to me, TWD is kinda unispired.
True Detective, instead, is a proper noir and it explores the genre beautifully. And yes, the women are always naked and the men are dressed. It's not perfect. But I think that it's an interesting exploration in rape culture. The most interesting right now. Marty (Harrelson's character) is so full of patriarchal shit and he isn't portrayed like an hero at all. Even the murders are about rape culture.

(Also, I can do spoilers but there is a relationship SO FUCKING DOOMED that I'm kinda shipping it. Because it's so wrong and unfortunate, at the same time, so delicious. If you're watching the show you could guess who I'm talking about)

Other thing: my friend ladykikuri showed me a German slash movie, "Freier Fall" (Free Fall) and one of the guys really looks like Riley. Or, at least, he looks like Riley to me. It's like seeing Riley doing gay things in the woods. Which is ironic and at the same time could explain a lot of things. *looks at Spike*

HERE there is ladykikuri's hilarious recap, if you want to know more. But, for those who like slash, I recommend to watch the movie. It's really, really HOT. *C*


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Mar. 1st, 2014 09:53 pm (UTC)
*hides in a corner*

Honey, you linked my silly recap, I'm flattered X3
I highly recommend the movie, though, to everyone who's into slash.
It's definitely worth a watch *C*
Mar. 1st, 2014 10:01 pm (UTC)
Cara, lo sai che amo da morire i tuoi post. *sbacia*
Anzi dimmi se preferisci che non ti linko o se ti fa piacere. Mi sono permessa di linkare, proprio perché trovo il tuo post divertentissimo e ACCURATO come poche cose al mondo. *w*
Mar. 5th, 2014 04:56 pm (UTC)
I stopped watching The Crazy Ones a while ago. I gave it a chance, but it just wasn't working for me. Might have something to do with the fact that I really, really dislike Robin Williams. I did notice that SMG's hair was not at its greatest - it looked overprocessed and a bit dead - too dry and too dyed. Glad to hear that it's better. She really does have beautiful hair when it's not too blonde.
Mar. 5th, 2014 06:52 pm (UTC)
It's still too blonde, but at least it looks much more cute so short. I don't know who is her stylisth and way she keeps going for that "almost-Spike-blonde".
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