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Latin randomness


So, I'm reading this Hymn to Venus and I'm remembering some stuff, although other things are still blank to me, like the adjectives and their exits - my brain must have deleted the whole file altogether.

Grammar = the Worst. Etymology = most interesting.

I noticed something! When learning how to speak, tiny children often make a mistake. They should use "andato" as the past participle of "andare" (to go), instead many of them - Little One included, if I recall correctly - say "ito".

BUT! In Latin the verb "to go" is eo, is, ii, ITUM, ire - it's an amomaly yes - and so children kind of get the roots of the verb, instinctively. That's interesting! Children are so intuitive!

IDK, little joys of the learning process.

I'm in a point where the Nymphs are warned about Cupid because he's the sexiest when he's naked. Stupid sexy Cupid, lol.

Also there's no chance Aenes is the son of Venus! Like, no offense to him - he's such a good cookie - but son of the sexiest goddess ever? MEH. You can smell the propaganda from there. The Greeks were better at doing this sort of stuff, me thinks.




If you're on Tumblr, you probably know what I'm talking about already.

O M G *sighs*

I can't believe this idiotic behavior. Instead of getting rid of the porn-bots, they are going all "Purity Police" over us. Tumblr became catholic. *sighs again* This is so annoying.

Also, if you put on filters, you can successfully have a dashboard clean of all the amoral sexual depravities adult people enjoy. I don't see the point of bothering everyone with a new policy.


Latin sucks, a post

Good morning guys, how are you?

I'M DEADDD. Today I finally opened the first Latin book with a serious intention to study it. IT SUCKS! It's been a decade since I've studied Latin, I can't remember shit about verbs and declinations, and in this first translation there are so many exceptions and irregular stuff I WANT TO CRY!!!!

As I said, Latin is one of the last subjects left for me. I don't want to say how many are they because I'm superstitious AF - I can't believe I will ever accomplish something like graduating - but two of them are better than the others and I've procrastinated so far by reading Italian Modern Lit, because IT'S NICER AND EASIER AND BETTER THAN FREAKING LATIN!!

I came here to whine freely, sorry.

I'm just so tired, I want to finish and do only the nicest stuff. ;__;

I can't wait for 🎄 DRARRY DECEMBER 🎄 to start, with all the fests and the posting of fanfics and various gifts and art I want to read tons of fanfics and eat chocolate.

Fest enthusiasm!

Guys, guys, guyssss!

Claiming is open at hp_goldenage, yay! This is the banner:

Save the Date banner for Salt and Pepper Fest 2019

I hope many people will start producing art and fanfics for this fest, because I love it. I LOVE OLDER DRACO/HARRY!!! (ChoosemypromptsChoosemypromptsChoosemyprompts ...) But, of course, the fest is open to all sorts of pairings and character-centric stories, so it's not really about Draco/Harry or that's not the obligatory choice. This year, apart for my mandatory older Draco/Harry because that's how I roll, I asked for Harry-centric story, Draco & Scorpius father-son centric story and Harry/Cho.

I know it's a pairing that rarely capture writers' attention and I love how current fans are exploring the idea of bisexual icon Harry Potter crushing hard on Cedric. But LISTEN: If there's a pairing who could benefit from age and the passing of years, Harry/Cho would be that! They were just kids when they started dating, things were messy, Cedric was dead. They were both dealing with too many contradictory emotions and they didn't have the maturity to understand what was happening.

And okay, Cho had the tendency to burst into tears and be overly emotional ... that's very relatable! I feel for her so much! I believe that, by shaming her tendency to openly expressing emotions, Harry was also shaming and sabotaging himself. It's good to cry when you're in pain and you don't have to bottle up everything! So it could be wholesome and also therapeutic to have Harry approach his relationship with Cho in a different timeframe and with more maturity. Romantic, even.

So basically: write me some good older Harry/Cho, please and thank you.

(choose my prompts)
Basically to avoid the spoilers, I faced the beast head first. (That's the expression, right?)

It's not even a bad movie, but the plot twists are the most pointless, unnecessary things ever. Under the cut, a brief but centered first impression on the big final revelation, which in my opinion is the most pointless of them all.

Fantastic Bleaks and the Cringes of SwitzerlandCollapse )

A small vindication

You know the lady I've told you about? The one with the Disney-like shirt saying "Auschwitzland"?

Well, Taffo Funeral Services just started a petition to sue her for antisemitism and racial hatred. 8000+ people have signed it and your girl did it too. I would love to see an old good trial! Bring it on! *____*


Humankind is a failure

I'm sure everyone knows about the Brazilian elections.

Well, yesterday in Italy a march happened. October 28th is the anniversary of the March on Rome, the final act that started Mussolini's Ventennio. A woman was wearing a celtic cross on her neck and a shirt with "Auschwitzland" written in it.


I don't know what to say. I'm so, so depressed and deeply ashamed that we are at this point once again. I can't chase away the sadness of knowing what happened and what will happen if these people have their way. I don't know what to do. It feels like the world is becoming darker so very fast and we are stuck in it.

Random silliness with tissue boxes

Anyway, guys.

You must know that from October to May I'm always sneezing. I'm very sensitive to cold temperatures and I need to control my nose. Due to this issue, I'm also obsessed with having cute tissue boxes.

Like the ones with the animals:

Now there's a series of tissues about the zodiac and I've bought plenty!

They are also super-cute and colorful! In the current image you can see: Capricorn, Virgo, Leo, Taurus and something else underneath.

I've found the Gemini box and the Leo one! Gemini like Draco and Leo like Harry! You see what I'm doing here???

Incredible, I'm a eleven years old once again *____*


Cat post, once again

Oh guys, I'm exhausted. Next week I'll have an exam, but I feel like I'm done already. I can't take it anymore.

In other cat news: Moustache has a nemesis! D:

It's a white cat with black spots that comes only late at night. Moustache is currently sleeping in the cat bed I bought for him, in my balcony, and this other cat comes at night and they fight! (Mostly they growl at each other, but it's very intense!) Moustache is generally so peaceful, but this cannot stand apparently. He doesn't want this other cat in his balcony. He's fine with Momì staying here, because she's female right? Anyway, Moustache VS the white cat IS LIVE!

Cat pictures for you!Collapse )


Just came home after attending Little One's birthday party.

Guys, it's true: today's kids have the best birthday parties EVER. Little One was so hyped he had to change his shirt three times. And he's eight now, I can't believe it! It was only yesterday when I had to carry him in my arms because he was too tiny. Awww <3

MEME TIME (I hope you guys do this! I'm not tagging, but really anyone in my f-list can and should do this!)


So, that's me!Collapse )


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