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Guys, you need to know that HISTORICAL MEMES ARE A THING

LOOK! AT! THIS!Collapse )


On totally unrelated news, I'm going to study and here's raining hard since 5 am. Little Flint was restless this whole morning, she wanted to go out but couldn't because of sky-water.

Look at her!

She was looking outside the window and screaming at the rain XDDD I love this cat.

And remember that time I told you about all those cats (Gianni, the Odin-cat ...) coming here to steal the food? Well, I decided to put three bowls of food outside so they can all eat. IDC. I know this was supposed to be a deal just for these three cats, but I can't control their interactions and I feel pity for these creatures.

I know that Leopold and Moustache are feed also by my neighboor, which is comforting, and since I can't host all the cats in my house, at least I'm going to provide free food. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In somehow related news (BBC Troy)

Have you seen the trailer of the upcoming BBC Troy? It looks so bad ;__;

Is it too much to ask these showwriters to actually READ the source material and try to study it a bit before starting up a new adaptation? It reminds me of "Rome", a show that had so much potential in terms of storytelling and historical accuracy and became a huge mess. Howwwwwww even? The history behind the fall of Caesar and rise of Octavianus is so fascinating as hell AS IT IS, without gratuitous sex and stuff people put in historical plays to make them more interesting.

BAD THINGS ABOUT THIS TROY (From the trailer):

What is this hellscape of madness? Why is this about violence in slow-mo? Yes, the Iliad is SO FULL of violence, but there's a certain way to convey it and it's not your Tarantino BS.

Where's Patroclus? Apparently Achilles was casted and Briseis too. What about the character whose murder prompts the whole final act? DON'T TELL ME THAT ACHILLES WILL BE THE "SO COOL" HETERO MALE WARRIOR AGAIN BECAUSE I'M GOING TO MURDER SOMEONE WITH MY BARE HANDS.

Why, WHY once again the focus is on the Helen/Paris' romance? It's 2018 guys, give me a break! The character of Helen deserves better than this; she was a pawn in the war among gods and she could do with a bit more agency and a characterization that goes beyond Paris and your supposed "great romance".

(The great romances in the Iliad are Achilles/Patroclus, Hector/Andromache, Odysseus/Diomedes/Common Sense. Don't let yourself get fooled by that Helen-kidnapping-stuff)

Whyyyyy Menelaus is the BAD GUY OMGGGGGGG!!!!!!

The whole point of that mess that is the House of Atreus is that Menelaus is actually a decent dude that happened to have his wife stolen from him and HIS BROTHER AGAMEMNON WITH HIS MOTHERFREAKING HUBRIS convinced him that a big war to bring her back was necessary.

Actually, the dynamic between the two brothers is so cool because there's this sense of manipulation through family love and values and the fact that, at some point (See: Iphigenia in Aulis) Menelaus is the most woke of the two and he basically goes: "I know I have to be thankful and respect you, but you're messing up big time, bro".

Mmmhh. Not angry, just disappointed.


... and by the way

I swear to God that this afternoon mini-Herm came here to study epic literature ... AND SHE'S NOW DOING THE ILIAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Achilles and Patroclus are an example of "perfect friendship" according to her book. Yes, because crying for days holding the dead body of your "friend", going mad from the pain, wanting to die and trying to hug his ghost multiple times are the regular reactions of two friends. Just dudes being bros. Mmmmhhhhh.

On a positive note, the Bible stories were now included on the myth section! It wasn't like that when I was in middle school and the religion teachers (Who actually teach JUST catholicism on THE PUBLIC SCHOOL) are infuriated by that. LOLOLOLOL.

Finishing "The Song of Achilles"

I woke up this morning at 6 am to finish the book. It was an intense emotional experience. I can't begin to explain how much it means to me to read about this story in such a contemporary way, that still feels faithful to the original.

As your typical Italian student, I read "the Iliad" when I was in school, but the text was somehow "censored" of all the cruelty and the eroticism of the original. (When I studied it the first time, we used the traditional Monti's translation and this guy lived in a long time ago, when talking about sex and blood and shit - what people do when they die - was too vulgar for Great Literature) And great historians are still debating over the nature of Achilles and Patroclus' relationship to this day.

(Achilles literally wanted to be buried with him! He performed a woman's duty to his grave like C'MONNNNN!!!!!)

There was erasure on so many levels, I missed so much of the beauty of the original text. Achilles, especially, was a character ruined by this erasure. We read about Hector's love for his wife, the actual element that makes him human and vulnerable and easy to relate to, but when it comes to Achilles his reactions seem exaggerated, if you consider Patroclus "just a friend". I'm so glad that yes, now we can have a text that heavily deepens this relationship and calls it for what it is. True love. Romantic, sexual, spiritual love. Your faves were homosexual, oh!

The importance of Achilles and Patroclus in Western narrative is SO HUGE. They created a model that was lately mirrored even by the greatest generals and kings like Alexander himself. In the Middle Ages things changed and the relationship was very much erased, also because of the later legends surrounding Achilles' character. Dante didn't know about the gay romance (He would have put Achilles in another place of the Inferno in that case, I suppose XD)

To me this book meant a lot because I was exposed to classical lit since my kid days and I can't forget that moment when, at fifteen, I read "The Memories of Hadrian" and that line: "And the shadow of Patroclus appears besides Achilles'"

I felt so much over this single line. I feel so much over this book I've just read.

Thank you, Madeline Miller.


I'm in the middle of "The Song of Achilles".


The relationship between Achilles and Patroclus is so intense and heartbreakingly beautiful, but I just want to point out how accurate are the descriptions of the Ancient Greek lifestyle and the little details that follow every inch on the myth connected to Achilles and his journey before the events of "The Iliads". There are even the parts from the tragedies included!!!!

I'm living. New favorite book. Thank you, Madeline Miller.


A Writer Dilemma

Guys, OMG!

The Harry/Draco MPREG fest is open for business and I'm currently SO TORN about which prompt should I choose. I really, REALLY wanted to write a story about adopting a kid tbh (Because I wish I could adopt myself one day, so that would be totally a self-insert thing, which is probably also bad? IDK), and I have the story itself totally in my mind already, but it would be such a long, long business writing it down and I'm not sure I have the time for that. There are also two other prompts that tickle my imagination and people have already claimed some of the best stuff, so maybe I should be faster in my decision making?

Waaahhhh, I don't know what to do!!!
Good evening, guys! How are you?

I'm currently on the verge of an headache, so I'm a bit "meh". Also, in here the sky is grey and it's so cold outside. Winter is so hard! (′︿‵。) I'm just grateful that, at least, January is over. Longest month ever or what?

Anyway, I'm HAPPY to report that Flint is currently eating on my balcony. I haven't seen her this morning, which was weird because nowadays she climbs here to wake me up or we sleep together, and I was worried about her. I guess she went on patrol and her area must be the largest compared to Moustache and Leopold's ones, who are always around. Once again, Little Flint where did you go?

In here: photos of Flint sleeping in her little basket.

You're welcomeCollapse )

Isn't she the cutest?

Also, I just signed up for hd_remix. Mostly because I want to read a remix of one of my stories (Especially "In the Aftermath", if someone chosen that, I'd love to see what people would come up with that scenario). Join meeeeeee!!!!! Sign up. :3

P.S.: Flint went out again. Busy kitty.

Historical fun (part II)

IDK, I have to inform you about it. It's just so great:

Almost all my faves passed the first round, yaayyyyy! (Btw, in which world you vote for Mucius Scaevola over Cleopatra? Mmmhhh)

But anyway, I still have Antony on the run (ANTONIVS! ANTONIVS! ANTONIVS!!!) and there are also Hadrian, builder of walls extraordinaire - Trump just wishes - the Optimus Princeps Trajan, Caesar against freaking Pompey (Civil War 2.0), Petronius Arbiter and that crazy motherfucker Caligula whom I'm gonna vote tomorrow because LMAO.


(I know, I get amused by these sort of things, what can you do?)



IT'S HERE!!! MY SCARF IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm so thankful!

Thank you SO MUCH [personal profile] germankitty for this beautiful gift and for your generosity. I don't know what to say and how can I repay you. Tell me what chocolatey/salty or tasty stuff you like and I see if I can post them to you. <3 Thank you so much. <333

And thanks to the [community profile] hd_owlpost mods for hosting this coolness fest.

A clash of Romans


Basically this FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Apostrofarecatilinainsenato/ is hosting a "clash of big characters" with iconic historical Romans such as Octavian, Livia, Cicero and so on.

Since the Italian political landscape sucks big balls, why don't we choose the ultimate Roman person to lead us into these darkest times? "Mala tempora currunt" and it's hilarious!

I'm going to promote the tournament here because I think that some of you can understand Italian or for those who lurk: this FB page is truly great!

Personally I'm supporting homeboy Mark Antony, gigantic man-slut and true winner at Philippi (Kiss my ass, Octavian!), but I'm also rooting for Claudius, unappreciated by the classical historians, Pliny the Elder (Don't go closer to the erupting volcano, OMG!) and characters like Caligula for the LOLS.

So, if anyone likes history-related fun, here's your thing too.



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