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More on the Italian Immigration issue

I hope I don't annoy you with these posts, but it's happening here and it's very important. Most of the Italian political debate is focused on this issue atm, with minister Salvini pushing for "total closure of the borders" and the Mediterranean ONGs openly defying his rules.

Captain Carola Rackete didn't break the law!

The GIP (judge for preliminary investigations) of Agrigento ruled that her behaviour was completely justified - she responded to an international law that commands every captain to rescue people who are lost in the sea - not only that, but the Judge said that she didn't resist the Guardia di Finanza boat; she just tried to access the harbor and there was an accidental collision with the boat standing there but that was it.

Of course the minister is unhappy about it and said that "this sentence was political", but we still live in a Constitutional democracy, right? So the Judge applied the law and her authority shouldn't be questioned.

And since it's Summer and the sea conditions are optimal, the landing are still continuing in the Sicilian costs and especially in the little isle of Lampedusa (Which belongs to Italy and it's the closests isle to African costs)

A group of 56 people: men, women and children were saved by a sailing ship (Because the other boats are currently sequestered) The captain of the sailing ship is now investigated for violating the law.

This won't stop anytime soon: people will keep on coming, the minister will get pissed, sea captains who help them will be under investigation because apparently that's how we deal with the immigration issue in this country now.


A true hero

Hi guys, how are you?

I'm currently in bed. Basically, yesterday I fainted because of bad digestion (IMO that was the reason, because I was feeling off after lunch) or the heat - or both factors combined - but, while fainting, I accidentally hit the back of my head. I lost blood, my mom panicked and everything ... but now I'm feeling better. I didn't mean to faint while climbing the stairs! I should have just sat down the minute I was starting to feel bad, but I thought I could have entered the house at least. So that was the mistake: never faint while climbing stairs because you're going to cut your head.

I hope this doesn't get me anymore phobic about stairs (LOL, why is it like this @God?) And I hope I can wash my hair asap because it's a mess and I feel so uncomfortable.

I also feel a bit tired and just weak, but I guess it's normal after what happened so I'M NOT STUDYING ATM. Pray for my ignorant ass.

Something important I wanted to share:

I know that the U.S. citizens are facing a great immigration crisis and stuff are terrible there too, but I believe you should know what just happened in Italy too. Carola Rackete, the captain of Sea Watch 3 (Which patrols the Mediterrean sea to rescue people), decided to land on the Italian shore despite the prohibition of the current law. She acted with great bravery, to save human lives, and she is now under arrest for violating the law.

I'm deeply ashamed of the politicians running my country and I feel nothing but admiration and respect for this woman, who took a great risk and like a true captain took all the responsability for her actions.

Anyway, if you want to help with this issue, here's the Twitter page of Sea-Watch Italy and there are links and stuff to send donations or just like them and share their posts: https://twitter.com/SeaWatchItaly "freeCarola" is also a trending hastag, so you can read the news about it and share the posts.

I believe this is important and even people who live far away from here should know.

I'm going to rest a bit now and search for cute icons and wallpapers of animals swimming because the back of my head hurts and politics are shit.


Random post to delay the studying process

Awwww guys, I need to learn Virgil but I can't find the physical and psychological strength to open the book.


First of all, a friend gave me this:

I haven't thought about buying him a collar, since he's in the house and he's so tiny, but maybe I could buy him one just in case? (One that it's safe and everything) This was a surprise gift and it's so cute! On the otherside there's my phone number, "in case he goes around and people find him". Such a nice thought! <3333

Gratuitous picspam of Balerion, just becauseCollapse )

... He's so damn cute. And dangerous.

He follows around the older cats and, even though they hiss at him and even hit him with their paws, he doesn't hesitate! When will he learn about BOUNDARIES?

Also, I want to color my hair for summer.


Here two charts - one with the skin color associated, I think.

Under the cut 'cause they are bigCollapse )

I'd like to try burgundy tbh, but I'm not 100% sure about it. Maybe I should try something new altogether.

DARK (Netflix) IS STARTING AGAIN!!!!!!!!

My fave is problematic!

Ulrich Nielsen: does dumb shit; cheats on his wife; he's a DILF. I can't wait to find the subs and watch S2! (Because it's in German)

Bali Picspam

Hi guys, how are you?

I haven't got the time to write down a proper post, but I just wanted to tell you that little Balerion is growing and here's a

POST ABOUT IT (cat picspam warning)Collapse )

Searching for hair suggestions

And anyway, I used the occasion to change my profile icons. I put in there some of my favorite GoT ladies: Daenerys, Sansa and Arya. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Btw do you have any suggestions on hair color? I was thinking about fixing the pixie for Summer (Which still isn't coming! It's still too cold in here I'M LITERALLY DYIN'!!!!) and I was considering the idea of doing a completely different color. 

My preference is for darker colors, but I was considering ... orange perhaps? (Ginger red) Do you think it would look decent on my face? 

IDK, I'm open to suggestions.

My thoughts about the GoT Ending.

Warning: general positivity about Daenerys, despite everything, and the Stark kids too.

I need to get this out of my chestCollapse )

Fun (hi)story facts

(This post follows a discussion with an actual professional writer who I admire a lot on the importance of "problematic" narratives. She objected against having completely unproblematic narratives in mainstream culture and I agree with her)


So, I come from two Sicilian families who were starving poor during the Ventennio Fascista.

Since Italy had an incredible development after the WW2 and the economical effect of it was to allow many previously poor families to start sending their kids into school, having food regularly at the table and so on … Many italian families went from poor to a middle-class like status in the span of a couple of decades, And while poverty is still a major issue of my country - especially in Southern regions - there was a great improvement of living conditions for many.

In particular I’d like to remember here that my maternal grandmother, after losing her father as kid, was forced into child labor; overworked, left in the cold and starving, ‘till she developed an heart disease that followed her through her whole life.

Her older sisters were teenagers, so my great-grandmother didn’t let them work to not “ruin” them for their future husbands. My grandma, as a child, was the only one doing the hard work of carrying things to their home, also because my great-grandmother couldn’t show herself working outside after losing her husband.

(Yes friend, that was a thing)

I’m happy to say that after she married my grandpa, my grandmother’s condition improved greatly as she had the good fortune of finding a man who loved her, never raising a hand or his voice against her, and treated with dignity and respect.

A harsher situation was the one my paternal grandmother faced, as she was an orphan who married an abusive man. I spare you the details of the marriage in here.

Anyway this whole story just to say: I grew up listening to their stories and their memories of the past. Things were harder and although there were still women in the past who lived fullfilling, good lives, so many of them - especially on the lower layers of society - experienced child-labor, rape and marital rape, violence of all kinds.

Recently I’ve been reading many comments about having historical or pseudo-historical narratives about women being more optimistic, less problematic. While I understand the feeling and I absolutely agree that we deserve to see women being represented as happy, fullfilled and healthy human beings. (Especially when men are writing tbh; less rape as punishment or character development tool will be GREATLY appreciated) I also think that problematic narrative - or what the current popculture considers problematic - is necessary.

Not because it should work as punishment for women, but because we need to remember where we come from, what our fellow women faced, what they are still facing. Narrative can be a great tool to learn facts and to be angry about it.

Anger is useful. I think that what my grandmas mean to convey when they were telling me their stories was that, yes, I live a better life and I should be greatful but also to remember what it was like and to be fucking pissed about it so no one could bring me back to those times.

Having narratives that are completely detached from these aspects of history doesn’t do us a favor in remembering and stay angry against every possible form of violence.

About the Game of Thrones buffoonery

I've just read the most amazing suggestion from a GoT fan and now I want what she said. I WANT IT, I don't care. Any other ending will be unsatisfactory compared to the greatness of this idea - that I'm putting under the spoiler tag, not because it's a spoiler itself (It's a fan theory/wish) but just in case.

One thing about DaenerysCollapse )

I know it won't end this way but a girl can dream.

Here, have a picture of Leopold being atletic:


Hi guys, how are you?

I've been having problems with my Internet connection. Apparently the browser(s) can't reach the server at times, so I hope I can post this without too much trouble. I hope it's a temporary issue and not a malware that could be the consequence of me watching the latest Game of Thrones episode online ... mh. That episode was bad on so many levels. :/

Anyway, quick CATS UPDATE

Balerion is getting bigger! Now he has fully open eyes and you clearly see their color. He's playful, energetic and he likes to bit my hands all the time!

Tiny vampire bat baby

I'm growing very fond of himCollapse )

The Black Dread

And anyway, this happened:

I would like to point out how NOT RESPONSABLE FOR IT I AM.

LMAO, kidding.

What happened:

A week ago Mini-Herm and her friends were enjoying an evening outside, when they heard crying noises from a bush. Mini-Herm put her hand in the grass and found the beast. He was entirely covered in poop and freezing (Mini-Herm coerced a friend to give her his scarf for the kitty. This kid, istg) At this point they decided to take it to someone's house: an aunt of one of these kids. Except that this lady already had a cat who apparently didn't want the kitty and also she gave him cow milk so wtf.

There was some persuasion and calls - I was reluctant at first tbh - until on friday afternoon this kitten came here suffering from diarrhea and screaming.

Now he lives here. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Today I called the vet; the kitten is apparently doing good. He gave him something for the worms, I have to check his poop as soon as he does that, and we are scheduled next week for the vaccination and stuff. I think I didn't do any damage? The diarrhea is almost gone, I gave him dry food softened with water, and he looks a bit healtier than when he came here. But you know me: still learning. So if you have any advice, feel free to write it down for me.

He's super active, an attention-seeker and a terrible screamer!

Look at him:

I was thinking about calling him Harry because he was literally an abandoned baby, his fur is black and I had to put his bed under the stairs (If Leopold ONLY SEES HIM!!!!!) But scrolling down the ASIOAF tag gave me the perfect idea: I think I'm going to name him Balerion, because he is a black dread. Lol.

(Btw, his anus is all puffy because he was sick, but the vet thinks he's a male, so)

(I had really hard time with Leopold, in particular. When he first spotted the cat in my room, he hissed furiously and then he didn't came for a whole day. It was truly terrible not to see him, I cried because I got scared. I'm trying for a solution that allows Balerion to stay here but that doesn't chase away Leopold, because I couldn't bear to lose him like that)


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