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Hiiiiiii guyyyysssss!

It's Sanremo week and I have a new favorite medley! This one I'm going to post right here. It's made of pure joy! It reminds me of traditional dancing during Carnevale or in the public squares during warm summer nights. I MISS THOSE THINGS, I WANT TO DANCE A MAZURCA WITH SOMEBODY!!!

Anyway, if we send this thing to Eurovision, we'll win:

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Women in Sicily in 1977 (Historical video!)

Look what I've found!!! This incredible historical testimony of what it meant to be a woman in Sicily in 1977, I thought it was interesting to share.


I obviously need to translate here (the audio is in Ita + occasional Sicilian, subs in Ita too)

In the video, girls describe their living conditions: they are forbidden to pursue an high school education by their fathers (And their mothers too!, who obviously need to reinforce the patriarchal boundaries). Their brothers are allowed to keep on studying after middle school, but since “women belong in the house” girls are often persuaded to just drop and focus on their skills as seamstresses.

We see girls as young as 14 years old already having a boyfriend and with their future planned by their parents: they will marry and become housewives and they will end up living in a house in “the same street as their paternal house”. This in order to reinforce the control of the family over the women: they were discouraged to “go away” because proximity meant control.

I recently studied the education system in the endlessly fun and incredible Middle Ages, and my mind goes to the hardships of women who wanted to learn how to write: women were allowed to read religious texts but forbidden to write, because in writing you can communicate with the outside world and that puts you outside the internal control of the family. Obviously, the logic here is the same.

Only one girl, during the interview, declares that she’s studying at the University of Palermo and she explains the mentality and morals of her native community. I hope she had a great career after that.

Really, really enlightening if you’re interested in History and Feminism. (And Sicily too! XD)

Personal fact: my mom was a girl in 1977 too, but my grandfather had "different ideas" from his peers and actually wanted to let her persue an higher education because, in his mind, a woman wasn't fit to work as a farmer, but still she could work on her intellectual skills and hope for a better life and not "under anyone's boot". :) He's 93 years old now and all of this seems centuries ago, but it wasn't. Really puts things in prospective. 
Brain nerve and bounding heart



SHE 🔥🌋

Greetings from the Etna! This afternoon the Mount decided to show its power: the smoke column looked huge and it even rained debris on the nearest small towns, but luckily it has stopped now. If you search on the web, I think you can find even more impressive pictures that show the lava. It's quite beautiful, incredibly majestic and terrifying at the same time. She puts us tiny humans in our place. :D

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What. The. Fuck.

... The Joss Whedon thing.

Okay, I'm not surprised and I believe in what Charisma said. It was a long time coming thing, since we all figured out that she got fired because she was pregnant (Good feminism, btw! Firing your female employee because she got pregnant) ... I think we all suspected that the reason of Cordelia's debacle and subsequent erasure of her character from the show was some fucking sexist bullshit. She was literally a protagonist. 

I also remember all the shit SMG went through by the end of BtVS. I firmly believe that Sarah is one of the most talented actresses we've ever seen on our small screens. Her performance was certainly deserving of more recognition and it made me sad that she didn't get the amazing post-BtVS career she deserved. I remember people saying that it was her fault that BtVS ended, that she was "difficult" to work with and a diva or whatever and ... IDK, I often doubted about these speculations.

And I'm speaking as someone who was once a devoted Joss fan - I won't try to erase this thing and make myself "all pure" in the eyes of the reader. I did find and still think that he did an incredible job with his shows, BtVS particularly, and episodes like "The Freshman" or "The Body" are my all time favorites pieces of television. I also felt a pull around 2009, I think? Because in Italian fandom it was always Spuffy VS Bangel and who deserved Buffy more and why Buffy was such a whore (For those who hated the character) And I didn't want that. I wanted more focus on Buffy as the protagonist and the centre of the narrative, so I was a huge advocate of "let's analyse Whedon's work without the shipper-filter" and I expanded from that. I needed a different prospective.

And, as I was saying, people would speculate wildly about why the show ended and how much of SMG's fault was it. When she literally gave her soul to Buffy. I don't want to know much more, I basically believe Charisma and we all know that Whedon had his favorites (And we also know who they are, c'mon!) But, if someday and somehow, SMG would feel comfortable to open up ... I would like to know if certain Buffy character arcs that felt like a punishment were due to the fact that she was never servile to Whedon and if her drastic weight loss from S1 to the following seasons - that looked worrisome at times - had anything to do when the climate on set. Just this. 

We'll probably never know because she a private person and I respect that.

But, ultimately, while we "know" and guess all this stuff ... Michelle's latest comments really shocked me. Fuck everything ever: she started working on set as a fourteen years old girl. Is she saying what I think she's saying? This is literally another level and could be a matter of criminal law too.



Notice me Potter!

In other Italian news (part II) + Cats pictures

Hi guys, how are you?

I'm doing fine, mostly really bored by the pandemic. It's been a year of this life now, this virus needs to goooo awaaaayyy. Apart from that, Italian politics never chase to entertain (read = give anxiety) the population: Matteo Renzi, after causing a crisis in the middle of the pandemic, went to Saudi Arabia to phraise the crown prince and literally say to him that "Saudi Arabia could be the cradle for a new Reinassance" + "He's very envious of the cost of work in that country"


Saudi Arabia, notorious heaven on Earth for workers & human rights :))))))

Anyway, I managed to stick Isotta in the carrier and have the vet take a good look at her. Apparently, I'm doing this - adopting her - even though she's still sort of feral and fussy, she doesn't feel like a domesticated cat at times. But we came a long way because, nowadays, I can pick her up for 0.003 seconds. Progress.

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They are cute!

I can't wait for the TOG sequel to be officially confirmed by Gina.
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Hi guys, how are you?

I'm bored and listless. Bored because, once again, the harsher restrictions are put in place since my region registered its peak contagion data since the beginning of this pandemic. I wish I wouldn't hear the word "virus" for the next decade, at least. But it is what it is and apparently there's another uglier variant of it (South-American?) because life is suffering.


In other Italian news: the political situation is getting more chaotic, as largely anticipated, because while the executive did find the numbers at the Senate last week, this week there will be the vote on the report of the Minister of Justice and - once again - they don't have the absolute majority and the government could go under :)))) At this point the solution is creating another majority but how? By changing all the executive members or just by incorporating senators who will change side?

The joys of never knowing what the fuck will happen to your country :))) Especially now that we are in the middle of a pandemic and tons of money are going to arrive from EU, it's nice to know that clowns still have to perform their little circus.

Anyway, what are you watching these days?

I'm following Wandavision because Wanda/Vision is a lowkey very cute OTP. I don't see a lot of material about them (Also because the majority involves the comics and I haven't read those, sorry. I wouldn't understand a thing), and while I don't really like the age gap between the actors - why the woman has always to be so much younger??? - they are super-cute together and sometimes one needs a romance between a supernatural robot and an avenger-witch :D

I've also seen the episodes of the BBC drama: The Serpent, and I loved it but WHAT THE F!!!!!

It's based on a true story, of which I did know nothing about, of a serial-killer who was active in the 70s and killed all the young men and women who were traveling in Nepal/Thailandia/India. It was really scary to see how he gained their trust and basically manipulated them in order to get their money/passports. They were sometimes very naive - 70s hippie culture - and too trusting, yeah, but they were also so very young and their deaths were terrifying. And all this really happened.

Again, wtf.

I did love the series though: the actors were great, the scenarios and dialogues etc ... very interesting. Jenna Coleman (from DW) plays the killer's partner in crime, she looks AMAZING in those seventies outfits.


Fashion-wise that decade was truly delivering. Nice stuff. 👌

Let me know if you saw these shows and what you think. Have a good evening! 

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Health advice needed!

Okay guys, I need a bit of advice in case there's anyone here who knows, has experience etc. about this kind of things.

As I wrote in the previous posts: it's been awhile since I've started suffering from tinnitus. (When you hear an insistent noise in your ear etc.) And I basically went to the dentist - who took away my right wisdom teeth - to the orthodontic and later to the physiotherapist who treated my neck. I noticed that I have a persistent pain in the back of my neck and I did x-rays that discovered that the physiological curve of the neck is been straightened for some obscure reason.

All these symptoms I have: back pain, neck straightened, tinnitus but also migraines and anxiety too (Because apparently they can all be related so a single cause!) ... could it be because of my teeth??

They aren't perfectly straight teeth and, apparently, more than that it's important to check for malocclusion (Which is the imperfect match between the two dental arches) and I have that. The orthodontic didn't see anything wrong with my jaw, but my dentist insists that it's because of that and I need to fix it. He says that the back of neck thing could be due to the tension in the jaw, which makes sense I think.

I'm a bit worried because: 1) does he want me to put on braces??? At my age???; 2) How do I know that I'm doing the right thing (And spending lots of money and, basically, years because I don't think that one can fix this jaw stuff in a couple of months) for sure?

The strange thing: recently the tinnitus is fading? I have moments - like now that I'm typing - when it doesn't exists and it's a tangible improvement after months of dealing with this thing and failing, but ... I'm doing nothing now? Wtf?

Could it be that all this mess started because I damaged a neck nerve with the cold (I started suffering 2 years ago when I slept outside for a couple of nights and literally woke up shrivering with cold) .... Like, is this humanly possible that for one stupid thing - cold - left untreated for a while, can cause this much lasting damage?? And that, in time, is fixing itself ... alone????

Please, can anyone clarify this thing for me because I'm really confused. I don't know what to do.

I'm currently not hearing the noise which is - and this I'm sure 10000% - due either to neck or the jaw, certainly from something messed up in the muscles/bones rather than any neurological damage or hearing damage. And I don't know how I should procede because ... I kinda want to wait a bit and see what happens - also because my region is, once again, red zone so we have to stay at home. But I was thinking: maybe I could go back to the therapist who fixed my arm (And she was like "yeah, it could be the jaw but we could also try with treating the neck") and my dentist who is adamant in fixing my teeth for a second opinion or another dentist, perhaps.

The really fucked up thing - that is currently messing me up - is this: what if we discover that, FOR REAL, everything I've been suffering since forever is due to my stupid jaw and ... no doctor noticed it before? Despite all the visits and exams, no one noticed? 

I'm in terrible doubt. 

Any advice is welcome. Thank you! 

Vegeance is what I am

In other Italian news


... Fucking Matteo Renzi literally opened a fucking crisis in the middle of the pandemic.

Now Prime Minister Conte doesn't have the numbers in the Senate to support his executive and either: 1) he gives Renzi what he wants (More power and ministers) knowing that he'll probably be backstabbed as soon as it will be possible again by a party that literally has 2% of preference; 2) Resign and let another take his place and the most popular choice seems to be Mario Draghi, ex president of the central EU bank and literally the "financial establishment" in the form of an old man; 3) We have the elections and the fucking Alt-Right will win because that's what the polls are saying.

There are no words to say how I feel. I worry that, if the Alt-Right wins, our rights will be stepped on and the infection will spread so much faster (Since many of them are anti-vax and generally bad at planning stuff), but I also feel pissed at the idea that - once again - that 2% will rule the majority of people just because they can.


I feel for President Mattarella who has to deal with this bunch of assholes, I wish he could punch them in the face.

Anyway, I'm going to read The Old Guard fanfics (Thanks for your rec vaysh ! I'm going to leave a comment later) and then read about Medieval education - did you know that the first scholarships were invented in Europe, in the most famous Universities like Paris, Oxford and Bologna, around 1200? (I'm not being precise, because I still don't remember the actual dates) ... and pay my taxes too, since I've decided to try this specialization thing? (Jesus, help me) and then watch cute videos on Youtube.

I should also see my physiotherapist at some point, but maybe next week? I still have troubles with my neck and the arm needs checking. *sigh

Everything sucks and Italian politicians are the worst.

Much to think about. Goodbye! 

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And basically

Buffy Summers

Harry Potter

Yusuf Al-Kaysani

Brave and valiant

Heart full of Love

Loyal to the end

Goddamn stylish

As far as we know, didn’t have much time/desire to manage his look

The double-edge of feeling too much: rage because you’re hurting

Didn’t ask for their power, still trying to use it for good


I’m going to Do That™ and put him in Ravenclaw, but he’s married to one!

Died and came back

Two sides of the same coin

2020 Goodbye: A year in fandom review

Hello guys, how are you?

I hope you're all safe and healthy. Happy 1/365 of this brand New Year! I personally can't complain too much about 2020: yes, I struggled a bit - as everyone - with the quarantine and yes, bad things happened (Like breaking a bone!) But there was also joy and achievement and, luckily, the people I love are safe and that's already a main source of comfort, if you think about how many people lost their loved ones during the past months. I'm thankful.

But it's still a bit weird to think about the past months and how things slowed down impressively, especially during Spring, when by the end of 2019 I was achieving a remarkable level of normality after a very long decade. Can you believe it? Annus horribilis in decade malefica, FORREAL.

Anyway, I'd like to thank and wish a Happy New Year to those of you who are always present in here. I haven't been constant myself and - especially in the Harry Potter fandom where I was most active - I didn't give my contribute in the past year. Sorry! But I think about all the wonderful people I've "met" thanks to it with great affection. (As I think about the "older" Buffy friends :D)

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I would like to end this post remembering Yemen, Lebanon and Croatia: in a year that was already challenging for all of us, the people living in these countries have to deal not only with the pandemic but also with the tragedy of war and natural disasters.

And, finally (Even though it's completely wrong with the previous tone of this post and forgive me for that), I would like to remember two people: Giulio Regeni, Italian Cambridge student tortured and killed in Egypt, and his parents who are still fighting for truth and justice - may they bring his memory both - and Agitu Ideo Gudeta, Ethiopian businesswoman working in Italy, who was brutally killed by one of her employees. She actively fought against land-grabbing in her native country and came to Italy to built something beautiful that should have lasted far far longer. The person who killed her is worth less than dirt under the boots and I'm deeply sorry that we lost yet another inspirational woman like this.


Take care friends and I hope to hear from you!!