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Feminist rant

Okay, skip this one in case it annoys you.

I'M EXPERIENCING A RAGE so I'm going to rant about it.

First of all, I read the opinions of precious snowflakes men who were offended by the Gillette ad and who believe that "in the past women lead a priviledged life because they didn't fight in the war and they didn't work"


I'm going to start by addressing the second poin, because if you're honestly SO OFFENDED by the Gillette thing, you need to sort out your priorities and get in tune with your general historical setting: Earth, Year of the Lord 2019.

The fact that women weren't working in the past is BS. There's TONS of archeological, documental proof that this is UTTERLY FALSE. Women weren't paid as much as men, women's work was often domestic or rural and because of that it wasn't perceived as "real" work by men (Who speculated on it) Women were often employed outside their homes, even before the Industrial Revolution, and they definetely were bread-winners too and contributors to the general well-being of a society. I'm not even mentioning their work with children - sons, grandsons, kids in general - because there's a whole different issue, as the maternity. BUT! In terms of being "shielded from responsability and hard work" this idea is false.

You can consider priviledged a small minority of women - aristocracy - and they were sold off to the best husband like horses to a buyer so IDEK. GREAT LIVES THEY LEAD, RIGHT????

I'm pissed because sometimes I bump into this sort of nonsense on Tumblr too, which is supposed to be the progressive platform and such, but I think that learning history it's a requirement for understanding feminist issues.

I would point out one fact that bothers me the most: choices don't happen in a vacuum.

Of course, it's a complex discussion, I'm not going to policy anyone anywhere and my general philosophy in life is "live and let live" - as that I'm pretty weak as feminist - BUT GODDAMNIT. Around each and every woman there's a structure of power, there's society that tells you what to do and what not, that gives value to your body.

As an adult womam myself, I choose to shave my legs. I feel comfortable with shaved legs, I feel pretty. That's my choice. BUT how can I not consider the amount of pressure that publicity and society does to force women to shave! The same idea of being "unclean" when your legs are unshaved (Which I have tbh!) where does it come from? Why do I have it and my brother doesn't, for example?

I think that certain "basic points" in the discussion should always held as valuable and maybe, as part of the Western culture, we forget some things that were more present in rural societies and certainly are still present now in some parts of the world.

So my general point is: Tumblr is so very cool, but also open some books and scientific papers. Thank you for your time.

It's February!

Hi guys, how are you?

JANUARY IS OVER! I like when the sun stays longer in the sky and it's sunnier and warmer. It's been a tiring month for whatever reason and I slept a lot, accomplishing little. I'm starting the new cure for the neck/tinnitus problem and soon I'll be starting physical therapy which, I believe, will be my best chance to get rid of this thing. Circle prayer for my body.

Since it's been too long and I haven't made a decent cat post in a while, please enjoy the photographic evidence of cats being pretty.

They are glad too when it's sunnierCollapse )

I hope you enjoyed this post.

HBO watching

Hi guys, how are you?

Did you see the first actual GoT teaser with the Starks (Except for Bran)? We now have the official date, April 14, in which the new season will air. I'm back on the hype train! I mainly want to know how it ends and if my predictions are correct. I WANT TO KNOW, pls.

In terms of interpreting the symbolism: many people noticed that the Jon's statue looks older than Arya and Sansa's. If that means that Jon is the only Stark to survive I will flip all the tables. I really wants to kids to make it and especially Arya and Sansa, which are my fave girls. Like Jon is cute too and I hope he survives, but SANSA AND ARYA! I don't need to say more.

Talking about HBO, True Detective is back at it again. I just finished the first episode and it's good. It actually looks better than ever and it might be just my first impression, but I LOVE the three different timeframes and Mahershala Ali as the protagonist. Although the plot involves bad things happening to tiny children and I'm ready to skip scenes or episodes if needed. I'd like to sleep at night.

Cats in the Snow

Today it snowed a lot. Really a lot. Here's a compilation of CATS IN THE SNOW

LOOK!!!!!!Collapse )

I hope you enjoyed this photographic report. Everything it's SO PRETTY AND SO COLD!!!!!

Guys, guys, guyssssssss!

I woke up this morning and it was snowing (Now the snow is gone, but you know) IT WAS SNOWINGGGG! And thus start the coldest month of the year. We need to stay strong and survive. Just to be safe, I stored six packs of dry food. I have wet food too, although it's less, but in case of emergency I can provide the cats their daily meals.

I'm giving Momì antibiotic. I mix it into the food, as suggested, and she seems to eat everything without realising. Hopefully that will help with the ear infection, although I know it would be better to take her to a vet, but she doesn't let me get too close to her.

Yesterday I watched "The Favourite" and I'd like to recommend it to you. It's a crazy, sad, hilarious movie and I think you could find it interesting. Also, consider this:

- Historical setting and historical gays

- Three female protagonists who are complex, flawed and fascinating in their own ways.

- Emma Stone's character from the first scene to the very last. Cunning, opportunistic, damaged, intelligent. I really liked the character and Stone's interpretation.

- Olivia Colman.

- Olivia Colman's brand new pixie hair for the promotional interviews: inspirational.

- Seeing Rachel Weisz's bra under the clothes in the interviews too. (For science)

- Batshit fun movie.

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii *waves*

Hi guys, how are you?

I'm doing well, getting fat because of all the food I've eaten during these holidays. And it isn't over yet. Since it's Christmas and you take time for yourself, I've abandoned the awful Latin to re-read the wonderful "HP and the Deathly Hallows". I'm stupid (:

But honestly, there's this youtuber "Il Trono del Muori" who creates hilarious reviews for the movies and he just finished the sixth one - which it's the worst movie in terms of sticking to the plot and this guy literally screams and makes the video even more hysterical! - I felt the desire the watch the seventh movie, my favorite, and then re-read the seventh book. I love it so much.

Also, I've got a lovely Christmas card from carlyinrome


Very shiny and pretty. I love it!!

I'm going to call my dentist once the holidays are over because of this goddamn ear problem which, at this point, must be teeth-related. It's still there and it's driving me crazy. (ಠ⌣ಠ)

But for now, happy holidays! I hope you guys are resting and having fun.

If you want to talk about the seventh HP book I'm here. I love Harry, Hermione & Ron.


Tumblr #logoff 2018

Good morning, guys!

I'm out of Tumblr too. I've logged off this morning and I won't log back until December 18. Basically, I believe that the pornbots problem could be solved in a different, better way and without banning all the erotic artworks on Tumblr and most certainly without banning the *sigh* "female presenting nipples".

I hope this issue will be solved quickly and in the most satisfactory way, because it's quite pleasant to scroll down the dashboard and see all the pretty gifsets, pictures of actors and aesthetics. See you back at midnight!

Latin randomness


So, I'm reading this Hymn to Venus and I'm remembering some stuff, although other things are still blank to me, like the adjectives and their exits - my brain must have deleted the whole file altogether.

Grammar = the Worst. Etymology = most interesting.

I noticed something! When learning how to speak, tiny children often make a mistake. They should use "andato" as the past participle of "andare" (to go), instead many of them - Little One included, if I recall correctly - say "ito".

BUT! In Latin the verb "to go" is eo, is, ii, ITUM, ire - it's an amomaly yes - and so children kind of get the roots of the verb, instinctively. That's interesting! Children are so intuitive!

IDK, little joys of the learning process.

I'm in a point where the Nymphs are warned about Cupid because he's the sexiest when he's naked. Stupid sexy Cupid, lol.

Also there's no chance Aenes is the son of Venus! Like, no offense to him - he's such a good cookie - but son of the sexiest goddess ever? MEH. You can smell the propaganda from there. The Greeks were better at doing this sort of stuff, me thinks.




If you're on Tumblr, you probably know what I'm talking about already.

O M G *sighs*

I can't believe this idiotic behavior. Instead of getting rid of the porn-bots, they are going all "Purity Police" over us. Tumblr became catholic. *sighs again* This is so annoying.

Also, if you put on filters, you can successfully have a dashboard clean of all the amoral sexual depravities adult people enjoy. I don't see the point of bothering everyone with a new policy.


Latin sucks, a post

Good morning guys, how are you?

I'M DEADDD. Today I finally opened the first Latin book with a serious intention to study it. IT SUCKS! It's been a decade since I've studied Latin, I can't remember shit about verbs and declinations, and in this first translation there are so many exceptions and irregular stuff I WANT TO CRY!!!!

As I said, Latin is one of the last subjects left for me. I don't want to say how many are they because I'm superstitious AF - I can't believe I will ever accomplish something like graduating - but two of them are better than the others and I've procrastinated so far by reading Italian Modern Lit, because IT'S NICER AND EASIER AND BETTER THAN FREAKING LATIN!!

I came here to whine freely, sorry.

I'm just so tired, I want to finish and do only the nicest stuff. ;__;

I can't wait for 🎄 DRARRY DECEMBER 🎄 to start, with all the fests and the posting of fanfics and various gifts and art I want to read tons of fanfics and eat chocolate.


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