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I'm a meme

I'm talking about Draco/Harry in the Drarry Discord group chat and illustrating my bulletproof Drarry scenario in which Draco and Harry fall in love years, even decades, after Hogwarts.

To me that could be bittersweet and beautiful, because time adds prospective, necessary detachment over things that felt too urgent during their teenage years, the ability to understand issues in stake better but also a certain degree of bullshitting (Because age doesn't authomatically mean "wisdom" and I feel that after their disastrous teenage years, Draco and Harry could probably be a little fucked as adults)

And you know

I've become a meme. :3

(Oh and btw, when I say older Draco/Harry I think 40 to 50 years old. I know that many readers and fans think 20/30 as "older", but since I'm 30 yo myself I can hardly view a person in his twenties as "older" and thirty is my stage at the moment, so there it is)
Aaaaaaaaand ... I pulled out the second wisdom tooth, the one below. My mouth is burning.

The otitis is still there though, so it wasn't about these two teeth on the side of that ear. I did it for nothing .__. I guess that now I have more space in my mouth, this second tooth was climbing in the space between the other tooth and the palate, my mouth was too small to properly accomodate it.

According to my dentist the otitis is about the position of the whole jaw (And you know that he suggested braces) But I think I'm going to stop for now and maybe talk to another doctor about the ear, one that he's specialized in ears. Maybe he can suggests something to cure it without doing more teeth work. *sighs*

Meanwhile my hair is SO SHOOOOORT!!! It looks a bit like Emma Watson's hair when she cut it and it's so short on the back, almost shaved! It's such a strange/cool feeling to touch it with my hand.

I actually didn't mean for the haircut to get this short (My trusty hairdresser had way too much fun) but it looks cute and I'm getting used to it again. Facebook reminded me that six years ago I had similar short hair, wow!!

Talking about hair, I saw the picture of James Howard and Jonathan Case as Draco and Scorpius Malfoy and they are perfect, especially hair-wise. (Scorpius has fluffy cute hair and Draco has a perfect ponytail of emotional constipation, I'M LUV) I'm not a big fan of the Cursed Child, but their dynamic is EVERYTHING and I love it.

Finally, have a picture of Leopold and Moustache looking pretty.

Now that the weather is finally warm (Hope it stays that way), they are enjoying the "chilling to the sun" routine. They look very pretty and they constantly want food, despite the vet suggested that they can't eat every 5 minutes. Mmmhhh.

They stay in my garden or in the neighboor's garden, they stick around and are always here when it comes to eating. Flint, instead, disappears when there are sunny warm days. Why the hell she needs to go so far away? LOL. I've seen her coming from, at least, three different places, when I spotted her coming home. This cat, right?

But I'd like to let her enjoy Summer, it's such a good season.

The Good Fight, 2x11

They need to stop calling the episodes Day number whatever, because I'm getting confused.

Anywayyyyyy, episode 11: I loved it.

Diane is back!Collapse )

Btw, why nobody makes icons of Lucca, Diane and Maia? Plsssss.

(I picked a Will/Alicia icon that is beautiful, but I think I'm going to change it because it's also making me sad)


I understand that Isreal won Eurovision. I firmly believe that Portugal should have won this year and that their mix and the portuguese artists' performances were soul-touching and literally on another level compared to the others. Yeah, I know that Eurovision is all about gay madness, but those voices were send by the angels! They should have won.

Y'all can fight me.


The Good Fight, 2x10

Okay, under the spoiler tag for clear reasons.

Kings! *shakes fist*Collapse )

Guardians of the Galaxy vol. II

Other Marvel related news: I watched Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 and I CRIED.


I didn't care much about the first GotG to be honest. Groot was cute and Zoe Saldana as Gamora was interesting, but apart from that there was nothing for me. This time, instead, I felt many feelings because the movie was all about found families and that's literally one of my favorite tropes.

When Drax said that "they weren't friends but family", I was already touched and then all the stuff with Yondu and Peter happened and I cried my eyes out. The ending was one of the most touching moments in the whole MCU, baby Groot becoming a teenager too. XD

Also, Gamora & Nebula!!!! Karen Gillian always goes for these dysfuctional bonding dynamics, bless her. SISTERRRSSS.


"Infinity War got me like" (part II)

I'm doing Avengers quizzes on Buzzfeed that are giving me all sorts of random and contradictory answers.

I just need to recommend this one: https://www.buzzfeed.com/sweepokayto/your-dessert-preferences-will-reveal-which-avenger-39kj2?utm_term=.bbwO12kdO&quiz_result=120934251_359585775#.hpjZxJQ9Z BECAUSE NOW I'M SO HUNGRY I COULD EAT A WHOLE CHEESECAKE. *sobbing*

Give me food pls!!!

Also, I'm "Strange in the streets and Loki in the sheets" which is the most hilarious thing. XD


Guys, I don't want to sound dramatic, but everyone around me is currently having kids. I feel ancient and barren.

Anyway, since I'm a loser nerd, I decided to spend yesterday afternoon checking on Marvel blogs and finally watching "Black Panther". "Infinity War got me like" etc. First of all, I enjoyed BP and do you know who are my favorite characters from that movie?



Honestly, I even liked the other characters (Nakia, Okoye ...) but I think that Shuri is the literal best. She's super-smart, funny, creative and cute. I like that she always searches for a better solution/approach to problems, she's a true creator. Her brother T'Challa is my favorite guy from the movie because he has a generous heart. I like their dynamics. They are tragedy-free, cute Marvel siblings and did you notice that when T'Challa was having his ass beaten pretty bad, the sight of Shuri being in danger unleashed his power? True love right there!

I also searched for Loki/Thor themed blogs because of FEELS. Back at it again with the Space Norse tragedy. I'm updated with the new fics and I re-read melitot_pd's "Presso fuochi di campo e troni di re incoronati" which is, in my opinion, still the best fanfic series about the pairing, although I would really love to read something post-IW, because I need to process all the emotions.

About that (SPOILER ALERT!) (Strongest Avenger shenanigans discourse)

I don't get some stuff about Avengers: Infinity War (Thor-related)Collapse )

Oh, I should probably adjust my tags. Suppress the ones that I never use and have a Marvel one.


First wisdom tooth pulled out one hour ago, my mouth is on fire.

The dentist had to sew a bit because - ta-dah! - the tooth was perfectly healthy and fully developed. It could have been a wonderful tooth, except that there wasn't space in my mouth and he was pushing the other teeth. Goddamnit :')

I'm currently waiting for the local anesthesia to pass so I can see if the pain is low or not. I talk like my kid cousin!

Anyway, if anyone wants to explain me the ending of Avengers: Infinity War ... I didn't get it.

Also apparently I need to watch the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie, because of Gamora & Nebula being the greatest. (I don't care about the other characters tbh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) and Black Panther, which I didn't have the chance to see at the cinema when it was out because my life sucks. Chadwick Boseman is super-hot? I think I have another type: the handsome brave king/prince.

Okay guys, do you remember when I said that I didn't care about the Marvel movies anymore?

It's still true, except not really.


I'm watching "Infinity War" and surprisingly I'm enjoying it. So far it's been fun crazyness mixed with the occasional but overwhelming feels.

Gamora & Nebula are everything; Thor & Loki are everything. Siblings dynamics = LIFE.

Tony & Peter = MY EMOTIONS!!

I'm enjoying these dynamics so much, hold my hand. I thought I was done with Marvel, but this is truly surprising me. Stay tuned for post movie emotions. (Under a spoiler cut, obviously)



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