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It's happening again! (KITTENS POST)

Guys, I can't even.

Today I witnessed Gianni, dominant male and general badass cat, letting the kittens eat from his bowl. The same bowl he would fight over with the Odin!cat (Who hits like a mofo tbh, ouch!)

These are the kittens:

I'm going to call them Ron & Harry for future reference. Mostly because of the coloring, yeah. Ron, the ginger one, belongs to my neighbor. Harry just came along God knows from where. (Which is such a Harry thing to do!)

They are fearless!Collapse )

This has been yet another cat post. Sorry! 

More cattos, more answers

Good evening, guys!

Back with the anxiety/weirdness tour after the happiness/exhaustion tour, but that's life!  I'm answering the questions ever_neutral turned over and adding a cat photo.

It's the stray I've talked you about, I decided to name her Momì (Don't remember if I've already said so) She still doesn't want me to touch her or get too close, but I saw her sleeping in my balcony more than once, so I believe she feels safe in here anyway. Flint is most displeased, since the balcony (And my room, and the whole world) was her exclusive dominion.

That's Momì!

She climbes on the balcony and eats the food I leave for her (Or the food the other cats don't eat) and she's very chill and cautious, as all the strays are.

Btw, my neighbor took in a kitten too! It's so cute, all gingery and tiny. Today I found this kitten near my door. Leopold and Moustache started an hissing contest to chase him away. This kitten had basically acquired another kitten friend (I really don't know, guys!) and they were playing and chasing near the biggest cats who are absolutely ridiculous and even scared of them, I think.

I called my neighbor: since the orange kitty is hers, I asked if she's planning to feed and take care of the other one too. She said yes and I hope she's stick to her word, as my plate is already full with kittens and I won't have time for another one, especially since a little kitty.

I'm apprehensive though! How cat ladies do this?

Anyway, another round of this nice meme:

→ Comment with "Come at me, bro"
→ I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
→ Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
→ Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

Because I have to answer more questions!

1) First thing you'll do if you had three full-grown dragons.

I'll fix this rotten world. No, really. I think I'll try to "fix" something of this world I don't like, something I feel it's unfair. Especially with what is happening in the world and in my country right now, I will use my dragons to fight against unjustice. Because yes, ultimately I'm the Dumbledore type of villain. I would be very dangerous if motivated by "the Greater Good". I'm problematic! XD

2) Favorite type of wickedness in a character.

Oh man, so many! I really enjoyed the "hunger for power" answer and also the hunger for love, obviously. If I had to pick just one, I would say ... wickedness for the sake of wickedness. Those characters who just enjoy fucking people around and making things up as they go, a la Alice Morgan from Luther. (Especially when they are women or ambiguous trickster guys)

3) Fandom trend you just can't understand

This thing against every problematic issue. And characters' aesthetics with supermodels.

4) Scariest scene ever (From a movie/tv series)

I'm literally scared of everything and easily impressionable. There's no single scariest scene ever, but many scary scenes and concepts and ideas that terrified me. Sometimes I'm scared because of planets too!

5) Ideal Halloween costume

A Snow White costume for the lols; a Melisandre costume because she's looks hot and I would feel cute and menacing.


Hi guys, how are you? I hope you're doing fine.

Breaking News: POLITICS IS SHIT. Italian politics is the worst. Since this new executive took place in the Parliament + Senate, I get angry every other day. But the problem is bigger and structural to the Italian society.

What happened: in Verona (The Romeo & Juliet city, yeah) a motion just passed and the city is officially "Città a favore della vita" (Pro-life city) which means giving money at all the associations against abortion.

Now, Italy isn't the most progressive place on Earth. We still are centuries behind in terms of LGBT rights and there's still a very patriarcal structure to the society as whole. The 194 Law (the law that allows women their right to ask for an abortion) is constantly diminished and obstructed by the catholic world and the right for a doctor to refuse to practise abortion since in his/her opinion is murder. Especially in Southern Italy almost all the doctors refuse to perform abortion, which means that a Southern woman has to go at least in Rome to have one, put herself into an expensive and humiliating journey to ask for something she rightfully should have performed.

If this isn't misogynistic bullshit that it's literally conceived and structured to humiliate and discourage women, I don't know what it is.

It's fucking ridiculous that women in this country are always dismissed and betrayed by the institutions. It's ridiculous that people who cheer when immigrants die in the sea, the people who want to close borders and reject refugees, are now appealing to "life values" in order to deny women of their basic rights.

Reproductive rights are basic rights, women rights are basic rights.

This country can't flourish and grow if we keep on stepping on women's rights. And that's what they are trying to do.

Five questions MEME :3

Meme, meme, meme!!!

→ Comment with "Come at me, bro"
→ I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
→ Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
→ Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

Thank you, rogueslayer452! (These are her questions)

What is a particular HP headcanon that you absolutely love? What is a popular collective headcanon from the fandom that you just don't get/understand?

I'm afraid that the HP headcanon I love involves Harry and Draco being married. Yeeeeaah, I knoooowww! I'm singleminded and boring. But LISTEN: they would be such a great couple. I can see them getting together after years, when the childish rivalry they had during their Hogwarts years is replaced with a different and more mature understanding. And they were SO OBSESSED with each other!!!!! Literally, don't fight me on this one: older Draco and Harry waking up in their flat, making tea/coffee together, reading the newspaper and getting ready for the day. Yes thank you.

Collective headcanon ... Snape being Draco's godfather. I can't see it. Malfoys are too rich and too well-placed in the Wizarding society. Of course they have a good relationship with Snape - because he could be useful - but I don't see them giving him that much credit to Snape. Where are the money?

Narcissa being a saint and Lucius being the devil. They are totally in tune in terms of politics and ideals, that's why they work so well as couple. I like Narcissa, she's strong and gets shit done unlike her husband, but I see in her the same rotten ideals Lucius had.

Is there a show that you love but nobody really talks about?

MMmhhh, I don't know if there's something I enjoy that isn't known in the mainstream fandom. I used to love - and it sort of allowed me to see that I needed therapy for myself - "In Treatment" which was the series about a therapist (Gabriel Byrne) and his patients. The character played by Alison Pill was too damn real.

What are your favorite horror and/or Halloween-type movie to watch around this time of year, if you have one?

I'm easily scared and I don't have particular interest in Halloween. I understand that in U.S. and in other parts of the world Halloween is a big deal. But it's just one night! I don't get all the fuss about it. You can dress up as monsters in other nights too, if that's the exciting part.

What is a current trend in pop culture that you just don't understand?

... Halloween. I don't see the big deal about it! And since August people on Tumblr are waiting for it, while I'm like "But then winter will start!". I especially don't understand people in my country celebrating it. I get that it's fun and anyone should do as they please, but wouldn't it be much more interesting to go to UK or US and see it in there? But in here? It feels like wanting to make everywhere the same and I don't see what's so beautiful about that.

What is your favorite kind of candy/sweets?

Where do I start? I've always had a MASSIVE sweet tooth since child. I eat at least something of the dessert variety per day, as a way to happily survive in this cruel world. I love everything that contains chocolate, especially dark chocolate done well. Where I live there are two sisters who make these biscuits that are like little pies filled with dark chocolate and their chocolate is THE MOST AMAZING, because it's not too sweet - something that makes you want to vomit after two bites - it's savoury and rich.

There is also one guy that does another variety of biscuits; I love these ones because they are so tender and sweet, the right amount of "tender" (Because I prefer crisp stuff) And then another guy who does the best cakes. I basically go to different people according to what I'm prefering at the moment and I always keep something sweet at home.

I like tiramisù! Which is also very easy to make and generally desserts made with coffee, milk. Actually, coffee + milk + chocolate is my favorite combo ever. And hazelnuts cream - best when it's something better than simply Nutella.

I love cheesecakes, I love cannoli, I like these little pastry called "tartufini", filled with whipped cream, the ones that my aunt makes that are called "sfingi" (deep-fried and you can filled them with ricotta or chocolate, whatever you prefer), I like focaccine ... I enjoy the pleasures of the flesh.

YIIIISSSSS (lol, appropriate)

YAYYYYY, I'm so proud of myself! I just finished the first half of my first hd_owlpost fic! 6400+ words so far, I'm feeling so darn inspired!

I don't think there's a better feeling! My mind is working and I'm typingggggggggg.

Btw, have you seen the final trailer for "Fantastic Beasts"? MEH. This saga isn't making me excited as it should, possibly. The only character I truly care about is Dumbledore and his tragic romance with a magical murderous dictator. (It involves all my favorite romancey tropes, don't judge me!)

And I don't know if you've seen the big news about Nagini.

BIG MEHCollapse )


It's obviously too soon to express a judgement and seeing all the movies it's important to have the complete picture, but this Nagini thing ... not feeling it. Let snakes be snakes, pls.

Also, looking for ideas for mantaining/styling the pixie haircut. Back at it again! I'm scrolling the Michelle Williams tumblr tag like an obsessed girl.

Hi guys, how are you?

I'm currently studying for the September session and, as always, I could use an extension. *sighs* I should never take too much of a break because I'm slower than my collegues in catching up, I get tired far more easily. Apart from that, I feel pretty positive especially in my "going outside" skills, I think more relaxed these days. I truly hope my brain stays like this.


I've submitted to hd_owlpost! Which it's a great fest that gave me a new scarf last December. I'm so excited about it!!! I'm starting to think about what I should write and how I can satisfy the recipients' requests at best. I literally have 358398 ideas, the painful thing will be to actually sit down and write them. Why can't stories are so easy to imagine and so hard to write?

Related to that - and sorry for the delay - Happy birthday kitty_fic! I hope you had a good one.

My cousins have all started school now. I have 3/4 (I don't remember if the oldest graduated, lol) in High School, the younger in Primary and mini-Herm in Middle school. One of the kids in high-school has a teacher who is the female equivalent of Snape: a jerk. She told my cousin and her friend that "they are unable to accomplish anything".


First of all, it isn't true. And not because she's my cousin, but because - generally - kids always develop new abilities. The fact that you have failed Literature or English during your first High school year, doesn't mean that you can't get better. Also, she's the daughter of a complete asshole with little to no support, so the fact that she failed only this professor's subjects and none of the others is a pretty good result for starters.


So I offered my cousin support and study sessions in case she needs extra help. SHE'S GOING TO PASS THE SUBJECTS. This professor can choke.

Finally, I went to the beach last Saturday. It was beautiful and maybe my last time for this summer.


Sharp Objects (HBO, 2018)

I just finished "Sharp Objects" and, even though I knew the book, I'm still feeling very FUCKED UP by the ending.

If you have any thoughts, please talk to me. I feel like I need a therapy session after this thing, lol.

Literary Meme + Mini-Herm's pictures

Hi guys! How are you?

kitty_fic tagged me, so here we go.

Rules: List the first lines of your last ten published stories. See if there are any patterns yourself, or if anyone else notices any! Tag up to ten friends!

Okay, here are ten beginnings from the last ten stories I wrote. All of them, except one, are Draco/Harry fics. (lol)

1) In the Aftermath

The bedroom was located on the ground floor, in the west area of the Manor, well lit and not too damp for the standards of that huge, old building. In the past it was used to house servants, later adapted for the guests and then for the masters themselves.

2) A Recipe for Happiness

The robe Draco was wearing was dark and silky. As he leaned forward, the silk clung to his body, and when he leaned back, the robe gently slid, revealing a pale bare shoulder. A mischievous glow lit his grey eyes, full of need and lust, and the melodious sound of his voice became the constant, deafening pounding of …

3) The Pregnancy

Harry sat behind his desk. The walls of his office were covered with warnings on Dark Magic and dangerous wizards, various moving photographs, dense faces of criminals roaring at the spectator. The old armchair left by his predecessor was almost comfortable compared to the enraged expressions in the photos.

4) Holding

Draco Malfoy was snoring softly. He had been sitting in an armchair beside his bedroom window for the best part of the night, staring out at the high trees shaken by the wind, and had finally fallen asleep with one side of his face pressed against the cold windowpane, a handwritten note tightly wrinkled inside his fist and a Ragdoll cat staring at him with her all-searching blue eyes.

5) Home for Christmas

The cafe was small, but clean and hospitable. A bit more plebeian than Narcissa would have imagined knowing her son’s tastes. A waiter greeted her at the entrance of the cafe, and she returned the sentiment. He escorted her to a table beside the windows.

6) A Warmer Place

The room isn’t always dark. Only when a patient requests it, when he wants the wide silky curtains to obscure the sunlight coming from the windows.

7) Sotto il Sole di Grecia

Milo ha sempre amato Camus ed ha sempre vissuto nella convinzione di saperne interpretare gli umori come fossero i suoi. Ogni cosa nel sentirlo vicino è stata sempre facile e naturale. Finché non è lo è stata più.

8) The Soulmark

The hissing sound from the Floo downstairs disrupted Draco’s sleeping pattern. The wizard pressed his nose against the pillow, grey eyes suddenly wide open. After the blast of the green flames a more subdued sound followed; Draco recognised the man currently cursing in his living room and sighed, adjusting the pillow against the headboard.

9) A Year in the Life (Expanding Constellations)

The Great Hall was overflowing with students. A deep sound echoed through the ancient walls of Hogwarts as the Headmistress, Minerva McGonagall, cleared her throat.

10) The Years Project

“In an ideal world, what would you want to do once we’ve left Hogwarts?” Harry asked Draco.


Okay, 10 and 4 are me cheating, because I was quoting either germankitty or JKR herself. I hate fics beginnings, although apparently I wrote long ones.

Anyway, the other day Mini-Herm came to see me. She took some beautiful pictures of the cats.

I'm going to share my favorites.

ENJOY!Collapse )

I hope that she keeps on taking pictures, because I can see that she likes it a lot and I really think she's talented. Maybe I'm biased, but these shots are the coolest. She's such a cool kid.

Pure Hatred Rant

I'm currently oozing rage and hate. Politics fucking sucks and this is a rant, so avoid it in case you don't have the stomach for racism and pure hatred coming from yours truly.

Salvini's "tough" politics are making victims and revealing the worst face of Italians. There is a photo, currently shared everywhere on social networks, that portrays three dead children after the last shipwreck in the Mediterrean sea. Some fuckers had the guts of cheering in the comments.

These pieces of shit are evil, there's no other explanation. You can negotiate and reason all you want, you can try to think of other ways to deal with them, but these people lack empathy on a basic human level, henceforth they shouldn't be treated as humans themselves. I don't even care, if anyone only dares to say something to me, I'm going to eliminate them from my life but first I'm going to wish them the same fate. You should experience that level of pain, you should taste your own medicine.

And I think that this is what's going to happen, eventually. Racism only goes so far, when your country has a disastrous public debt, terrible employment levels and raging criminality. We will go down as a country.

Which it's fitting, that's what we deserve. I'm only sad on a self-preserving level, because I don't want to go down with this shit, among these evil, ignorant people, and because of the people I know who are trying to fight this cruel system with compassion and bravery. But fuck, Salvini's voters and all the supporters of this executive should be erased from history.

For now, I just hope I made clear my policy: don't come at me with your sob story about your problems, your lack of job, your misfortunes, if you are one of those who are approving this shit. You are just having what you deserve and you should have worse.


English Lit Help! (Please)

Guys, I need your help!

Anyone here has a detailed analysis (Meter, rhyme, figures of speech, figures of sound and so on ...) of Satan's Speech in Milton's "Paradise Lost"? I want to bring this speech as my chosen piece of narrative - besides the other stuff that I have to read because of the mandatory program - and it would be so very helpful if I could see a detailed analysis of it, because I don't trust my abilities to analyse lit in English and recognise everything and also to have a better knowledge of the text, the sounds and everything.

Please, please, please!

It's the speech from Book 1, vv. 142-163, the cool one about Satan being the most badass character ever and I did the translation, but I don't trust my own lit analysis. Thanks! (╯•﹏•╰)



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