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Pure Hatred Rant

I'm currently oozing rage and hate. Politics fucking sucks and this is a rant, so avoid it in case you don't have the stomach for racism and pure hatred coming from yours truly.

Salvini's "tough" politics are making victims and revealing the worst face of Italians. There is a photo, currently shared everywhere on social networks, that portrays three dead children after the last shipwreck in the Mediterrean sea. Some fuckers had the guts of cheering in the comments.

These pieces of shit are evil, there's no other explanation. You can negotiate and reason all you want, you can try to think of other ways to deal with them, but these people lack empathy on a basic human level, henceforth they shouldn't be treated as humans themselves. I don't even care, if anyone only dares to say something to me, I'm going to eliminate them from my life but first I'm going to wish them the same fate. You should experience that level of pain, you should taste your own medicine.

And I think that this is what's going to happen, eventually. Racism only goes so far, when your country has a disastrous public debt, terrible employment levels and raging criminality. We will go down as a country.

Which it's fitting, that's what we deserve. I'm only sad on a self-preserving level, because I don't want to go down with this shit, among these evil, ignorant people, and because of the people I know who are trying to fight this cruel system with compassion and bravery. But fuck, Salvini's voters and all the supporters of this executive should be erased from history.

For now, I just hope I made clear my policy: don't come at me with your sob story about your problems, your lack of job, your misfortunes, if you are one of those who are approving this shit. You are just having what you deserve and you should have worse.


English Lit Help! (Please)

Guys, I need your help!

Anyone here has a detailed analysis (Meter, rhyme, figures of speech, figures of sound and so on ...) of Satan's Speech in Milton's "Paradise Lost"? I want to bring this speech as my chosen piece of narrative - besides the other stuff that I have to read because of the mandatory program - and it would be so very helpful if I could see a detailed analysis of it, because I don't trust my abilities to analyse lit in English and recognise everything and also to have a better knowledge of the text, the sounds and everything.

Please, please, please!

It's the speech from Book 1, vv. 142-163, the cool one about Satan being the most badass character ever and I did the translation, but I don't trust my own lit analysis. Thanks! (╯•﹏•╰)


The Handmaid's tale

So, who is watching and suffering over "The Handmaid's tale"?

Basically I've decided to throw myself into that after seeing too many comments and reactions, because I was curious. I might have made a huge mistake. This show gives me all the SADS and the RAGES.

But I've watched S2 and still have to watch the entire S1. I didn't follow the order and I skip the ugly parts because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, but now I'm following it in order because of new upcoming episodes. I'm waiting for 2x09 with anticipation. Will Serena Joy finally start her redemption arc and prove herself to be human instead of a piece of garbage like her husband? I'm waiting.

I hope this season doesn't end in an upsetting way though. *monkey covering her eyes emoji*
Hi guys! The political crisis in my country seems to be solved: we have a yellow-green government. (Movimento Cinquestelle + Lega)

Conte is the Prime Minister, except that he will have two vice-prime ministers, something entirely new but you'll understand why they exists because they are Salvini (the leader of Lega) and Di Maio (the leader of Cinquestelle). Di Maio took a step back and declared that his party won't proceed with the "impeachment of the President of Republic" and this whole theatre is finally over.

I don't like this executive and the people in it, but since the majority of my country voted for them, let's have it. I just hope they won't do too much damage, especially considering their fluctuating views on Europe.

┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

Meanwhile, I have watched some episodes of S2 of the Handmaiden's tale. I actually started more than a week ago and then immediately stopped, because of the political climate. A dystopian future in which women are screwed by the legislation doesn't seem too far-fetched at this point.

It's a beautiful show - very well acted and written, with great aesthetics - and the most depressing and enraging thing I've ever seen. I need to take it easy because I'm already mad about RL politics, so I don't think I will catch up with S1 just yet and generally see *all* the episodes. But I was curious because some people recommended it, because of the themes of the show and the cast, especially the actresses who are evidently doing an amazing job. Elizabeth Moss back at it again with the subtle acting.

I've also seen the last episode of The Good Fight

Mmmmhhh ... meh?Collapse )

Political post

Hi guys, how are you? Yesterday started a dark night for Italian democracy.

I don't want to sound overly dramatic, but the situation is pretty tense in here. What happened: after more than 80 days working for the beginning of the new Government (Lega + Movimento 5 Stelle, as they had the majority of votes in the last elections), the President of the Republic decided to stop everything and create a temporary executive to carry Italy toward new elections. It's a concerning situation for many reasons.

Basically, President Mattarella objected to the name of Paolo Savona as the new Minister of Economy. Savona has notorious anti-Euro stances and he was firmly wanted by the winning parties (Lega and 5 Stars) Mattarella decided to put an interdict on his name and asked for another politician. When the parties refused, the crisis started.

Mattarella spoke on television, an official presidential speak at all channels (That I personally missed 'cause of birthday) and explained the situation while declaring ended the effort to create the new executive.

Salvini and Di Maio (the leader of 5 Stars) protested with the journalists and asked for "impeachment" of the President. In Italy the so called impeachment of the President can be asked for two cases: outrage to Constitution and subversion. Neither cases seem to be appliable to the current situation, as Mattarella acted in respect of his Constitutional powers, but there's still a debate: did the President acted upon a political stance or a constitutional one? That's the issue.

The Italian President of Republic must be super-partes, he can't take sides with political forces.

Salvini and Di Maio say that he acted upon a political stance, because he doesn't want to enrage Germany and the European powers. Mattarella argues that he tried to accomodate the winning parties' requested, but couldn't do with Savona's name and that he acted upon his prerogatives as President.

I'm worried, guys.

I'm worried because it's an open challenge among institutions and people. I've never seen anything like this in my life, not even when Berlusconi was at full power.

I personally believe that it was all a move from Salvini: he played his cards, pushed and pushed, until Mattarella had to take drastic measures to protect Italian interests. He won the game and he will win even more at the next elections, because he's playing the poor victim now.

He's the populist leader who incite revolt and rage against institutions, Europe and immigrants. A true admirer of Donald Trump (Whom he met) He could have had his executive formed, because the second name after Savona was Giorgetti, his second in charge. Who would refuse a chance to place his right man on such a crucial spot in the Ministers' selection? Who would accuse the President of outraging the Constitution? And the 5 Stars are following right behind him, the stupid donkeys, asking for impeachment and exacerbate the political climate.

People are even saying that Mattarella should have been killed like his brother (Piersanti Mattaralla, Sergio Mattarella's brother, was a president of the region Sicily killed by the Mafia in 1980)

It's a pretty harsh situation and people are either with or against the President. I hope he won't be left alone.


Cats being beautiful (A picspam)

Today, after coming back home from my Saturday stroll with my friend Ro that made me feel old, I took some pretty amazing pictures of the cats.


My baby Moustache enjoying his cuddles:

Prince Leopold being a goddamn supermodel:

He's SO DAMN PRETTY, right? His long fur looks so majestic.

I put a collar on Flint's neck to prevent ticks and stuff, because it's getting warmer in here and the other day, when she came back from her patrol, she had ticks in her fur. Eeeewww! I'm sorry that she had to experience this event as traumatic - so suddenly a thing on her neck - but I don't know how else I can prevent the parasites and allow her to enjoy her Summer outside. She seems to be having fun, but the high grass is still treacherous.

The collar is Seresto from Bayer, I bought it in my local pharmacy and I believe that she's handling it better than the product my neighbor used to put on her back and that she passed on me? Because I noticed that she trembled after putting the product on. Just for few minutes and then she felt okay, but she had those shakes that made me worry. The collar didn't seem to have the same effect on her. Sure, she panicked because "thing on neck", but no shivers.

I just hope for the best. I hope I'm not messing her out, I've never had a cat before, so I'm literally the worst cat parent, learning new stuff as they come and having zero previous knowledge on what's best for a cat. And I love Flint so damn much, I worry everytime there's a new issue.

Her tiny face is everything

Now she's outside with the ginger cat, the one with the orange collar (He belongs to someone who lives nearby, but who?)

Cats are so sociable!

I'm a meme

I'm talking about Draco/Harry in the Drarry Discord group chat and illustrating my bulletproof Drarry scenario in which Draco and Harry fall in love years, even decades, after Hogwarts.

To me that could be bittersweet and beautiful, because time adds prospective, necessary detachment over things that felt too urgent during their teenage years, the ability to understand issues in stake better but also a certain degree of bullshitting (Because age doesn't authomatically mean "wisdom" and I feel that after their disastrous teenage years, Draco and Harry could probably be a little fucked as adults)

And you know

I've become a meme. :3

(Oh and btw, when I say older Draco/Harry I think 40 to 50 years old. I know that many readers and fans think 20/30 as "older", but since I'm 30 yo myself I can hardly view a person in his twenties as "older" and thirty is my stage at the moment, so there it is)
Aaaaaaaaand ... I pulled out the second wisdom tooth, the one below. My mouth is burning.

The otitis is still there though, so it wasn't about these two teeth on the side of that ear. I did it for nothing .__. I guess that now I have more space in my mouth, this second tooth was climbing in the space between the other tooth and the palate, my mouth was too small to properly accomodate it.

According to my dentist the otitis is about the position of the whole jaw (And you know that he suggested braces) But I think I'm going to stop for now and maybe talk to another doctor about the ear, one that he's specialized in ears. Maybe he can suggests something to cure it without doing more teeth work. *sighs*

Meanwhile my hair is SO SHOOOOORT!!! It looks a bit like Emma Watson's hair when she cut it and it's so short on the back, almost shaved! It's such a strange/cool feeling to touch it with my hand.

I actually didn't mean for the haircut to get this short (My trusty hairdresser had way too much fun) but it looks cute and I'm getting used to it again. Facebook reminded me that six years ago I had similar short hair, wow!!

Talking about hair, I saw the picture of James Howard and Jonathan Case as Draco and Scorpius Malfoy and they are perfect, especially hair-wise. (Scorpius has fluffy cute hair and Draco has a perfect ponytail of emotional constipation, I'M LUV) I'm not a big fan of the Cursed Child, but their dynamic is EVERYTHING and I love it.

Finally, have a picture of Leopold and Moustache looking pretty.

Now that the weather is finally warm (Hope it stays that way), they are enjoying the "chilling to the sun" routine. They look very pretty and they constantly want food, despite the vet suggested that they can't eat every 5 minutes. Mmmhhh.

They stay in my garden or in the neighboor's garden, they stick around and are always here when it comes to eating. Flint, instead, disappears when there are sunny warm days. Why the hell she needs to go so far away? LOL. I've seen her coming from, at least, three different places, when I spotted her coming home. This cat, right?

But I'd like to let her enjoy Summer, it's such a good season.

The Good Fight, 2x11

They need to stop calling the episodes Day number whatever, because I'm getting confused.

Anywayyyyyy, episode 11: I loved it.

Diane is back!Collapse )

Btw, why nobody makes icons of Lucca, Diane and Maia? Plsssss.

(I picked a Will/Alicia icon that is beautiful, but I think I'm going to change it because it's also making me sad)


I understand that Isreal won Eurovision. I firmly believe that Portugal should have won this year and that their mix and the portuguese artists' performances were soul-touching and literally on another level compared to the others. Yeah, I know that Eurovision is all about gay madness, but those voices were send by the angels! They should have won.

Y'all can fight me.



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