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(Prompt challenge) Drusilla/shanshued!Angel for rbfvid

Hi guys!

Today I went to see the kids' concert before the school is over, because my godchild was playing. It was exhausting XD We were in a very small auditorium filled with parents, but the kids were so cute and she was very precise. Adorable. While I was waiting for the concert to start I wrote this thing.

Another prompt featuring Dru, because it just seems to be easier to write about her, but I'm working on the other prompts too, don't worry. (Actually this is mostly Angel than Dru, but anyway) I really hope you like the result.

Many thanks to my beta carlyinrome who corrected the first draft and the second in something like 5 minutes.

Drusilla and shanshued!Angel for rbfvid


Beautiful Butterflies

The sun was setting on the horizon, beyond the silver moon and intermittent redness of Leda and Danae. Angel was looking at it, his dark eyes full of wonder, reflecting the glow of the light, while relaxing on the rocking chair.

It was six o’clock of the afternoon and the blue curtains of the intergalactic shield that protected the Earth were miraculously lowered. No incoming danger on the planet.

Angel remembered calling Connor and then Liam and then Faith.

“There is no one left to call?” A woman’s voice, thin and soft.

Angel didn’t have to force his memory. Nothing could ever make him forget his greatest sin, his masterpiece. He cracked a wry smile, a tired smile, and turned to Drusilla, who was still at the edge of the patio.

“There would be Connor and little Darla, but it’s difficult to talk to them. They hardly know me ...”

“Oh,” she breathed. “It’s always difficult when it comes to Granny, isn’t it?”

Angel rolled his eyes and let out a long sigh.

“You can come here,” he said.

There were tiny boxes full of pills and an oxygen tank just purchased, leftovers from the previous dinner and bottles of the new water approved by the Ministry.

Dru peered over them with a mixture of confusion and curiosity. She was still wearing beautiful clothes made of dark silk in spite of the new fashion trends, and her face was the same, pale and cold.

“Are you at the end of the road?” she asked, fiddling with the oxygen mask. It was odd looking and reminded her of the dolls.

“I’m at the end of the road,” Angel confirmed.

“And did you get the prize you wanted so badly?”

“Yes, I’ve got it.”

It was strange the mercy of a sadistic and insane vampire. Like the snow on Christmas Eve in California.

Drusilla’s kisses were different, more delicate and chaste. The vampire seemed to realize that she was with a different man.

“You’ve changed; they have transformed you. Just like me.” She pressed her fingers on his pulse. “Beautiful butterflies!” She laughed.

Angel frowned – I’m not like you at all! – but he bit his lip and offered his neck. When Drusilla’s canines sank into his flesh, he let out a distressed groan.

“Not here,” he said. “Not inside, please.”

“Can’t you see the stars?”

“No. No, I can’t ...”

Drusilla pouted, puzzled.

“Out on the porch swing, then.”

Leda and Danae were shining like fire and behind them there was the moon and the stars.

In the arms of Drusilla, death giver, Angel gazed at them, his eyes filled with wonder.

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