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Stil rewatching S3 in random order, like always, because I'm a rebel (?)
Some quick considerations:

- I'm actually rewatching all the bits about Faith and Faith and Buffy, which is kinda new for me, since I disliked Faith in as a first time viewer of the show. I'm intrigued by her relationship with Buffy. (I also posted my only Buffy/Faith fic today, just to express my intriguing-y!) Faith's connection with Angel is much more on sponsoring and understanding each other. I don't think they have a sexual or romantic chemistry, I don't see that coming, even if many scenes in S3 are played like some Buffy-Angel-Faith love triangle. I'm mostly for Buffy & Faith as romantic pairing. I also think they would be a sexier that Angel/Faith.

- The Bangel still bothers me. He leaves her, than she comes back, than she takes a break, than he leaves her ... ouch.
Angel's characterization is inconsistent for all the season and I'm pissed off because he could have worked their traumas, but they went all melodrama and stuff, so they didn't resolve a fucking thing about their history together.
Still, I adore the final goodbye in Graduation day, when he disappears in the fog. Let me tell you about my FEELS. It's one of the most beautiful, heartbreaking images in BtVS and, watching it, I remembered the final scene from Some Assembly Required, when they walked together as a couple, for the first time. Graduation day's silent goodbye was the perfect ending for their story, the Chosen scene seems more stupid after rewatching this beautiful, sad goodbye to first love and adolescence.
Such an iconic, powerful scene. I felt for Buffy once more.

- Buffy's hair gets better after Amends. Yeah, in Amends she had this weird cut, but in the second half of the Season her hair are similar to S4 and she looks good. (But, best hair of the Season goes to Eliza Dushku as Faith, if you don't consider her hair in the third episode)

- The Zeppo is very, very funny. My favourite funny episode is Pangs, but The Zeppo is just great.


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Oct. 23rd, 2012 07:46 pm (UTC)
I adore the final goodbye in Graduation day, when he disappears in the fog. Let me tell you about my FEELS

I don't really care for Angel, so I'm usually found ranting at him for leaving Buffy traumatized during that scene (though I will admit it's pretty).

Graduation day's silent goodbye was the perfect ending for their story

Oh, if only that were the end! We wouldn't get the emotional fuckery that is 'I Will Remember You' or the mixed signals of "Forever" (he comes back for her . . . BUT THEN HE LEAVES AGAIN. Surely during the time you were snuggling together on Joyce's grave - Joyce, who HATED Angel, btw - Buffy would have mentioned a HELL GOD IS AFTER HER SISTER. But Angel still leaves, because ANGEL ALWAYS LEAVES. Sometimes I want to smack Buffy for constantly expecting him to stay and welcoming him back when he does show up!)
Oct. 23rd, 2012 07:59 pm (UTC)
Heh! They could leave their story there. I mean, Angel went to comfort her at Joyce's funeral and stop. It piss me off how Joss brings back this stuff, especially in the comics. Put an ending to this pairing, already!
I wish to see Buffy put an end to the 'ship, finally taking back her agency in the relationship.
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